Don’t Hate on 8 (Infographic)

In the last two months, fierce debates surrounding Windows 8 have taken place all over the web. While I haven’t tried out the consumer preview, I did get the chance to see it in action and it left me intrigued. To put it simply: the new operating system seems like a bold move for Microsoft. Modeled after today’s wildly successful smartphones, Windows 8 could prove to be a real gambit in the PC world.

We’ve put together an infographic that breaks down the improvements and new features on 8. I’m hardly a computer wiz, but reading up on Windows 8’s apps and cloud software sure makes me wonder how Microsoft’s big release will fare against Apple. Check out the graphic below and let us know if you think Windows 8 can gain some ground against Apple’s OSX!

windows 8 infographic


  1. I tried the consumer preview of Windows 8. It has some nice features and apps that come with it such as the weather app. But my main gripe is that it seems tailored for touch screen devices such as tablets. Desktop users seem to have been ignored. The worst thing was the way you close an app. You have to click on the top edge of the app and drag it down. It is not easy to do with a laptop with only a touchpad. If this was on a tablet then dragging down from the top would be perfectly natural and easy but it awful on a laptop.

    • Look, if you’re using an old laptop without a touchcreen, then stick with 7. W8 is designed for new hardware to come out along with it.

      • …So millions of windows users won’t change to Windows 8 and Microsoft won’t make million$

    • I agree with you currently, flareback, but I think they’re operating under the assumption that you and I, the desktop users, will be phasing out soon enough.

      Unfortunately, the trends seem to support that theory.

      It’s not just windows either, Apple’s making all of their software *and* hardware more and more iPad-like everyday. OSX Lion has a lot of features, like Launchpad, that are very touchscreen-ish.

      • I’ve been in the “Behind the scenes” nuts and bolts, IT world my entire career. I get the feeling that Windows 8, the cleint – was built for “Consumers” not tecnicians. That means it has no relevence for me.

        On the off chance that a tech has to configure a router, intiate and trouble shoot a cluster … is there a “App” for that?

  2. Great infographic!

    I’m excited to see what Release Preview brings in the way of updated Metro apps and further GUI optimizations.

    Sidenote: You should optimize your Open Graph tags – as currently the description outputted in Facebook when you share this graphic is what looks like the meta keywords for your entire website. Not click-worthy!

  3. The “Don’t Hate On 8” is a funny tagline that shows just how far the Windows brand has fallen. (Was it ever even strong?)

  4. the windows 8 USB sounds amazing to me, ,
    this will help me replace my laptop which i really find a burden to carry along…
    i hope it is secure too…

  5. Nice infographic. Computers are having hard times now with all those tablets and smartphones – and it will be even harder!

    Personally I’m so used to old windows style, that I can’t imagine myself using Metro Interface. But hey, we’ll see!

  6. Beautifully presented infograph. Just hope that windows lives upto its reputation and makes windows 8 a remarkable OS.

  7. Windows 8 look is very bold beautiful and fluid.
    im so happy for codename:Windows 8 and i think Windows 95 was a big deal for users and developers alike.
    Overall, this release feels smoother, faster, snappier, and more stable.
    with this your luck can be perfect.
    now with touch you can have all your requirements plus even more.
    i think everyone can be happy for now. good luck.

  8. Mobile devices are not winning because of a better UI shell, they are outselling PCs because they are small and portable and there’s demand for smart phones. Forcing iphone interface on a 24″ widescreen is not the way to “save” the desktop PC since the UI won’t matter much anyway as it’s not the selling point.

    But hey, maybe I’m just annoyed to see the PC and all I’ve used to working with dumbed down to a smartphone 🙂

  9. Windows 8 is a Tablet only OS. Microsoft has made all Laptop and Desktop users persona-non-grata on their own machines. It may be a fine Tablet OS, but we could do without the laptop/desktop hatred from Microsoft. It would have been SO EASY for them to have supported everyone.

  10. “The last four years the PC market has had seriously sluggish growth, getting easily outpaced by sleeker gadgets like Apple’s dominant smartphone and tablet.”

    Ha. Yes, and also by Apple’s Macbook line of laptops.

    “Many critics feel that Windows 8 could be the desktop’s last stance.” [sic]

    Who are these critics?

    “However, the true litmus test will be how well the OS does across mobile platforms like tablets and netbooks.”

    Won’t the true test be how well it does against Apple’s increasingly popular laptops and desktops running their desktop operating system?

    Windows 8 is probably going to be the best version of Windows ever, but it’s odd to so willfully ignore the most direct competition. It’s almost like you’re claiming the PC isn’t dead yet, but then you turn around and act as if the PC has been lost already and the only hope Windows has is on tablets — a market where Microsoft is already doing far worse than Apple!

  11. I’m loving the consumer preview of 8. Currently I am using it on a netbook that serves as a home audio music server using iTunes I can control the PC from my phone. 1000 songs in my pocket, and not a hiccup with the operating systems

  12. Linux has been booting from USB devices since before Windows even got standard USB drivers in its kernel (that’s 10+ years). I can’t see how this is any kind of innovation… if anything it’s embarrassing to arrive to a party that late.

    I advice you to stick to non-commercial topics… otherwise the more political infographics are going to be less trust-worthy.