Fab Five – Day Before Thanksgiving Edition

I hope everyone is ready to settle in for a wonderful day of thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, it is a shame we wait until the fourth Thursday in November to celebrate it.  This year, I am most thankful for my health; after watching my mom fight for her life at 53 years young.  She remains hospitalized (today is Day 75), but is making progress. We hope to have her home, or on to the next phase in her recovery by Christmas.

I’m also thankful for all of you. I’ve so enjoyed interacting with readers over the last year, and am grateful for you taking the time to read a few of my thoughts each day. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much, and don’t go broke shopping for deals on Black Friday!  I’ve got a couple interesting posts lined up, so in between naps and football, sneak in a visit to Frugal Dad if you can.

The Fab Eight

(Yes, three extras…who doesn’t go overboard on Thanksgiving?)

100 Money Saving Tips for Holiday Gift Giving Bonanza.  The title says it all–100 ways to save money during the holiday season. Great collection of tips!

Tips for Working from Home.  If you work from home, or desire to, you need to read these tips.  I hope to one day work for myself, whether or not I’ll do it from home remains to be seen.

Clutter is Money.  The point where my finances began to really turn around was the moment when I realized that I got more satisfaction from having less things than acquiring more.

34 Reminders to Help You Find Your Way.  Great collection of life tips to help keep things in perspective. My personal favorite: “Don’t spend your whole life waiting for the `right time’.”

Money is 100% Emotional.  We often forget that money is simply an exchange medium. It doesn’t own or control us.  We are not defined by it, or at least we shouldn’t be.  Often the best way to get control over your finances is to remove the emotions you’ve been associating with money (fear, guilt, shame, etc.).

Traveling During the Holidays? 10 Tips for Making It Easier With Kids.  These are great tips to take along if you are doing some last-minute traveling for Thanksgiving Day.

Adjust You Tax Witholdings for More Take-Home Pay.  A nice reminder as we head into the end of the tax year. One of the fastest ways to increase your take-home pay is to lower the amount of taxes being withheld. If you got a huge refund this year, adjust your witholdings to avoid it this year. Better to owe a small amount at the end of the year than give the government an interest-free loan all year.


  1. Sorry to hear your Mom is having health challenges and hope by the time you read this she is well on her way to getting to go home.

    I just dropped in because of your comment at DerekSemmler.com. Thanks for the links. Even though your niche doesn’t overlap mine much as I primarily blog about Internet Marketing – a couple of them will come in really handy today for another project I’m working on.

    Best to you and yours and prayers especially for your Mom.