Free Film Developing at Walgreens, April 9th

35mm filmAttention shutterbugs! On April 9th Walgreens is offering free photo development for 35mm, APS-film and disposable or one-use cameras. If you are like us, you probably have a few of these things stashed away around the house from spring break vacations, Easter Egg hunts, or maybe even last summer.


Bring in any roll of 35mm or APS film or one-time use camera and we’ll process one set of 4×6 prints on high-quality photo paper with negatives—free.

Here’s a link to the printable coupon section at I’m sure the photo developing areas will be crowded on Wednesday, but if you can stand a little wait the price is definitely right.


  1. This reminded me that we had a roll from a snorkeling trip we did over 4 years ago that I never got around to developing. I just dropped it off with the free coupon.

    Thanks for the tip!