Love Helps: How Relationships and Marriage Affect Health, Happiness and Finance (Infographic)

Love often gets a bad reputation for being painful. I’m sure that anyone who’s experienced heartbreak can attest to the fact that sometimes, “love hurts.” However, as this infographic shows, quantitatively speaking, love can help us too. Besides the obvious plusses of sharing employer benefits adding an extra income, there are some surprising health benefits as well. For example, individuals with solid relationships tend to live at least 3.7 years longer than those that don’t, and single people spend twice as much time in the hospital as married people.

What struck me the most was that some experts say the mental well-being of a marriage is equivalent to getting $100,000 more a year. So while at times you may feel like the only thing you need to be happy is more money, statistics how that taking some time instead to reconnect with your loved ones could be even more valuable.

love helps infographic

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