Frugal Dad Redesign Launching Soon!

I started blogging nearly four years ago now here at In that time, I’ve tinkered with the website’s design on a couple occasions, and I’ve had the logo redrawn at least twice. I think we’re due for a face-lift.

In an effort to give you, the reader, an optimal reading experience, we’ve decided to redesign What you’ll see in the next couple days is a cleaner, more easily-navigable site filled with opportunities to save money while following along on my journey to financial freedom.

Since several thousand of you read these posts via feed reader or email, I’d encourage you to click over to the site later this week and check out our new look.

Thanks for your continued support – without input and motivation from readers I would have given up long ago.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the great blogs! However, I feel like as Tim says, it got too bright. I really liked the familiar green borders from the previous design.