About the Site

FrugalDad.com debuted on the Web in 2007 at a time when frugality was less than popular. As the economy began its slow, Titanic-like upending, readers like you and national media began to take notice of FrugalDad.com and embraced what the site was all about.

What we at FrugalDad.com have noticed is that our readers were largely worried about two things in the aftermath of the financial meltdown: their retirements and their kids’ educations. A lot of very smart people are out there offering retirement, investment and personal financial advice. We didn’t want to become just another voice in the crowd, so FrugalDad.com has decided to focus its subject matter more narrowly on issues of higher education and how to pay for it. Although there are other sites that offer advice on the same types of topics, FrugalDad.com brings its own unique voice to the conversation – a voice that has been featured and profiled in the national media ever since it appeared on the scene.

Loyal readers like you have helped us make the decision to be more targeted in our content. We hope you’ll let us know what you think and that you’ll continue to find FrugalDad.com as helpful as it’s always been.

About Jason (Frugal Dad)

Jason, the founder of FrugalDad.com, had the foresight to understand that people can’t continue to live beyond their means without unpleasant financial consequences. Jason’s wisdom became apparent several months after the site launched, when the world economy saw its worst downturn in a century – due largely to overextended and under-secured credit.