Weekly Roundup – What Big Thing(s) Are You Saving For?

I’d like to find out what kinds of things people are saving for these days – beyond a rainy day. Remember, I advocate saving for sunny days, too!

What’s something you’d like to own, or like to experience, in the next couple years, but aren’t willing to go in debt for it? I’ll go first.

Wolfden at Home by Redwolf Journeys on Flickr

I want to buy an RV. A travel trailer to be more accurate. I did a lot of frugal camping with my grandfather growing up and I want to create some of those same memories with my kids. I also like that a trailer or RV could double as a bug-out vehicle if things really hit the fan. I’ve got a small, dedicated savings account started and I’m watching the prices of late model, used trailers.

Your turn.

The Frugal Roundup

Save Money by Trading Down Your Home. We are quite content in our home now, and instead of trading up, we’ve decided to stay put and downsize when the kids head off to college.

Budget Protests and the Financial Impact on Our Family. A first-person account from a fellow blogger dealing with fallout from the Wisconsin protests (and budget crisis).

Eight Minutes to Financial Success – Minute #4: Minimize Electronic Temptations. This reminds me that Amazon Prime is one of the best things I ever signed up for and the worst thing I ever signed up for.

What Frugality REALLY Means: It’s Not About Being Cheap. Amen! So many people assume frugal people are cheap. I’ve found that to be quite the opposite.

Craft the Life You Want: Setting Up Shop or The Importance of Where You Live. My wife and I used to dream of life in the Pacific northwest, with cooler temperatures and proximity to the mountains and the ocean. But for now, we’re quite content to stay put.

The Worthlessness of Net Worth. Net worth is a horrible measuring stick for comparing wealth, because often those with the highest net worth’s are only that way on paper.

Best of the Rest

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