Sams Club Trial Membership 2009

If you are not currently a member of Sam’s Club, now may be a good time for a trial membership.  Between now and June 7, 2009, sign up for a Sam’s Club trial membership for $15 and enjoy membership benefits until Labor Day.

My wife and I are already Sam’s Club members, and shop there roughly once a month to stock up on a few things.  You have to be a little careful when shopping at wholesale clubs – you can wind up spending a lot more money on things you don’t necessarily need.  I’ve been known to buy the occasional box of 100 hot and spicy frozen chicken wings – not a very frugal purchase.  Still, if you have some restraint, you can find a few great deals over grocery chains.

Five Best Things to Buy at Sam’s Club

Gasoline.  A lot of people forget about Sam’s Club when it comes time to fill up their tank.  In our area, Sam’s consistently beats the price of most of other gas stations.  We try to take advantage by planning our monthly shopping trip around time to fill up.

Digital Photo Prints.  Upload digital 4×6 prints over the Web and have them printed at your local Sam’s Club for about $0.13 a copy.  Considering the cost of photo paper and ink, this is not a bad deal for printing a handful of your favorite vacation photos!

Furniture.  We bought our current mattress at Sam’s Club a couple years ago, and have been eying a kitchen table set (ours badly needs replacing).  When our “furniture” sinking fund has enough we plan to shop Sam’s Club versus an expensive furniture store. One note, you do typically have to put the table legs, chair legs and backs on yourself, but a little sweat is worth the savings.

Tires. I always shop the prices at Sam’s Club before buying new tires. Unless I am looking for a specific brand, or a unique tire size (I’m usually not very picky), I can find a good deal at the local Sam’s Club automotive area.

Jewelry.  Sam’s frequently has excellent deals on jewelry, particularly if you are in the market for a ring.  Why pay jewelry store prices if you don’t have to?

Chances are, you can easily make back the $15 summer membership fee by Labor Day, particularly if you just happen to be in the market for a big purchase or would like to stock up before next fall.

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