Fab Five: Superbowl Sunday Edition

Today is a bitter-sweet day for me.  I love football, and today is the height of the professional football season.  Unfortunately, it is also the end of the season.  Now we must suffer through months of basketball and baseball before the guys return to the gridiron.  I’m always a little sad on the Monday after the Superbowl.

As for the game itself, I am conflicted.  I have always been a Kurt Warner fan, regardless of where he was playing.  Because I am an Auburn fan, I also like to pull for those guys that go on to the NFL.  Arizona has two Auburn alums on their starting defense in Karlos Dansby and Roderick Hood, so naturally I tend to pull for them.  Of course, the Steelers also have an Auburn man on their starting front in Kendall Simmons, but Arizona wins 2-1 in this category.

The conflict is that I am a Steelers fan.  I’m a “throw-back” kind of guy, so I tend to associate with those teams that still run a throw-back style.  No flashy uniforms; no indoor domes to protect them from the elements; no over-hyped “system” style of play.  I like smash-mouth football–in the mud and the cold, the way football was meant to be played.

In this case I’ll be happy with either team winning, and I look forward to a good game.  On paper, the Steelers have the edge, but who knows how things will shake out on the field.  I don’t normally make predictions, but I guess if I were forced into one I’d say:

Arizona: 17
Pittsburgh: 31

What’s your prediction?

The Fab Five

PT Money shares 52 Ways to Make Extra Money.  I think my other blog, Side Hustle Blogging, even snuck in there somewhere.

Mom Advice puts a unique spin on a no-spin challenge–how about a no spend month! I’ve survived weekends, and even a week, but a month?!  At least it is a short month.

Speaking of tracking spending in February, Mrs. Micah has declared it a “where’s my money going month.” A great idea, and an effort I will also take up to better manage where my money is going.  The year got off to a rocky start.

Zen Habits gives us 10 reasons eating raw is healthier.  This really hit home for me as I’ve lost focus on my goals of eating healthier in 2009.  I’ve decided to recommit, starting today, and will make eating more raw fruits and vegetables a top priority.

On the subject of eating healthier, Jeremy from Generation X Finance tells how to prepare a salad to last all week.  Great stuff!  I usually have to toss the bagged salad after only a few days because it turns brown and gets slimy.  I plan to test out this method this week to prepare salads for lunch.

Quick HIts

Lynnae is giving away an iPod Touch for Valentine’s Day! Now that, my friends, is a cool giveaway!  Be sure to check out the link for entry details and deadlines.

My buddy WC from The Writer’s Coin has started a new blog carnival called Comics and Cents.  I don’t know about you, but I could use some comic relief when it comes to finances these days.  Check it out and submit something funny to the next edition.


  1. I love throwback football. The reason I like college over pro is that you occasionally get a team who runs the Wishbone or Power I formations.

    I live in ACC territory, so basketball season is a big deal around here and builds up as we close in on March Madness. Duke vs. UNC-Chapel Hill is always a big deal so its hard not to get caught up in the enthusiasm.

  2. I’m going to have to go with Pittsburgh simply because I went to school in PA. And I care nothing for the Cardinals, they’re not even on my mental radar. I’d forgotten about them, actually. *blush*

    Thanks for mentioning “Where’s My Money Going?” Month. I think it’s cool that Mom Advice is doing a no-spend month. Tracking our spending should have a big impact on what we spend.

  3. Forget football, Survivor starts 12 Feb. I am sort of a pariah with some family members that live and breath football, esp since one member works for the Green Bay Packers organization. Hard to hold up my end of conversation during the season.

  4. Go CARDINALS! Even though they are one of the original NFL teams, this is their first time at Superbowl! They are definitely the underdogs as this is the first season they have even made it into the playoffs!

    I dont care for Basketball or Baseball. Both sports are boring in my opinion!

  5. Thanks for mentioning the Carnival! Hope people submit their funniest material because I know there are some funny people out there.

    Steelers 17, Cardinals 14

  6. I have to pick Steelers… mostly because I just do NOT like Kurt Warner. Why you ask?? Well because when he was with St. Louis they beat our TENNESSEE TITANS by one yard in the Superbowl (some of you may remember that?) ouch… Well the Titans fans that we are, that one yard was devastating!! Have fun, enjoy the commercials and have some great food! That’s what we’re doing!!

  7. @FrugalDad, well I’m sure you were not disappointed in that Superbowl game. It was a nail-biter right up until the end. If it weren’t for (take your pick), Kurt losing the football at the end, or the Cardinals not playing a tougher defense or all the damn penalties, the Cardinals would have won. Not that I was really pulling for one or the other, I was just really glad it was a very tough, close game. And some of the commercials were pretty good too.

  8. Thanks so much for highlighting our no spend challenge. I admit, I feel like a month is impossible, but I am going to give it a good effort and see how we do. I have done weekends and a week here and there, but this will push us to the limits.

    Thanks again 🙂