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Only 2 online PhD in health communication colleges exist in the US. These colleges and universities charge students a median annual tuition of $20,643. Over the past few years, the median tuition has decreased. This change in tuition was about 4.8%. In 2007, the yearly median tuition was $21,685 at these online colleges.

Tuition of a reported $30,900 per annum is charged by the most expensive online doctoral program in health communication school. On the other end of the spectrum, per annum tuition at the cheapest college is $10,386.

In 2011, of all health communication graduates with doctoral programs from online colleges and universities in the country, roughly 64% earned credentials from these least costly programs at UIUC. Therefore, of the 66,122 graduates from around the nation, 42,615 are from the least costly schools. From 2006 to 2011, the percentage of health communication graduates with doctorate degree programs from the most inexpensive programs at UIUC has increased. However, the number of graduates has decreased by 3,857 graduates per annum.

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