Carnival of Top Personal Finance Posts #2

Welcome to the Carnival of Top Personal Finance Posts #2!  I was so intrigued by this new carnival format that I agreed to host the second edition here at Frugal Dad.  The six articles below were selected as the the top personal finance posts of the week, and now you get to decide which one deserves the top spot!

Note: Subscribers may need to drop by the site to vote if the voting widget is not compatible with your particular email client or feed reader. Thanks for participating!

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  1. Interesting format. I’ve not seen a carnival run like this before. Thanks for including my article in the carnival. Can’t wait to see how this ends up!

  2. Wow.

    Jacob seems to have already lived what I have been envisioning for myself. Although the other articles are very good & relevant, Jacob’s article is “outside the box” and that is why it will win.

    I may have just found a reason to finally get out of this house & sell my car! These are things I’ve been kicking around for awhile now. My wife is not crazy about the ideas, but I think if I can show her the long term benefits, she will follow.

  3. @All – I run the carnival, so feel free to send any comments, questions, bugs, or ideas [at] The point of the carnival is to apply an objective filter to the plethora of blog posts each week so that the reader can easily connect with the best articles in one place. I would love to offer a prize each week to reward winner as the site ramps up and the law will permit.

    Also, The poll was a little askew early in the day, especially in IE, but that should be fixed for all new visitors. Unfortunately, if you already loaded the skewed poll you are most likely stuck with that version. Still trying to get the HTML and CSS designed to work on all websites well. Sorry all.

    @Cindy – Hopefully, new writer’s will submit great content and make it into the poll. The carnival isn’t designed to be a popularity contest. With that said, the best blogs are the best for a reason.

    @Patrick – If it wasn’t showing at all, I would suspect javascript blocking or a website filter might be responsible. If you can’t get to then most likely a proxy is blocking the poll.

  4. Interesting posts. I like the idea of being able to vote. Although it was a little hard to choose :).

    Didn’t have any problem with voting or seeing the results.

  5. You might want to give the WP-Polls plugin a try, it’s much simpler than this one (thought not as pretty).