10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

Finding great Father’s Day gifts can be a difficult task, especially if you are on a tight budget. The perfect Father’s Day gift is something that is thoughtful, useful, and perhaps even sentimental. Fortunately, it is very possible to find such a gift under $50 with a little bit of extra effort.

10 Gift Ideas Under $50 Perfect For Father’s Day

1. Wireless Grilling Thermometer. For the father that loves to grill, but just can’t seem to always get it right, these thermometers make it easy to grill meat to perfection. These thermometers not only look high-tech, but are extremely simple to use. Even fathers that are usually weary of technology will enjoy this gadget. At around $40.00, a wireless grilling thermometer will not only go to good use, but works as an affordable gift.

2. Motorized Tie Racks. If your father’s closet is so cluttered that he ends up wearing the same tie with every outfit, this tie rack is sure to come in handy. These racks allow for easy and convenient tie storage, and make getting dressed much less complicated. For the father in need of tie organization, these motorized racks will run about $40.00.

3. Multiple Gadget Charging Station. This gadget is one of the most useful Father’s Day gifts that your father will receive this holiday season.

These stations are affordable fathers day gift ideas that range anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00 depending on their design and style.

4. A “Men At Work” Gift Set. Put together your own gift set for dad with a variety of snacks, and toss in a $10.00 – $20.00 gift card to Lowes. If your father enjoys making home repairs or otherwise working around the home, he will certainly enjoy the thoughtfulness of this gift.

5. Waterproof, Multi-function Calorie And Heart Rate Monitor Watch. For the health-conscious father. This watch is part heart rate monitor, part pedometer. Help him get in those 10,000 steps a day the experts say we should be striving for.

6. Money Clip With Built In Credit Card Organizer. These types of money clips feature a specialized clip for storing cash and a protective metal sleeve in which to place credit cards. Outside buttons allow fathers to organize their credit cards and choose the corresponding button when they need to dispense a specific card. These organizers will cost around $40.00, but are a great alternative to traditional wallets.

7. Wireless key, glasses, and remote finders. While these electronic devices range in price from around $15.00 to $50.00, they are a practical gift for almost any father. These devices are composed of a central device and multiple detectors that can be placed on items that are frequently misplaced. I might even pick up a set of these for myself!

8. Shower Radio And Mirror. These radios can be fastened to shower walls and feature an AM/FM radio, along with a mirror. Not only will for father be able to shorten his morning routine by shaving in the shower, but he will be entertained while doing so. This gadget will generally run gift-givers between $25.00-$50.00, depending on the model and features you choose.

9. Personalized Watch Case. Most men have a favorite watch for work, work outs and maybe a nicer one for the weekends. For Father’s Day, give your father a gift that will allow him to store his watches in style, while only costing around $30.00 to $50.00.

10. Tickets. Most fathers enjoy nothing more than spending time with their children. For this Father’s Day, give your father a gift that you can enjoy together, like tickets to a favorite sports team, concert, or event. While tickets can run anywhere from free to $50.00, the memories that will be made are priceless. To save a little money, check out a minor league team in your area instead of the majors.

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  1. I laughed after I read the list as I was thinking of a great present for Father’s Day. You could look on sites like Bragadoo.com or Angie’s List for a handyman to finish off all those little ‘jobs’ around the house that your partner/father just didn’t get round to completing. But then I realized the present wasn’t so much for them but for me! Hmm maybe the “Men At Work” Gift Set might be enough of a hint…

    • Perfect gift. The kids & I have bought him his yearly license as a gift before so that he can do just that.

  2. All good ideas. For my father-in-law (he’s all i have left) i dug up big beautiful hosta’s from my landscaping and put in a nice big pot. He already got his gift because he lives out of town, but he was thrilled!

  3. Great list Frugal Dad. Number 7 would be perfect for me, I am always losing the remote.

  4. Here’s one that my dad always loves – dinner and a movie with the whole family. Once, we all (Mom, Dad, and we three girls) went to Chili’s and saw Grand Torino and he still brings it up. My little sisters and I range from 14-27, so seeing a movie we all enjoyed together was pretty fun.

    He also likes the whole family meeting at my parent’s house for BBQ and hanging out for a few hours.

  5. We don’t do big things for Father’s Day, however, this year I’m actually going to be with my father so I picked up a local tshirt for a local brewery (I home brew) which had motorcycles on it (he rides). Great present for under $20. Make sure what ever you get for dad shows a little creatively and some personalization.

    Home made gifts are always great too. I made him a pen holder for his desk when I was WAY younger gluing twine around a can and attached two little fishing bobbers to it since he likes to fish. Minus the supplies I found around the house, the present was free to make and I’m pretty sure it’s still on his desk!

  6. With all due respect, this list reminded me of the token “Guy Gift” kiosks I see in stores this time of year, that seem to be things some marketer thinks guys shoud want. The guys I know just want beer:)

  7. Nice list. I like #10 – tickets. Time with kids is priceless, and spending it doing something you like (it is your gift, after all!) and they like or might enjoy trying, can make for great memories, quality bonding, and maybe a chance for the kids to learn/experience something new.

  8. My Dad uses a lot of Craftsman tools and other items, so every year for Father’s Day I get him a Sears Gift Card. He loves it because he can get the little specialty items for his workshop that he needs, and he always tells me “look what you got me for Father’s Day!”

  9. I gave my dad a home brewing kit last year and he loved it! Said it was the best gift he ever got. I like the idea of the wireless grilling thermometer. Now we can grill and drink home made beer on fathers day! Thanks for the idea.

  10. Fathers are not picky, I can say that since I am a father myself. Last year my wife gave me a shaving soap and an aftershave. I never thought she could choose shaving props that will work great for my skin.

  11. I got a great gift from my wife and daughter this year for Father’s Day. It was a three photo frame. In each frame was my daughter holding a wooden block with a letter that spelled out “DAD”.

    I thought that was super creative and under $50.