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Colleges and universities across the nation offering online masters degree in nursing programs charge students a median tuition of $9,400 per year. There has been a 28.1% increase in the median tuition over the past few years. At these online schools the median tuition annually in 2007 was $7,340.

The tuition range for colleges offering online nursing programs at the masters level is displayed in the following graph. Tuition is shown from the most to least costly colleges and universities.

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 49
Low cost 51
Average cost 60
Most expensive 44

A yearly tuition of over $22,330 is charged by the costliest schools that offer online masters degree in nursing programs. On the other hand, the cheapest colleges have yearly tuition costs ranging from $970 to $5,424. The accredited online nursing masters degree schools that are the least expensive are located in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

  • M.S. in Nursing: Public Health
  • Master of Science in Nursing - Public Health
  • M.S. in Nursing: Public Health (Bridge)
  • Master of Science in Forensic Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing - Public/Community Health
  • Master of Science in Nursing - Community/Public Health Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing - Clinical Specialist: Adult Health
  • Master of Science in Nursing in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing - Case Management For Rural Populations

Of all nursing graduates with masters degrees from online colleges across the country, approximately 28% graduated from these low tuition programs in 2011. Therefore, of the 2,592,999 graduates from around the US, 734,783 are from the least costly schools. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of nursing graduates with masters degrees from the least expensive online colleges and universities has increased by 104,476 graduates annually, while the percentage of graduates from these colleges and universities has decreased.

Other somewhat more costly online nursing masters degree colleges charge a yearly tuition in the range of $5,426 to $9,240. A reported 51 of the 204 online schools with masters degrees in nursing programs in the US charge tuition in this range.

In 2011, 891,013 students received their credentials from these reasonably priced online programs. This represents 34% of the country's nursing masters level graduates. Only 621,091 students earned credentials from these schools in 2006, which was just 5 years prior. Therefore, the number of students graduating from these reasonably priced online colleges has increased by 44%.

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School Location In-State Out-of-State
Fitchburg State University Fitchburg, Massachusetts $970 $7,050
University of Massachusetts North Dartmouth, Massachusetts $1,417 $8,099
University of Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,758
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,937
Winston-Salem State University Winston-Salem, North Carolina $2,274 $11,420
Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida $2,296 $12,458
Western Carolina University Cullowhee, North Carolina $2,816 $12,413
East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina $2,881 $14,955
University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming $2,970 $11,280
South Dakota State University Brookings, South Dakota $2,994 $4,491
Fort Hays State University Hays, Kansas $3,035 $11,432
University of North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina $3,044 $14,091
University of North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina $3,243 $15,004
University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida $3,347 $18,089
Albany State University Albany, Georgia $3,432 $12,720
Florida International University Miami, Florida $3,530 $15,339
University of Florida Gainesville, Florida $3,530 $24,746
Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Georgia $3,696 $13,272
Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia $3,763 $14,155
Idaho State University Pocatello, Idaho $3,800 $14,300

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