A Simple Holiday

A few members of The Life Skills Network put together an outstanding resource around the theme of simplifying the holidays.  My first “Fab Five” entry will be dedicated to their posts, and I’ll include a few others as well.

Simply Perfect: 43 Holiday Tips from On Simplicity Readers (@On Simplicity)
Simplify Your Holidays in 3 Easy Steps (@My Dollar Plan)
Crappy Economy = Best Christmas Ever! (@My Super-Charged Life)
The Top of Your Holiday To-Do List: Breathe (@Simple Mom)

Debt Elimination Tips: How To Reduce Debt With These Do’s and Don’ts.  Enjoyed this read on tips for getting out of debt.  I usually find a nugget in each “get out of debt” article I read, and this was no exception. (@The Digerati Life)

10 Things We Can’t Have Without the Other.  Because as the article states, “one without the other makes less sense than none at all.”  A fun, thought-provoking post. (@Marc and Angel Hack Life)