Square Foot Garden Update (and Links)

The plants have been in the ground over a month now and we are seeing good growth with the warm weather. Our experiment with broccoli has turned out well, as a couple new florets have appeared in the last week. The tomato plants are growing higher, and just this weekend we’ve noticed some new squash.

The fruit trees we planted last fall seemed to have survived as all have sprung leaves. The peach tree appears to be the only one attempting to bear fruit, but I hold out hope that the plum trees may produce later in the season. I didn’t expect much this first year from the fruit trees, so any production is a welcomed surprise.

Here’s a picture to whet your appetite (I’ve posted several more over at the Frugal Dad Facebook Page).

Lettuce, cabbage, sweet onions

Left to right: head lettuce, cabbage and sweet onions. Corn stalks in the back row.

The Frugal Roundup

75 Things Worth Watching on Netflix Streaming. Well, there goes the weekend! Time to update my queue. Like Trent, I consider Netflix to be one of the best entertainment bargains around.

Use a Financial Fire Drill to Prepare for the Worst BEFORE It Happens. How long do you think you could survive without a paycheck? Pretend you don’t receive teh next one (or two) and play out the scenario in your budget.

10 Stupid Financial Decisions Even Intelligent People Make. I’m ashamed to admit I’m 10 for 10 on this one. I’d like to think I’ve grown smarter, financially, but I sure wish I had avoided these in the first place.

Why Student Loans Suck. This one includes a great infographic, and comes on the heels of news that for the first time ever, new graduates owe more on their student loans than credit cards.

An Introduction to Financial Fasting. Quite often, we do more a financial “cleanse.” When we get off track, start using the credit card too much, etc, we just go cold turkey back to the basics. All cash. Written budgets.

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