Ask the Readers: Why Do You Visit Frugal Dad?

Happy Fourth of July! I’m finally getting a much-needed break from work and plan on unplugging from my normal routine for the day.  We’ll probably grill out in the backyard and enjoy a lazy afternoon at home.  There are plenty of things I should be doing, but today I think I’ll just enjoy the rest.  Be sure to take a moment and remember those serving our country around the world.  Without their sacrifices, and the sacrifices of their families, we would have no independence to celebrate!

I’d like to use this break in the action to ask an important question that’s been on my mind.  Why do you visit What separates Frugal Dad from the other personal finance blogs in your reader?  I’m hoping to use your answers to improve my content, design and general concept moving forward.  Don’t worry–no major overhauls are in order, I just thought since my six month blogging anniversary has come and gone it would be a good time to get some feedback.

Why Do I Visit Other Blogs?

I currently have over 125 blogs in my feed reader, and I get a couple of my favorites via email every day (for those days when I just can’t make it to my reader).  The blogs represent a collection of topics of interest to me, and are organized in various folders.  My largest folder (no surprise) is personal finance, but I also have collections such as parenting, blogging/writing, and even a couple sports-related blogs.

Do We Only Read What We Want to Hear?

In my first six months as a blogger I’ve touched a few nerves, and received my share of unfriendly comments and emails. But that’s fine with me.  The world would be awfully boring if everyone agreed with everything each other said.  I personally subscribe to several blogs because I enjoy the writing, or the viewpoint, of 95% of the content.  Occasionally, I read something I don’t agree with, but I actually enjoy that aspect of reading.  In fact, I’ve made it a point to read books, articles and blogs on things I don’t necessarily agree with because it stretches my thinking.  I’m rarely persuaded to change my mind, but reading another point of view helps me constantly challenge my line of thinking on a particular subject.

Reading About Other’s Success Inspires Me

My introduction to blogging occurred when I stumbled upon The Simple Dollar in late 2006.  I was home recovering from rotator cuff surgery and had little to do but surf the web and watch CSI Miami reruns. Over the last couple years I’ve followed Trent’s journey from financial meltdown to accomplished author (yes, he recently signed a book deal and just completed his manuscript).  There are many other great stories out there of people who have overcome large amounts of debt, survived company layoffs, serious health issues, etc.  Their perserverance is what inspires me to keep plowing ahead with my own goal to live completely debt free and move towards financial independence.

I’d appreciate it if you would take a moment or two to leave me a comment.  If there is something you would like me to improve upon, I’d like to hear that, too.  Thanks to those of you who have signed up to receive my daily articles, and to others who stop by during the day to visit.  One of the unanticipated benefits of joining the blogging community has been the opportunity to (virtually) meet many new wonderful people.


  1. Hey Frugal Dad, just found your site! You have so much great info on here. Can’t wait to read it all!!! It’s very inspiring 🙂 And that’s what I need right now. Have a safe and happy holiday!

  2. I visit because I like your writing style, your tips, your perspective and your site is super clean and easy on the eyes. You haven’t been one of the blogs to grow quickly and stopped pumping out the content that drew your readers to you in the first place, which I really like. Your down to earth and fun to read and a great resource.

  3. @Emily: Thanks for your comments! I’ve tried to stay pretty consistent with my tone over the last several months, though I would like to think my writing has improved a bit over that time. I look back at the first couple weeks of posts and wonder, “What was I thinking?” It takes a while to get the hang of this.

    @Michael: Me, too! As a matter of fact, I thought starting this blog would help me to that end. I’ve discovered over the last few months that writing a daily article about frugal living has helped improve my own level of frugality tremendously.

  4. I visit because your articles are in line with my new found frugal mission. I am a married mother of two young children living in Southern Ontario, Canada and, although we are not in dire straights, I would like to become more self sufficient and more conscious of my impact and part of that is learning to be more frugal.

    You present articles that are in line with the changes that I want to make and the short and concise articles are easy to read and I get enought out of them to direct me to my next frugal, low impact baby step.

    Keep up the good work and have a nice relaxing Independence Day.

  5. I agree – it’s been so fun “meeting” great people out in the blogosphere. It’s one of the best parts of blogging, in my opinion!

    I read Frugal Dad because I like your writing style – clear, to the point, yet down to earth and friendly.

    I also like what you write about – I enjoy personal finance, and I enjoy frugal living.

    Finally, I got turned on to Frugal Dad because of your friendliness – you’re talkative (in a good way) on Twitter and in my comments on my blog, and that’s the original reason I even checked out your site.

    It’s a keeper in my reader! 🙂

    Have a good holiday.

  6. I read Frugal Dad because of your writing, which is clear, interesting and informative, and because you’re friendly and willing to help and interact. I think that these added values are really important- after all there is only so much you can say about frugality and so many frugal bloggers are just saying the same things over and over. Maybe what you are saying isn’t that different from anyone else, but HOW you are saying it really stands out. Not to mention that your site looks really nice and is always pleasant to visit.
    Thanks for everything.

