The 7-Day Turnaround: One Week to Change Your Family’s Financial Destiny

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Take drastic actions to immediately begin an emergency fund. Of all the steps in the 7-Day Turnaround, this one may be the most important, and one you simply cannot afford to delay. Carrying debt creates a vicious cycle. Your available cash is spent making large minimum payments to service your debt. When the hot water heater breaks, or the transmission goes out, you have no cash reserve and reach for a credit card. This is like trying to climb an escalator with the stairs moving in reverse. The faster you run, the faster the stairs move, but when climbing out of a hole of debt, the stairs are always moving just a little faster thanks to fees and interest. This means you are constantly losing ground. The only way to break this cycle is to implement an emergency fund, a place to turn for those untimely breakdowns and other household emergencies.

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