CashCrate Is Legit

As part of my 75 Tips to Survive a Down Economy post a couple weeks ago I mentioned CashCrate as a legitimate part-time income opportunity.  I received quite a number of questions about the service, and I thought I would address them all here.  It just so happened I received my June earnings check last week, so I am including a copy of the check along with the post to show you what’s possible with CashCrate.

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a survey hosting site that hosts surveys for a variety of marketing companies.  Members may select surveys to participate in and receive compensation for their time.  CashCrate takes a percentage of the earnings for running their business, but passes the remainder of earnings (up to 75%) on to members.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount you may earn is really a function of how much work you put in at CashCrate.  Some members barely earn the minimum payout of $10.00 each month, while others earn over $1,000 (including earnings from referals).  Speaking of referrals, CashCrate has one of the better referral systems out there.  In the interest of full disclosure, the majority of my earnings come from refererrals, but it is possible to earn a decent amount of money each month just by completing surveys.  If you have a blog of your own, adding a CashCrate referral banner or link is a great way to diversify your income.  Here’s a look at my earnings from the last six months, and my most recent CashCrate check:

  • January 2008:  $19.22
  • February 2008:  $21.10
  • March 2008: $75.91
  • April 2008:  $47.05
  • May 2008: $15.91
  • June 2008: $203.22

CashCrate check

How Do We Use the Earnings?

For the most part we use the earnings check from CashCrate each month to supplement our grocery budget.  I like to cash the check and put it in a “stockpile” envelope.  If our grocery store is having a particularly good sale on meats I’ll stock up using the CashCrate earnings and throw a few bags of frozen chicken breasts in the freezer.  This last month was our highest earnings to date, and this time we’ll take half of the earnings to make an extra payment on the debt snowball.  Don’t forget to account for taxes by holding a little back in savings to pay taxes at the end of the year (we save about 25% of our extra earnings for taxes, but this amount could vary based on your tax bracket, deductions, etc.).

Will My Email Inbox Be Flooded With Spam?

Most offers do require a valid email address, so it is a good idea to create a separate email account to dedicate to CashCrate.  Otherwise, you will receive email from various advertisers at your primary email account.  Remember though, this is not technically spam as you have agreed to receive offers by participating in the survey.  Of course, this has little effect on me because I only check my dedicated CashCrate email account once a month or so.

What’s the Fastest Way to Make Money at CashCrate?

The fastest way to earn a $10.00 payout (which can easily be done your first day as a member), is to complete the 100% free offers. From the “Complete Offers” menu select “100% Free” from the “Show:” drop down filter.  These surveys don’t pay as much, but they are typically shorter and do not require a credit card or trial-offer agreement to participate.  When I work surveys these are the only ones I complete because I don’t like the idea of signing up for things just to earn money.  I’m too forgetful and am likely to forget to cancel the trial offer in the required time.  Stick to 100% free offers and the daily surveys, unless you are feeling adventurous.

If you are interested in signing up for free simply follow one of my referral links sprinkled throughout this article, or click on one of the CashCrate banners around my site.


  1. Not life-changing money but a nice little check to have rolling in nonetheless!

    In your opinion, are the payouts worth the time and efforts? I remember a while back signing up for a similar service, and the payouts were so low that it was not worth my time at all (something like 1 or 2 cents for each offer confirmed as read).

  2. I get frustrated with them. It seems like most of their offers never get paid out. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I will have like $15 pending and it will never materialize.

  3. I have used Cashcrate too. If you are having problems with offers not crediting, you can try to clear your cookies between offers (or use that automatic cookie clearing software to do it for you). Cashcrate and Ipod Sweepstakes are 2 of the best PTT (Paid to Try sites) I’ve ever used.

  4. Fascinating — so you’ve made several hundred dollars this year through CashCrate.

    I agree that creating a separate email account for these programs is a must; I do something similar with MyPoints.

    Here’s my question, though — at some point do you have to provide a social security number for tax purposes? My experience with these sorts of sites is that eventually they will (legally) need it. I suppose if I were making a couple hundred dollars like you, it might be worth it, but I’m always weary of providing my SSN online to anything by the most reputable of websites.

  5. @Blake: I’ve seen of those 1 and 2 cent offers at other services as well, but not so much at CashCrate. I’d say the average “100% Free Offer” ranges from $0.50 -$1.00 per offer. Of course, there are a few small ones for $0.25, and the larger ones that require a sign up can be as much as $5.00 . I don’t do many of those because I’m bad a remembering to cancel trial offers.

  6. @Ashley: Have you checked out the forums feature are CashCrate. There is usually a thread that indicates which offers are clearing quickly – do those first. It seems that some companies clear their queue faster than others.

  7. I’ve tried CashCrate. The so-called surveys are a thinly disguised con. I spent about 20 hours filling out the so-called surveys, most of them were never credited, the daily surveys rejected my home E-mail address as being “invalid” so I couldn’t take them, and my E-mail address was sold or given to hundreds if not thousands of get-rich-quick scam artists or vendors of products in which I explicitly expressed no interest. Pretty soon I was receiving 20-30 unsolicited bulk E-mails that I couldn’t block, filter out, or unsubscribe from despite repeated requests. I never received my check from CashCrate, which would have been between $20 and $30 based on completed and credited surveys.