  7. I came across your blog through a friend of mine and 2 weeks ago & I started reading it because this past year we’ve undergone some major life changes — marriage, baby, down to single income, moving to larger and more expensive place.

    Your tips & reflections are really realistic and down to the point. I really liked the post about budgeting every 2 weeks and thinking of things in terms of how much you can spend per day.

    I also like the fact that there is a guy out there writing about personal budgeting — helps a lot when I talk to my husband about our finances — somehow he’ll listen to advice posted by another guy much more readily.

    Since I just started reading your blog, I don’t have any suggestions. I love your blog just the way it is!

  8. Frugal Dad is a very easy read. My blog can tend to be a little more complicated read as I use a bunch a references that some might not get, but you are clean and clear. The content is spot on and everyone I talk to, I let them know that Frugal Dad should be on their feeder. And if you have a blog, then put a link to Frugal Dad in your blogroll – your readers will thank you for it…

  9. @Katie: I’m glad you found me, and I’ve often wondered if the information is more well-received from a guy’s perspective. I guess that’s why I prefer Dave Ramsey over Suze Orman (although even if I was a woman I’m not sure I would like Suze Orman!). I do try to balance the information here so articles appeal to both genders. And I have the ultimate editors – my wife and my daughter both read the blog and aren’t afraid to tell me when I’m veering off course!

    @Kevin: Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your efforts to spread the word about Frugal Dad! I am proud of the fact that in six months I’ve managed to grow this little blog to some 1350 subscribers without paying a dime for advertising. To this point it has all been word-of-mouth, and thanks to folks like you it has been successful.

  10. I used to be heavily into infertility blogging and having gone through years of expensive treatments coupled with a really poor financial head, I am now in the kicking myself stage. I have a beautiful son and I would not change that for the world but I could have had those treatments and not be in the position I am now- very heavily in debt with very high interest rates. I read your blog for inspiration. You give great tips for someone like me who is starting on the journey and when I feel overwhelmed, I read your blog and several others who get me back in “I can do it mode”
    All I can say is……… Thank you!

  11. I like your topics – a lot of blogs do the “standard” topics but you are more creative than that.

    Your presentation and writing style is quite excellent as well.


  12. @TheDeise: Your son is a blessing, and the costs associated with treatments are not to be resented. I have two kids myself, and could never begin to put a value on how important they are to me. You are heading in the right direction, and over time you will work off those debts through perseverance. Don’t feel overwhelmed – there are are thousands of us out here working through debts accumulated for a variety of reasons. You can do it!

    @Four Pillars: Thanks for the comments. I often write about thoroughly covered topics, but every now and then I try to present something you wouldn’t read just anywhere (i.e. “12 Uses for Used Plastic Milk Jugs”).

  13. I visit your blog because I find here useful tips and advices as well as other inspiring and motivating content. I also like your writing style.

  14. I visit because I enjoy the daily dose of frugality and personal responsibility that you give. So many of the people around me spend more than they make and laugh at the steps my wife and I take to save for the future, it is really nice to hear from someone with our mindset. Thank you.

  15. I’ve sent links to your blogs to my kids to prove that I’m not the ONLY cheapskate left in the world!

    My kids are in their early 20’s, one’s still in college, the other graduated this year. They’ll be on their own soon and will benefit from your advice. I sure learn a LOT from your articles.

    Celebrate Independence!

  16. @Nick and @Janny: Thanks for your comments. I suspected when I started this project there were others out there who believed the way I did, even though I didn’t personally have any friends who shared my philosophy for living a frugal life.

    I receive the usual teasing about my old truck, or staying at the office to eat PB&Js while the others go out for lunch, etc. I take it all in stride, as I recognize not everyone shares the same love of simple living as I do.

  17. What keeps me coming back to FrugalDad is your insight, real-world approachability, and great tips that I’ve applied to my life again and again. Your advice = $$$ in my pocket, and that makes you a friend in my book. 🙂

  18. Your blog is very readable – great writing style, and interesting, timely topics. The blog’s name through me off at first; I’m a woman without children, but I was pleasantly suprised that the topics related to my DINK family.

    Have you ever thought about a syndicated newspaper column? I’ve heard it’s difficult to get syndicated, but you already have some impressive clips and a faithful audience.

  19. Why do I visit?

    Honesty? Well, I visit cuz . . .you seem like a nice guy.

    That’s it, really.

    Yes, you write very interesting articles, give great tips, etc and do so in a easy going style, but so do many other bloggers on the net. You though . . . are a nice guy.

    So, I keep coming back.

  20. I read because it encourages me to be smart with my money. It’s really tempting to go out and blow all of my money sometimes and this blog helps me keep in check.

  21. I read your blog because you think about so many of the same things I’m thinking about…. I’ll have an idea of something for my blog, then I’ll hop online and read your blog and see you’ve just written what I was thinking! It’s great to know there are other like-minded people out there! You help keep me on top of my finances. Keep up the good work!

  22. @Stacy: I have thought about it, but I wonder if newspapers are put off by us bloggers and would be reluctant to publish anything from one. Just a vibe I’ve got when doing interviews with professional columnists.

