Last Minute Gift Ideas

Time’s almost up! Here are a few last minute gift ideas that don’t require standing in line on Christmas Eve.  My personal favorite is an Amazon gift card, which may be printed out or emailed to the recipient.  You can buy just about anything at Amazon these days–books, DVDs, electronics, even groceries!

Amazon Gift Card. used to be the one-stop shop for buying books online. In fact, it still is.  But Amazon now offers so much more!  I have bought everything from packs of diapers to household appliances from Amazon, and I’m sure an Amazon gift certificate would go a long way towards pleasing someone on your list.  They offer several options for procrastinators like print from home or email delivery, so no waiting on a gift card via snail mail–perfect for last minute shopping.

Netflix Membership.  Plans start at $4.99 a month, and are a wonderful last-minute gift idea for the movie buff in your life.  Simply select the plan, length of time you would like to gift and you’re all set.

Magazine Subscription.  My first introduction to the world of personal finance was taking up an interest in magazines like Kiplinger’s Personal FinanceMoney, and Smart Money.  All offer great personal finance information on topics such as debt reduction, investing, household finances, etc, and make a great gift for a twenty-something just starting out (I personally like Kiplingers best, but subscribe to all three). Also check out my personal favorite, Backwoods Home Magazine.

Cash. If all else fails, give cash.  Cash is the universal gift. It can be spent anywhere that accepts money!  No worries over expiration dates, stores going bust and gift cards becoming invalid.  And one of the best things about cash is the recipient doesn’t have to spend it at all.  Maybe they can use it to add to their debt snowball, or get a jump start on an emergency fund.

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