Do You Still Send Out Christmas Cards?

We have slacked off the last couple years and not sent out Christmas cards. This year, we’re trying to sit down and send them out proactively to friends and family, rather than only responding to ones we’ve received.

I got to thinking – do less people send out Christmas cards than used to?

The Frugal Roundup

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  1. I can never get a decent picture of my kids to send cards out with, so I usually wait til the last minute and pick the best of the pile of mediocre photos.

    Thanks for linking to my mortgage article. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Last year we sent e-cards to our friends and family through SmileBox. My husband created a little video and added it to the card. There was a fee to send a card without ads, but it was very small. We have yet put it together for this year. We are always very late with this and we’ll work on it next week.

    We do print some photos for family members that don’t have email.

  3. We hadrdly get any cards for Christmas and now only send out three cards and those go to people out of state. I used to mail a lot and never got any in return. I really don’t display them so it was just recycle.

  4. We still send out just as many cards each Christmas, but have gone to mostly sending photo cards rather than traditional-style greeting cards.

    Maybe it’s antiquated nostalgia, but I still love receiving Christmas cards!

  5. I send out Christmas letters instead. It gives an overview of how our last year was. I also include a family picture. I know I really like to recieve family pictures from friends, especially those that live far away. And the same is true of receiving a family update. Just getting a Christmas card with someone’s name signed on it doesn’t have that much value to me. But that’s just me.

  6. Yes – I think less people send snail mail cards…. some having replaced them with emails or online cards or a FB notice….. but I still send out the real cards. I think it is more personable – and I know I enjoy the look and feel of a real card and a note in it than I do an email. I like to hang them up on the cabinets and they become a part of my holiday decorations. And I save them for a year or so also – the notes from family are cherished – especially if that person is no longer with us.

    It’s nice to be thought of – and it’s nice to think of others. Especially I am eager to send to the older generation and those friends/family in nursing homes – I am sure mail brightens their day – to be remembered by someone is a heartwarming feeling.

    Tis the season of giving – and cards are a form of giving – of your time and your thoughts.

  7. My rule of thumb is this: if I will see someone during the month of December (up to Christmas) I hand deliver the card. If not, I mail it. I probably save $10-$20 in postage each Christmas by using this method.

    By the way, the Post Office can blame themselves for the lack of revenue they receive from me. I didn’t start doing this until postage started increasing at such a high rate in recent years. While i appreciate the service the Post Office provides, I will also choose to save money where I can.

  8. Each year we get fewer and fewer. I sent out a few this year and am using up the cards I have left over the next couple of years….and that’s it for me.

  9. We sent Thanksgiving cards with a picture of us on it to my grandma, the wife’s parents, and my mom. Since we just got married in July, I’d say we are off to a great start. 🙂 It’s nice to get Christmas cards so we will probably send some too. Sending a real card means you are going out of your way in a digital world, where the click of a mouse is much easier.

  10. I thought I’d ad a followup comment because I just watched that video about how working in an office is completely inefficient, and I totally agree. I actually came to the office this morning, and couldn’t get anything done, so I found a quiet corner, decided to focus a little by writing a small article, and then do some work. It worked. I wrote about a pretty similar topic, working for yourself. I have a feeling that watching this video was something I was supposed to do, because it added more confidence to the thoughts that I expressed this morning. Thank you for sharing it 🙂

  11. Absolutely! We love Christmas and it’s a tradition. Of course, I may be off the norm because I live in Santa Claus, Indiana. We have a Post Office that issues a special stamp and answers kids’ letters to Santa.

  12. I do send out holiday cards. It’s a project that I set aside a couple of hours to do, but I enjoy the opportunity to think about each one of my friends and not let the friendships slip away.

  13. Not wasting money on postage this year, instead we are giving what we would have spent to our church.

    • There’s no rule that says they have to be sent before Christmas 🙂 or whatever holiday you are celebrating. One year I sent them out in January – due to unforeseen time issues…. It was nice to be able to comment back on the notes I had received, and I received many favorable remarks that it was nice to have the time in January to really enjoy a late card and letter, when the recipient had the time also to enjoy the letter. 🙂

  14. I personally do not send out cards. I am too cheap or should I say value conscious! I have trouble spending so much money on a card/stamps that will ultimately be tossed! One of my friends sends a personal letter relating what he/family has been doing during the year. I like that because it is more personal.

  15. I send out cards every year, and the list stays more or less the same length as we add/remove people. I love receiving them, so it is very important to me to send real cards (I just wrote my own blog post about this actually). To me the value of sending a personal card to my friends and family to connect significantly outweighs my time and cost of card/postage. I have however, noticed that we are receiving fewer cards.

  16. Our processis surprisingly similar to Peter’s – my wife handles the list (Excel spreadsheet) of addresses and references last year’s checklist to determine if people we sent cards to didn’t reciprocate. Those folks usually get weeded off the list for the next go-round. But we typically have a handful of new people on the list, so the number remains fairly consistent.

    I’ll admit that it’s kinda disheartening when you send out 40-50 cards and only receive a coupla dozen at best. But ’tis the season for giving…

    Sending out Christmas cards is at the very least, a way to stay marginally connected with old friends and far-flung family whom you see very seldom.

  17. We send out about 30 – 35 cards per year, and have been consistent in that amount for the last 6 or 7 years. And as always, I’m glad to see that you have a home efficiency item on your list! -mike

  18. I still send out cards, I think email and facebbok seem impersonal and lazy, but it is less expensive that’s for sure.

  19. and sending a card is the best way to get those real photos of the kids, the grandkids, the event, etc… out to the relatives. I know my older relatives appreciate a real photo ready to be put into the frame much more than something online – when a lot of them don’t even go online 🙂

  20. We have historically sent out Christmas cards, but it looks like this won’t be the case this year. I think this seems to be the case moreseo these days. In days past, I recall some folks getting offended if they didn’t get a card from so-and-so. These days, I’m not sure they’re such a big deal. Now, I do like getting cards – it’s great to hear from a friend, and neat to see how the kids have grown. Maybe it’s just how our society has evolved over the years, that cards are more “optional”.

  21. I stopped sending Christmas cards about five years ago. The main reason then was all the time it took to write personalized messages. But now I’m gratified not to waste all that paper, which will simply be thrown into our landfills. It’s nice to save some trees for the citizens and better life of our planet.

  22. No one sends out cards anymore, because they don’t have to, everyone already knows what is going on in everyone’s lives via facebook and such. I feel like facebook really ruined that feeling I got when someone sent out a card and photo at Christmas. Now when I get a card I think, “Oh boy, I already saw these photos on facebook, I know every moment of this person’s last year, so why do I care”


    It doesn’t take tooooo much effort and its about a kind “gesture”, do ppl “these days” even know what a kind gestur is? sad… its all about your best thoughts are with whom ever you send card to!

    FACEBOOK is the big excuse! lmao, thats sad! Christmas & Facebook have nothing to do with one-other….be a LITTLE THOUGHTFUL and not so selfish. So go on, and be a little traditional, and show someone your best gesture this Christmas…qwerty