    I do have a some things in the works that may lead to me sharing frugal ideas in a couple new places. More to follow…

    @Christina: What’s that saying about great minds thinking alike?

    @Bethany: Thanks! You’ve summed up one of the primary reasons I started Frugal Dad–to be a source of inspiration to others struggling with daily finances. Many writers focus on the long-term stuff, and do a great job of it, but I like to focus on the day-to-day aspects of personal finance.

  23. I read you because you have a natural, honest voice that I can relate to. That I feel sounds like someone I would like to hang out with and have a real conversation with.

    Keep it up!

  24. I don’t just visit frugaldad…I actually learned what a reader is and opened an igoogle account to be a frugaldad groupie. My husband and I are just beginning to dig out of a pile of debt and I read this blog because I like your perspective. You also give me things to think about or sometimes to re-think about. I can tell that you truly want to help people live better lives and I like the way you are going about changing things for your family.

    I also like the presentation of the articles and its rare to find egregious grammatical errors on the site (I’m not a grammar nazi, but I’ve tried to read articles that seemed to have good content which was lost in all the spelling and punctuation errors). Keep up the good work, and best wishes for a speedy recovery for your wife!

  25. I receive Frugal Dad via email. I need the daily dose of motivation and inspiration and I like knowing that other people are on the journey with me. I like reading about the bumps in the road as much as the successes…I like reading about unperfect people who are just doing the best they can to get out of debt. I guess I need to know we’re not alone in this struggle.

  26. It’s just nice to know there are other frugal-nuts out there like me 🙂
    Your blog is friendly, and down to earth. Real. The comment writers are all friendly and not afraid to write back. There are no put downs on your sight 🙂

    I’m older, and almost ready to retire, so I’m ‘past’ some of your writings, but there is always that ‘new idea’ in being frugal, or that new link, or that agreement of the minds that just keeps me coming back for more. Sometimes one of your readers will send in an idea that will just work great for me.

    I found you from a frugal link on one of the carnivals… I just love the way you all work together and don’t mind sharing your subscribers!

    It’s a fun and friendly read – good style of writing – and it’s like reading a letter from a friend. Mine are emails – I just personally like that format the best.

  27. @Marci: Thanks for your comments, Marci. I always look forward to your contributions in the comments, and appreciate the perspective you bring to the community here. Thanks for being a reader!

    M3isMe: I’m about as far from perfect as they come – and I don’t mind admitting that. Nothing I hate more than a self-righteous writer who seems to be writing down his nose at the rest of us. I’ve certainly paid my share of “stupid tax” along the way!

    @Julie: I try to scan articles before posting them to look for spelling/grammatical errors, but I don’t always catch them. Thanks for being forgiving – some readers at other blogs will point out every uncrossed “t” and un-dotted “i” in an article, missing the big picture concept altogether!

    @Writer’s Coin: My favorite bloggers have a conversational tone that I also enjoy. I figure if people wanted stuffy financial advice filled with legalese they could read a brokerage website.

  28. You are a kind, good person. You actually read these comments and comment on them.

    You have the courage to ask for our feedback and you are constantly striving to improve.


    Best Wishes,

  29. I visit because your blog is a quick straightforward financial read, it’s delivered to my inbox, it’s updated frequently, and I especially like the book reviews.

    They help me pinpoint financial books I’d be interested in, or books that go off on a tangent compared to being full of the information I’m looking for.

  30. I initially started visiting because I kept seeing your name all over the comments of my regular reads.

    I keep coming because you have a great attitude that comes through in your writing. I don’t get the sense that you’re talking down to your readers or trying to be a guru. Your writing and topics feel very organic and yet I still come away having learned something each time. And like others have said, the mix of topics has been enjoyable.

    And six months? It seems hard to believe. I think of your blog as much more established that that…

  31. I also saw the simple dollar, and inspired me, but once I saw your site, i wanted to have a voice more like yours. frugal dad is so friendly, so nice and your prespective is unique. I like your points of view!

  32. I read several of your articles that were linked on the Simple Dollar and thought I would give you a regular chance. I like your down to earth style and realistic money tips. Visiting your blog and other like yours help me stay focused on my goals to be more frugal and think about how I spend and save my money.

    Keep up the good work!

  33. I come on frugal because I want to live frugal. That’s why i read you articles so i can find frugal ways to spend a small amount of money for treats. I like the way that when you writing you’re not telling the reader what to do. You’re asking them questions sometimes. Good luck on everything you do. And I wish you luck on you’re other websites you are writing on.

  34. I only read three blogs regularly. One is yours because it is forthright, easy to read, and touches on matters that I can easily relate to. I too am a frugal Dad, having eight children and a wonderful wife. I have been in debt and am now debt free. Debt free is better. Keep up the good work!

  35. As a soon-to-be first time Dad, I probably would have subscribed just because of the domain name. But I keep coming back for the clear writing and interesting topics, especially on family frugality. Looking further down the road, I enjoy learning the creative financial lessons that “click” with kids. Better that than “Van Down By The River” speeches. 🙂