Weekly Roundup: Vacation From Vacation Edition

Last week our family took our first trip to Disney World. It was a great time, and while I’d like to tell you about all the frugal lessons we learned, honestly, there is little frugal about Disney. We did learn a few tricks that could help shave money off our next trip (and I’ll share a few of those in a later post). My only complaint about vacationing at Disney is that I now need a vacation to recover from vacation! Lots of walking, not much relaxing.

The Frugal Roundup

Small Human Regrets. Here is a great piece on how to raise your children without regrets. (@Brip Blap)

How To Handle Requests For Financial Advice. Flexo shares some insight into how he handles dishing out financial advice to friends. (@Consumerism Commentary)

Manage Your Money Challenge. Brad is running a new feature over at Enemy of Debt. Head over there and check it out and learn how to win some great prizes while you are at it. (@Enemy of Debt)

Best of the Rest

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