Weekly Roundup: Twitter Chat Edition

Last night I participated in a Personal Finance Twitter chat on the subject of holiday savings co-hosted by Craig of BudgetPulse.com, along with the folks from Wisebread.com. It was a lot of fun, and something that I suspect will remain popular going forward.

Basically, participants follow along using a Twitter hashtag which identifies all tweets related to the chat (some of last night’s transcript may even be accessible by searching on “#bp” or viewing here). I’ll try to get the word out ahead of time next week via Twitter and Facebook, and hope you’ll join in the discussion.

The Frugal Roundup

Debt Update: November 2009. Chris, our new contributor, updated his debt totals for the end of November and paid off a credit card. Head over and send some love! (@Your Money Relationship)

7 Free Toys Your Kids Will Love More Than Expensive Gifts. These really do work. I mean, what kid doesn’t like an empty box? (@ My Super-Charged Life)

Eating Less to Be Lighter. Simple advice that most of us can’t seem to follow. (@ mnmlist)

Dining Out vs Groceries. A basic analysis with an obvious outcome. Why do so many people eat at restaurants more than once a month? (@ Debt Free Adventure)

Best of the Rest


  1. In answer to the question: “Why do people eat at restaurants more than once a month?” Here are a few reasons:
    - they aren’t very good cooks
    - they dislike cooking, menu planning, and grocery shopping
    - they enjoy the variety a good restaurant provides
    - they enjoy the time alone with a spouse to talk without interuption
    - they hate cleaning up
    - they enjoy getting out of the house
    - they have budgeted properly to be able to afford the cost of a restaurant

  2. Likewise, Gina! I think it was a great idea, and as these chats gain traction, I suspect we’ll get a larger audience. My only worry is that it could become too large, which would make it difficult to keep up with new Tweets – sort of like trying to follow a very busy chat board back in the old days.

  3. Thanks both FrugalDad and Gina for joining the chats as well. There were a lot of people involved, and I know more who wanted to be there but had conflicts last night. I hope you guys had fun and can definitely see this growing and gaining even more traction over time. And of course I would love to co-host a session with you guys if interested at some point. If it does get too big we could think of ideas on how to adjust. Possibly include some video (although I know people want to be anonymous) or think of other ways, but the bigger the better. I look forward to seeing you guys next week.

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