Better Than the Average Man (Infographic)

I probably could have told you that American men were in bad shape (both financially and physically) but I didn’t realize just how bad until now. The average guy has almost $15k in debt and only $3k in savings, and 16% of guys rarely pay off their credit card bills. If this isn’t why Frugal Dad was founded back in 2007, then I don’t know what is.

But my blog has always been about how to improve with a few simple steps, and this graphic is no different. I’m excited about this one – it’s useful in looking at the average American guy, and it gives sound advice for improving your finances and getting active. Enjoy!

Average Man Infographic


  1. So are those fitness numbers the average for a male or someone’s idea of what is considered “in shape”.

    • Most of these charts are so true and why?, because on the norm – people are lazy

      we dont want to learn how to be better
      we dont want to exercise regularly…

      Sad numbers but true.. – just a few simple steps done daily changes one’s life..

  2. As a nutritional scientist, I don’t think you should be suggesting that people skip their ‘orange juice and cereal’ (which would be healthier than the average breakfast!) in the morning to lose weight. In fact, that would likely lead to the opposite.

    That said, once again a great infographic! The average man is in bad shape indeed…

    • Well nutritional scientist. There is more evendence everyday that a hearty meal, (eggs, bacon, and more protein) is 100 times better than cereal. Get a clue. The research is out there. Paleo is the way to go.

        • The majority of heart disease is stress and allergy related. Wheat gluten being a major factor. When your arteries are inflamed, cholesterol comes in to “repair” the damage. Cholesterol is just our bodies trying to repair inflamation. The real boogie man is gluten and other foods we are allergic to.

          • You forgot about calcium. Especially if you’re taking calcium carbonate (limestone, marble etc.) which includes coral calcium. Our bodies don’t assimilate this type of calcium. It ends up collecting in our vascular system (with cholesterol) also causing heart disease. Most is not all cheap national advertised daily multivitamins include calcium carbonate. You have to buy a better brand with calcium citrate or malate. Also Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7) is a vitamin that should be taken with calcium as well as Vitamin D3. K2 tells calcium to get into your bones where it belongs and will also remove much of the calcium from your vascular system but it has to be Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7). The other forms of K will not do it.

          • I’m sorry Jon, but you are misinformed. Very very few people are allergic to gluten. Some people are intolerant because they lack the enzymes to digest it (this is called Celiac disease), but this is actually much less common than people who consider themselves ‘allergic’ to gluten, which is not the case.

            Also, not sure what research you are referring to, I would love to see some peer-reviewed research re: a ‘hearty’ meal and the calcium issue.

          • Men, woman and children are overweight because the OverEat!!!!! Gluten is an issue for some, however, calories are the issue. Turn off the TV, play a game of football instead of watching one!

          • Being “allergic” simply put indicates an immune system disfunction. We have used TF and after several years have no
            “allergies” and few colds

      • Amen to that.

        America needs to learn that there is a price to pay. You may think you are “cured” but how much suffering is involved. That said, wise exercise will be a good kind of suffering compared with the disease kinds not related to heart disease.

  3. I checked your sources and that is the average for a man. So if those are the averages, what is considered “in shape”. Also for pull ups, your guy in the picture is doing a chin up. Not sure which is intended.

  4. I think my 2 gym memberships might contribute to my being above average in the Fitness categories. Also, BMI as a measure of being overweight is somewhat controversial, especially when it comes to athletes. Since it’s just a relation of height and weight, it’s oversimplifying things. NFL players with very little body fat are classified as obese because of all of their muscle.

    I hope that in 2012 I will get out of the averages for financial status here.

    • maybe try just one gym membership. could help with your financial situation.

      (or no gym membership. kind of weird how the graph implies that getting a gym membership will help you get healthier or fitter. I’d like to see that statistic. you don’t need a gym to move.)

  5. Jason,

    Could you redo your circles representing the financial income/debt/savings ratios? By the way you’ve drawn them, the interpretation is that the entire circle area represents the amount. Yet, you’ve drawn the circles with the value as the diameter. The result is that – based on area – the income circle is actually 135.6 times the size of the savings, when the actual income value is approximately 11.6 times the savings value. Likewise, the debt circle is 22.6 times bigger than the savings circle, when it’s only 2.2 times higher in value.

  6. This average stuff has no context. I could do 60 pullups when I was 39 years old. I am now 52 years old and would be lucky to get 20 pull ups.

    Older people have more savings than younger people. To mash them all together into one average does not give a useful picture of anything.

    How do you throw the debt of a 24 year old man with student loans into the same average as a 60 year old man who has paid off his mortgage?

  7. OMG – I am 68 and beat all of the physical stats (except running which I don’t do) by a mile. I also have all the cash I need for the rest of my life and zero debt.

    Looks like a lot of people are going down a very sad road.

  8. If your head was in an hot oven and your feet in a freezer your average temperature would probably be normal but you would be dead lol

  9. From the above comments it also seems that the average man also seems to have a problem grasping the main point of an article and missing the obvious.

  10. Those are resting heart rates…the best way to accurate measure resting heart rate is to do it immediately when you wake up, before you even sit up.

    I am also quite a fit person who eats healthy and my resting heart rate is between 50-55 every time I measure it.

    • hi chris,

      i’ll try measuring before i get out of bed tomorrow. i’ll probably get a much better number that way.

  11. Your savings numbers don’t make sense. You say the average man has $3000 in savings. Then you state 20% have no savings, 44% have less than $50k. That leaves 36% with more than 50K. If those 3 things are true, than the average savings have to be over $16.6K. Did you mean the median man has $3000??

  12. love all of the infographics!
    I just discovered your site and really admire all of the infographics. I noticed you produced them at amazingly fast rate, almost one every couple of days! do you have a graphic design background? how did you go about producing them? did you incorporate hand drawing/painting into some of these infographics or everything is completely digital?

    keep up the good work!

  13. I’m running this on my blog this weekend. It’s so cool. Do you think I could learn how to do this? I write about mentoring a lot and it would be neat to put one together about it. Thanks!

  14. This is a great Infographic. I am totally going to post this on my site.
    Where do you get all this information from?