Weekly Roundup: Garden Update Edition

It has been a while since I gave you a look at my square foot garden progress. As you can see, those sugar snap peas are taking over their square (and then some).  I’m planning to transplant a couple pea plants over to the empty spaces on the left because those strawberries just aren’t producing.  I also plan to add some squash and peppers to those left-most squares.

square foot garden

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Now, for the roundup:

Here’s an interesting frugal hack at Core77 for those left over slivers of soap that you can never quite seem to use up.

My writing space is currently buried under a pile of unopened mail, papers and magazines. Time to take this advice over at Zen Habits!

DumbLittleMan provides this gem on budgeting.  Sounds like a great way to use the upcoming tax rebate checks – to help get one month ahead and create the buffer necessary to pull of this plan.

Are you one of those people that complains because your job doesn’t pay wellThe Wisdom Journal has some thoughts why that might be the case.

The other day I had a meal out and paid $2.28 for a Sprite! Next time we’ll stick to water and try these tips for some extra flavor.   Thanks to WiseBread for putting this one together!

My Supercharged Life gave some great insight in entrepreunuerialship by sharing the mistakes he made in running a business.

Be Thrifty Like Us has some good advice on ways to save on portraits. We’ll use these tips for our next round of family pictures.

With economic news out this week that we may in fact be in a recession, Being Frugal shared her excellent tips for Surviving a Recession.

In her inaugural post with Mint.com, Madison (from My Dollar Plan) provides some excellent tax advice for each life stage.  Excellent article, Madison - and congratulations on the new gig!

Interviews are scary enough in person, but the telephone adds an element of anxiety.  Cash Money Life put together these tips for how to conduct a phone interview.

Clever Dude asks a thoughtful question – who do you blame for your financial problems?  When it comes to my own shortcomings there is no one else to blame but the guy I shave with in the mirror.

The Good Human tells the story of individuals spending millions installing alternative energy sources.  That seems a little over the top to me, but at least these folks are actually taking actions with there money, instead of spending it all on promotion.  As David states in the article, “I can appreciate a good ad campaign, but I think the time has come for action with these kinds of dollars coming available, not just words and feel good video clips.”  Amen!

With identity theft running at an all-time high, Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has a great idea – know what’s in your wallet.  We often think to inventory our homes, or our cars, but we don’t think to inventory our wallets.

April and May are the beginning of wedding season and that means wedding gifts.  Lending Club shares some ideas on how to survive wedding season without going broke.