The Fab Five: "Hotlanta" Gone Cold Edition

I was in Atlanta much of the day yesterday, and on the road the rest of the time, but I did get a chance to peruse a few of my favorite sites.  The last time I was in Atlanta the temperature was in the high 90′s.  Yesterday it was in the 40′s and windy!

The Fab Five

The Low-Gift Christmas. I love the idea of a low-gift Christmas, and the idea of a no-gift Christmas would be even better!  This year we are keeping expenses down and buying for our kids–that’s it.

What Desperation Looks Like. Here’s a guy who is not afraid of being laid off, because he has already figured out that living paycheck-to-paycheck is not a path to prosperity.

Why Simplicity Is More Important Than Ever. I agree that we could all benefit from more simpler lives–I know I could! The “paths to simplicity” in this article can certainly help towards that end.


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