An Update on Family Medical Situation

photo by Kables

First, thank you all for your well-wishes, thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  As I mentioned earlier during the week, my mom is facing a very serious medical condition that will likely require a risky surgical procedure in the coming days.  She is currently home from the hospital recovering from rounds of tests while her medical team maps out the next steps.

No Roundup, Sunday Conversation

Obviously, I haven’t made it over to my feed reader much this week, so I’ll skip the weekly roundup for now.  I also won’t be including a Sunday Conversation post tomorrow because I plan to spend much of the day with my mom before I head back to work on Monday.  In lieu of a weekly roundup I’d ask you to take a look at The Life Skills Network site for some great articles from my fellow network members.

Future Plans

I do have a couple posts lined up for the coming week, including an excellent guest post or two.  When things return to normal I also have a couple new ventures to share with you, so stay tuned.  Thanks again to everyone who has dropped me a line, or a comment, to share their support for our family.  I’ll keep you posted as I can.


  1. No worries about future posts…we’ll all still be here. Thank you for the update and we will continue our good thoughts and prayers for your mother and your family.