    Contact with the CashCrate “customer” service was not productive so I eventually cancelled my account, but I wasn’t removed from any mailing lists. The Spam is not stopping but increasing. I currently have to slog through 100 Spam messages per day and am considering changing my E-mail address to get away from all the Spam.

    On the whole, CashCrate has cost me dozens of hours in work and effort and has created nothing but headache. I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

  8. @Family Man: I don’t normally make that much from referrals, but that post I mentioned it on is the one that went viral and wound up on the front page of Obviously, that was good for a bunch of new signups. I’ve also printed up some free business cards from VistaPrint with my referral ID and left them around grocery stores, bulletin boards, etc. It takes a long time to build a big base of referrals.

    @Richard: I’m equally leery of providing personal data to other companies. Yes, if you make over $600 with CashCrate (or any other service for that matter), they are required to collect your tax information. However, I have no reason to suspect CashCrate of shady activity. I’ve received regular checks from them as promised.

    @Lou: Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I wouldn’t recommend something I haven’t tried myself, and in my trials I’ve never entered a credit card number to complete a survey. I’ve been open with the opportunity to earn through referrals, and because many readers also have a blog or host a website, they may find this to be a lucrative way to diversify earnings. However, it may not work for everyone.

  9. Do they all the surveys require a phone number to participate? I don’t want to start getting a million phone calls when I get home. Thanks.

  10. @Laura: Not all of the surveys require a phone number, but many do. CashCrate requires a valid phone number to validate your identity prior to mailing your first payment.

  11. I’m sure this is a legitimate service and I decided to try it out. My problem is that I just don’t think the payout is worth the time answering the surveys. Obviously, this will depend on the person.

  12. Hi, just thought you would like my feedback on this.

    I tried CashCrate on Sunday night based on your experience and found it to be a negative one. Yesterday was the first day after I had signed up and did only five free surveys, I logged on to find that I had gotten over 150 *increased* spam in my email box plus five telemarketer calls that had interrupted my husband at his work (he works at home). Needless to say, after canceling my account with CashCrate, I’m still clicking unsubscribe on ALL those mail and telling those telemarketers to remove my phone number from the list.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  13. I’ve been using cashcrate for a few days now, and I’ve already reached payout. While I’ve been getting a few emails, I haven’t exactly been bombarded by emails.

    My suggestion is to just fill out the first page or two of the surveys/etc. For a lot of them that is all that is required. I think if you go beyond there a lot of the time that is when you start getting a ton of emails. Also beware of which ones you choose. Some see a little sleazier than others, and you can tell.

    Referrals are nice too!

  14. I have been a member of CashCrate for a few months now and have been pleased with it. If you read the tips in their forum and use an alternate (or a few alternate) email addresses (i use gmail since it has a great spam blocker and holds a ton) then you won’t have any problems. I was only called once and it was for a Sears kitchen cabinet remodeling but that is because I signed up for it to get the money offered. 🙂

    Point being – read their forums to figure out how to do it to where you have a positive experience with it. Hope this helps someone.

    BTW, great article frugaldad! I’d also add how to make your own cleaning and laundry supplies. Those eat up a chunk of the monthly budget too. I have recipes on my blog –

  15. I signed up with CashCrate and have not received payments for my first month with them. They claimed the check got lost in the mail. I do not believe that. After being told to wait 4 months for another check, I am still waiting. It’s going 5 months.

  16. I was really excited about this, and so signed up. But I don’t always qualify for some of the surveys and I have been receiving several calls every day since signing up last Saturday. I am very leery of giving out my phone number and address to so many sites and I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to make very much because of this. So, I think I’ll give it about another week and then call it quits. I hate unsolicited phone calls. Do you receive very many? How do you avoid them if you don’t get very many? I don’t want to give a false number, but maybe I should?

  17. I joined cashcrate over a month ago and I checked to make sure its legit. it seemed like it and I have learned tips and tricks. However I was supposed to get my check today and I have not. I emailed them to see what is going on.

  18. First of all, let me clear things up.

    Most people who make over $50 a month from cashcrate are doing by promoting the joys of get paid to sites and luring you to sign up underneath them, getting a commission off the work you in the future. Having a some good blog traffic helps achieve this.

    That’s not so bad, heck, I’ve even done it. But it’s not the whole pie.

    Like Sal mentioned in her comment, there’s a learning curve and a bunch of tricks and tactics to get good at making money through cashcrate by yourself. There is a list of them here:

    For those who’ve had a negative experience, I apologize, mainly because you’ve probably had cashcrate misrepresented to you. The link above should also give you the straight dope.

    But for the rest of the questions/issues in the comments, here’s a blast of answers.

