1. I got a high deductible insurance plan through United Healthcare. We also started a HSA account to catch all of the smaller medical related expenses.

    Also while this is not health insurance, there is also Health savings clubs which operate a bit like Costco or Sam’s Club. The one that I researched was Alliance for Affordable Services. They leverage the strength of numbers to help you save money. They provide a variety of personal and health care benefits to members at a savings.

  2. Actually no. I disagree with your statement “adequate coverage is available for decent prices”. In my state there is ONE company that offers individual coverage. I also looked at trade organizations in a neighboring state and found the prices even higher. We have bit the bullet and are buying very expensive coverage but I would never call it “decent prices”. Am eagerly awaiting 2014….

    • “Am eagerly awaiting 2014….”

      You have to be joking. Anyone who thinks the Government will have the answer is KIDDING themselves. When has the Government EVER run a program that was SOLVENT let alone BETTER?

      If the Government really cared about peoples health they would outlaw cigarettes instead of profiting over $1 a pack from them. THAT is how much the Government cares about YOUR health!!

      • except the government will not be running it – they are regulating it and enabling private insurance industry to make more money off us.

        I’m waiting for the day single payer becomes a reality, which may never happen given how right both the Dems and Republicans lean.

  3. Good point Stacey.

    For my family’s situation using a high deductible plan worked out to be the best. But I agree with you that you should check out all your options before making a decision. 🙂

  4. Depending on your age and the level of benefits that you’re looking for, it isn’t always best to get a high-deductable health plan. It probably doesn’t happen often – but I was shocked to see that a similar plan to my own, with a higher HSA-eligible deducatable, was more expensive than my current low-deductable plan. Same carrier (Aetna), same network of doctors… just check out ALL your options before you purchase a plan. 🙂

  5. “adequate coverage is available for decent prices”

    You must be joking. Or maybe I need to move to your state. My husband is self employed so we purchase our own benefits. We have worked with an agent to find medical insurance for a better price but have been completely unsuccessful. Now that our mortgage is paid off, this is our largest espense. It is even larger than our property tax bill (and we live in the state with the highest property taxes in the nation).

  6. We had a bad experience with our HSA. All our funds have been frozen since November due to the company that processed the transactions filing bankruptcy. I am beginning to think we will never see any of our money from that account again. The account was FDIC insured but they won’t cover it because the actual bank where the money was held did not go under.
    I just want to warn people that this could happen to their account.

  7. Good article – – now I need to do a little more research. 🙂 It really is hard to find the best option and I hope that following these suggestions can help us find something affordable. Thanks for the info!

  8. How do you set up an HSA? Do you have any more information on these? I’d be really interested in learning more about these.

  9. We just had our premiums raised AGAIN in a 12 month period (due to the rising costs of health care they say) ugh…and we never even use our policy (knock on wood)…so i am off to try to find a new company, one that will appreciate that we don’t go to the ER for band-aids every other week. It’s bad enough that we have a high deductible $10,000 policy, we never use it and yet we continue to be beaten up every year. I am plain sick of this whole darn insurance game!

  10. I’m self-employed and my husband’s employer doesn’t offer health insurance. There’s really only one option for private health insurance in our state and – despite our never coming close to meeting our deductible – they’ve raised our premiums by 42% in the past two years. The amount of prescription drug coverage in the plan is so low ($500 a year after meeting the deductible that we never meet), that I’ve resorted to buying meds from an offshore pharmacy where my out-of-pocket cost is only a third of what it would be otherwise.

    If preventive health care services such as routine annual physicals are fully covered under your plan (with a waived deductible and perhaps a small co-payment), you need to make sure that your doctor’s office bills the annual checkup accordingly. My doctor’s office accidentally erred on billing an annual physical and it took more than a year to get it fixed!

  11. I’m under an employer health insurance right now but before I was employed I just did without insurance. I’m in the same boat. Unless something changes they’ll use that uninsured time as a chance to say it’s a pre-existing condition. Yes, it can be a valid excuse on their part (though not necessarily in many of the cases they try it), but I wish they could only use it for a certain period of time, say a year from signing up, and have to pay all claims after that point.

  12. It’s hard to know where we can place the blame for the out-of-control healthcare costs, but if there was some type of ‘public option’ for people who can’t afford private, then maybe the hospitals would finally be reimbursed (even a little is better than nothing) for treating those who routinely use trips to the ER as a safety net.

  13. The health insurance in USA is ridiculous. Unless we take action to get it under control, big businesses will ruin it. I am actually fortunate to get double coverage through my employer. Aetna and Blue Cross

    (Don’t ask me why but it is another example of why this country is crazy.)

    My situation is a little different because I will be moving out of the country next year so I have to do some research into that. Any tips will be great. I will be keeping my U.S. citizenship so I do have the option of American insurance but will it be worthwhile if I move to another country? Who knows? Any tips would be great.