Frugal Dad Scholarships

As many of you know, my educational path was far from traditional and I, like so many others, left college with a significant amount of debt. I was able to minimize that debt and eventually finished my degree online, but it has become a passion of mine to insure that my kids are able to attend college without worrying about debt. I have written about my philosophy regarding college, the student loan meltdown and ways to attend college debt-free. I am passionate about higher education opportunities.

Along those lines, I’m instituting scholarships through Frugal Dad that should provide a meaningful amount of support for students to insure that they can take full advantage of their college experience.

The first scholarship is the Frugal Dad Undergraduate Scholarship which will be awarded to two students annually. They will each be awarded $5,000 towards tuition at the accredited undergraduate institution they are currently enrolled in. This scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement and the quality of the application.

Email me with any questions regarding the scholarship and they will be addressed promptly. Please feel free to share my scholarships with your friends, family, social networks and any academic institution that you are affiliated with. I’d like to reach as many students as possible with this opportunity.

I look forward to announcing the first recipient of the Frugal Dad Undergraduate Scholarship on June 1, 2012 and the second before the year is out.

Frugal Dad 2012 Scholarships

Frugal Dad Undergraduate Scholarship