    – I never give my SSN, nor my “real” telephone #.
    – Pending offers can still linger because you didn’t jump through ALL the hoops, filled too many forms out in the same day, or you already filled out an offer issued by the same advertising company (they have your marketing info, so they don’t need to pay to get it again), you haven’t deleted your cookies, etc. Try a new email address.
    – I’ve never missed my checks. They take 60-90 days for me to receive them after I’ve completed my offers, but read their payment schedule.
    – My wife signed up and immediately started getting solicitations. I put her number on the Do Not Call Registry, (plus she stopped using her real cell #) and in a week or so it all cleared up.
    – Yes, do read their forums. I feel bad because people get into cashcrate and have a harsh learning curve. Read above linked guide to help.
    – If you want serious money, get a job.
    – Cashcrate is also fun if you’ve got the job where you can sit around for hours without responsibility.

    Good luck guys!

  19. Hey guys!

    I recently found they offer a robot that is much better than using RoboForm to make survey submitting going smoother. I was a little skeptical but heck who cares, in the end I bought the program and am very happy with it.

    Just thought I would share it with you guys since it has made filling out surveys a breeze!

  20. There’s this new site called that gathers a list of all the good GPT sites together. seems like they’re just starting up

  21. Check out ‘’. I started CashCrate before I found the ‘police’ and all the negative stuff about CC but already put in alot of time so plan to cash out at the now 20$ minimum & see if I get paid. DO read the forum- really waste your time if you don’t. Also deleting cookies doesn’t require buying software if you have Windows Explorer, go to to find out how to easily & quickly do it.

  22. I think Cashcrate is great. I mean, as far as i have looked, it is probably the best and safest free make money site out there. In comparison to making money through blogging or a pay-to site, i dont know how well it compares.
    hmmm, but, like anything else, it takes time to get really money coming in…

  23. I love cashcrate, I used to be friends with one of the admins. Ever since I signed up with them I’ve earned tons of moola. I definitely recommend this site.

  24. Cashcrate really is a great site, it’s so easy to make money on! I’m definitely glad I signed up.

  25. Cashcrate is the only GPT that I trust and pays me each month on time. They have friendly Admin and members in the forum to help you start earning money. I have also posted my check on my website at

  26. CashCrate is legit but the best way to make money is through the referral program. It is one of the best and I have been quite successful with it.

  27. Wow, it’s interesting to see the mixed reviews on this site.

    First of let me say to anyone that claims cashcrate is a scam.. I can safely say it’s not. Why believe me? I’m probably the biggest skeptic you’ll find when coming to things online lol.

    Anyway to the blog owner, you really presented a nice review of cashcrate and congrats on your earnings! I’m happy to see a dad doing so well on cashcrate. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m so used to all the “stay at home moms” on the site lol.

    I’ve been managing to do pretty well with cashcrate myself! And I’m increasing my earnings monthly!

    Keep up the great work Frugal Dad!


  28. I think that cashcrate is a very good investment of time. The first month i was still considered a novice and i still manage to make 100 dollars only on 4-5 hours work. This month i’m back with a vengeance and i’m making more money this month. If anyone is interested in making money online just visit my websites and

    By the way nice website frugal dad.

  29. I am kind of on the fence as well.

    The thing I don’t want to start getting is a bunch of phone calls.

    Do you know how often they would call.?

  30. How often will you get calls? Day & night for weeks, even if your on the No Call List becauce you gave the number out. Watch out for bills on you’re phone bill for things you didn’t sign up for too. Cashcrate does send checks to you for amounts they say you made but you can do offer after free offer & be credited for only a small number of them. You have no way to know if they’re getting paid for every one of them & just not paying you what you’ve reaaly earned. Same with getting referals, you have no way of knowing if you get the credit for all the people you bring in. There is no way to figure out if you’re being scammed or not, that’s the bottom line.

  31. I have been with cashcrate for about 2 months now and love it.I must admit that at first a lot of my offers were not getting approved so I decided to check out the cashcrate forums for tips and tricks and now most of my offers are approved quickly.

  32. I like how you show how much you made every month. Do you still use cashcrate? If you do, how much do you earn now?

  33. No offense but Cashcrate is a scam! I’ve been a member of that site for over a month and I did a lot of offers but only some got credited. Most of them just stayed in my pending section. At first I thought that something is wrong with the way I do the offers but then I joined another site just like that and somehow everything credited just fine. It’s clearly obvious that cashcrate is scamming people by not getting their offers credited even if they did the offer correctly.
    I advise people to move to another site. One of the site that I would suggest you to join is CrownGPT. The offers credit very fast and they pay out via Paypal, Alertpay, Amazon or Check instantly! There is no waiting time like in Cashcrate where you have to wait over 2 months for your check.
    The link to CrownGPT is here:

  34. I thought it was a scam at first, but I was totally proven wrong once I received my first check. I did a couple of surveys (didn’t take much effort), then I requested my check. I was able to cash it just fine. Now I’m making an average of $200 dollars a month hardly doing anything and it’s kinda fun actually. If you have ?’s, feel free to ask under my CC reference. I posted pictures of my checks too. 🙂
    Good luck!

  35. Cash Crate is a fantastic oppurtunity to make some serious extra cash! As proven above, Cash Crate is NOT a scam. To get started today, click my link below and start earning. Plus, get a 1$ bonus when you join! Start earning now at