Frugal Dad is Back Online!

Whew!  Had a scary moment late last night when I did something to completely fry my hosting account. was down for about 14 hours, and it was a nervous time for me. 

Now would be a good time to talk about creating regular backups!  Unfortunately, I didn’t create a backup since this last week.  Thankfully, all recent work was not lost because of the fine work of my host, HostGator (affiliate), who created an automatic [tag]backup[/tag] this past Sunday and was able to fully restore my blog to that point.  I appreciate their efforts today in getting me back online.

Tonight I’ll be adding back a couple articles posted earlier this week, and will resume my normal posting schedule tomorrow.  I’m sorry for any lost comments, links, etc., and I appreciate everyone contacting me via email. It’s nice to know there are people out there looking forward to your work each day!

– Frugal Dad


  1. I’m looking forward to you getting back on track. I’ve got my comment saved and ready to post to help you on your way… Now if I could just get back into a regular backup routine. My new iMac’s internal drive is too large to backup onto the external drive I’ve used in the past.

  2. Hey, I missed seeing your blog today. Glad you’re back up and running.

    I’ve had problems with my wireless router for the past two days. I reinstalled it AND my modem, bought new cables, and was intensely frustrated. Then I realized the router’s power button had been pressed against the base of my monitor. . . .

    True story.

    Glad you’re back!