Weekly Roundup – Inflation or No Inflation Edition

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, recently told us again that there is little evidence of inflation. Sometimes I wonder if I’m on a different planet than the people inside the beltway. My grocery bill is higher. It costs more to fill my car. My utilities are going up.

There’s also growing concern over food shortages. There are more foreclosures to come. We’re still down about 7 million jobs from when this downturn started. We’ve spent (borrowed) an insane amount of money in the last decade. I’m no economist, but surely this has to catch up with us in the form of inflation.

The Frugal Roundup

The Less You Need, the More You Have. Managing wants and harnessing contentment are two keys to living within your means.

Nine Lessons in Wealth-Building from The Millionaire Next Door. As a fan of the book, I really enjoyed this post.

10 Tricks Burglars Use. When the economy goes down, crime rates typically pick up. With that in mind, here are some great tips for making your home look like less of a target. (via The Daily Crux)

How to Take Time Off from Work. Are you as intentional about taking time away from work as you are about going to work?

When Faced With Financial Disaster, Can You Live Without These Things? What could you give up (and not give up) if things hit the fan?

What Is A Dividend? I like to think of dividends as supplements to capital gains and hedges against losses.

Best of the Rest

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