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Schools around California that offer online programs charge an average tuition of $15,355 per year. In recent years, there has been a 23.7% increase in the average tuition. In 2007, the per annum average tuition was $12,416 at these online California colleges and universities.

The tuition range for online colleges in California offering programs is displayed in the following graph. Tuition is shown from the highest to lowest cost colleges and universities.

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 39
Low cost 21
Average cost 24
Most expensive 17

The most expensive colleges that offer online programs require students to pay a yearly tuition of over $28,200. However, per annum tuition charged by the cheapest colleges and universities ranges from $624 to $11,088. The accredited online schools that are the least expensive are located in Norwalk, Oceanside, Santa Rosa, Taft, and Woodland Hills.

  • Master of Business Administration in Professional Golf Management
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Science in Nursing - Informatics
  • Master of Science in Educational Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership - Educational Technology and Learning
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
  • Master of Science in Taxation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Associate of Science in Graphic Communications and Design

Of all graduates from online colleges across California, a reported 63% graduated from these affordable programs in 2011. This represents 465,087 of the 738,013 graduates from across California. Between 2006 and 2011, the percentage of graduates from the lowest cost online colleges and universities has increased, while the number of graduates has also increased by 47,895 graduates annually.

Yearly tuition in the range of $11,160 to $17,000 is charged by other somewhat more costly online colleges and universities. Of the 101 online colleges and universities offering programs in California, 21 charge tuition in this range.

Approximately 9.3%, or 68,603 of the state's graduates earned their degrees from these low tuition online programs in 2011. Only 5 years prior, in 2006, the number of students graduating from these colleges was as much as 73,005. Thus, the number of graduates from these affordable online colleges has decreased by 6%.

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