Dillyeo.com Deals Of The Day

As most of you know, I don’t do a lot of shopping. But when I do, I like to get a bargain, and I usually find them online. I have a tendency to look for coupon codes from places like Amazon, newegg.com and office depot. I recently discovered a fun site that offers one item a day at a rock bottom price. Dillyeo.com appeals to me for a couple reasons.

Deals at dillyeo.com are typically some of the lowest prices anywhere on the internet.  I like that there is only one item per day, so I can’t visit the site and go nuts ordering fifteen things in one sitting.  If I like the deal of the day, I can order it.  If I am not interested, I pass.

Dillyeo.com offers a wide variety of products–everything from electronic gadgets, such as iPods, cameras, and GPS devices, to deals on clothing and household appliances.  Here’s a sampling of deals from the past several days:

Recent Dillyeos:

  • 9 in 1 Sports Combo Kit For Nintendo Wii
  • Hamilton Beach Wave Station 12 speed Blender
  • Jockey – 3 Pack Tagless Crewneck T-shirts
  • Advent 4″ Touch Screen Gps W/Mp3 & Fm Modulator
  • Travel Concepts Destiny 6 Piece Luggage Set
  • Soyo 22″ LCD HDTV
  • Samsung S1070 10.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

If you have a little Christmas cash to spend I encourage you to check out dillyeo.com (after you save a good portion of that cash, first!).  I plan to bookmark the site myself in the hopes that I can catch a few good deals here and there.

Use coupon code dillyeo09 between now and January 11th to save 10% off any Dillyeo.com purchase!


  1. This is a very strange post (I just started subscribing to your feed.) Absolutely none of the purchases you describe seem in any way frugal. Meanwhile, the “buy it now or it goes away” aspect seems designed to promote impulse buying — which is the business model, one assumes.

    The idea of checking a site every day to see if you want to buy a random consumer good — very odd, to put it mildly. (So odd that as a visitor I wondered if you were getting referral cuts and this was a way to make money on the site; you should tell us explicitly if or if not.)

  2. @Visitor: I make no secrets that I earn money through the site. In fact, I’ve dedicated entire posts to the idea! If you don’t like the service mentioned in the post, simply ignore it. Those looking for rock-bottom deals may appreciate it.

  3. Sorry, Frugal Dad, but you lose credibility on this one. You would never see something like this on TSD or GRS. You are one of the top writers in the personal finance blogosphere, but this post is too obviously a complete and total sellout. You can do much better, and those of us who have subscribed to your blog deserve far better. Better to post nothing at all than put something where you heart is not. It’s 2009, a totally fresh start. Instead of lame commercial posts, why don’t you inspire us like you did so well last year!

  4. @Frugal Bachelor: “This post is too obviously a complete and total sellout.”

    I appreciate your feedback, and your compliment on the writing here at Frugal Dad. I do have to ask, however, am I the first blogger to mention an affiliate advertiser in a post? Today was a slow day, so I decided to mention a site I’ve used to track a few deals.

    In the future perhaps I should sell memberships, or ask for donations, or push my own books–after all, you would never see that at any other sites.

  5. @ Visitor and Frugal Bachelor:

    The content offered here is free and the expectation for FD not to earn any money from affiliates is a little unrealistic. Television shows plug products, talk radio hosts work in advertisers during their shows, etc… If you are not interested in the service or product don’t buy it.

  6. Waaaaaait a minute- is this site really a good place for a frugal person? People visiting this site can easily end up buying things they wouldn’t have bought had they not seen them on this website on the particular day they decided to post it. In other words, this website is determining what we can buy from them, and induces us to spend by spotlighting an item and making it desirable. Impulse spending is still impulse spending, even if the item is on sale.

  7. Impulse shopping or not, it’s nice to know there is a place that I can go to to find an occasional necessity or gift at half the price of any retail store. The phones dillyeo.com are selling today are half of what Walmart is selling them for. Walmart!

    It seems dillyeo.com has gone through some trouble to find a deal for people who just might need or want.

    If you look a little closer, this site, as well as dillyeo.com are not about NOT spending any money at all, they are about spending money wisely.

    Frugal Bachelor, what do you say to the man who needed a phone and happened to find one for 70% off retail today? Dillyeo.com is merely an economic resource if you look a little closer.

    Shopping addiction? Dillyeo.com might have a patch, but they are not the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes for a smoker.

  8. I didn’t mean to be rude. And I don’t mind people making money on blogging — I do myself! It is important, however, to note explicitly that you are getting a referral fee, or that the post is otherwise “sponsored”. Just put a note at the top of the post (for example) saying “this is how I make money for the site” or something, and all ill will will dissipate!

    The one exception to this (sort of) is amazon referrals; generally it’s not necessary to note every time an amazon link contains associates information.

  9. Interesting. A greater question seems to be evident here: what is the nature of frugal spending, frugal living, frugal thinking? Are coupon and deal websites only propagating and perpetuating age long consumer habits, or are they trying to assist the consumer in saving money on necessities?

    Sometimes they are not necessities, by very strict definition. But as Frugal Francis says, 3 phones for that cheap? It’s hard not to see both sides of the coin here. I feel that Frugal Dad is valid here because what is being promoted does not seem to be a swindle, or a trick into getting the consumer into buying money. In fact, one with a frugal mindset might bookmark dillyeo.com, or other such sites, as a reference to check each day in the chance of coming across something he or she wants or needs but is willing to wait for good prices.
    Anyway, anybody else have more thoughts?

  10. I don’t have an argument with Frugal Dad endorsing this site, per se. My issue is with the site itself. Frugal Dad, have you ever actually ordered from this site? I’ve ordered once, and the product was not how they claimed. They stated that with an adapter, it would be compatible with the iPod touch, but this is NOT the case. Emails sent to them went unanswered and my comment on the site was promptly deleted. Granted, I only spent 8$ and some change, but on amazon this same product goes for 4$! Not much of a savings.

    I feel this site purposefully misleads you on the price and function of items. The link to Amazon has the product going for $25.82, but that isn’t the same product. That is one specifically built for the Nano, whereas the one they sell on Dillyeo is a multi-purpose one. That is being sold for $4.87!

  11. I think http://www.dillyeo.com is very useful and definitely for the frugal person. You don’t have to necessarily randomly spend money. I think Dillyeo’s purpose is to find the best deals on electronics and gadgets. If I need/want the product then it’s at a great price, if I don’t want it then I move on. But at least they offer some great deals and some products that I was intentionally looking for.

  12. I have made a few purchases from Dillyeo, and their prices and delivery timeframe are exceptional.
    I have had problems with two purchases, and when I wrote to Customer Service for help, I was completely and utterly blown off by them.
    The first request for help, on a DVD player that arrived with old food stuck to the surface, and didn’t play, elicited a “not our problem” response. Fortunately the MANUFACTURER of the unit replaced it, even though it actually was NOT their problem.

    The second request for help (made twice) was totally ignored.

    I can’t support a vendor that doesn’t care at all about the customer, after the sale is made, and I’m honestly sorry that things turned out this way.

    I just noticed that Dillyeo has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Looks like I’m not the ONLY victim…..

  13. Worst customer service ever!! The order is not delivered on time. I called the customer service to resolve the issue and they hang up on me 2 times. Very disappointing!!!