Be a Blogger Series Finds a New Home: Introducing

I’m excited to announce today’s launch of my new blog, Side Hustle Blogging!  It is a place to share tips, tricks and lessons learned on the subject of blogging.

Over the last year or so I’ve received a number of emails from new bloggers asking for direction on starting blogs of their own.  While I try to respond to everyone, I felt like I was repeating a lot of the advice, and rarely had a chance to follow up when I learned something new.

As a temporary solution, I began sharing the occasional “Be a Blogger” series post here at Frugal Dad, but I always wanted to separate the content by starting a new site.  I didn’t for a couple reasons. First, I thought, “Who the heck would want to read what I have to say about blogging?”  True enough; I’m still a relatively small fish in the big blogging pond.  But, I’ve learned a thing here and there, and made some mistakes along the way I might could help others avoid.

I was really pressed for time during the last half of 2008.  Many of you are aware of the family medical emergency we experienced, and juggling my family, work and blogging responsibilities was hard enough without adding a new blog to the mix.  While things haven’t completely settled down personally, I’m ready to get rolling on the new blog.  If we wait for the perfect time, we will wait forever!

It is my hope that Side Hustle Blogging develops into a place where we learn from each other. Anyone making their “side hustle” blogging should find something relevant, but the topics won’t stop at simply writing for the web.  I plan to include posts on topics such as monetization, marketing, scheduling, entrepreneuriship, taxes, etc.  You can see there will be some overlap in the themes I discuss here at Frugal Dad, but with a spin geared towards those who blog.

I look forward to seeing all of you over at Side Hustle Blogging!  Drop me a comment and say hello, or just take a few minutes to peruse the articles there.  And don’t worry, I plan to continue my daily blog schedule here at Frugal Dad.


  1. I scoped it out last night and can already thank you for finding me a hosting service to save me some money.

    I like the pre-blogger name you went for. I’m borrowing it but giving you credit.

  2. @the weakonomist: Glad I could help! If you are referring to HostGator, I think you’ll enjoy their service. And you’re right, you can’t beat the deal they offer.

    And feel free to use the “pre-blogger” name. I think it sums up our circumstances pretty well. Thanks for checking out the new blog. Look forward to your comments there, too.

  3. I was at your new blog the other night, I think I followed a tweeted link. ?? Who knows. Anyway, I liked the post about being a preblogger. It helped me to take inventory of my own situation. I’ll be checking out that recommendation for hosting, too. I do website design on the side as well, and like to find the best deals not only for myself, but clients.

  4. I love the name! 😀 I always think of minor stuff like blogging as my “side hustle” but most people don’t get the term ;P

  5. I really like the newspaper/magazine theme design, how can I get one like that for my blog? How much will that cost me?

  6. Thanks so much for creating this new blog. I just started my blog this month. I’m kind of overwhelmed at the breadth and sophistication of info out there.

    Developing readership through compelling content is where my head is right now. I’d also like to know more about monetization (how to turn those zeros into other digits on my adsense report??).

    Consider me subscribed!