Frugal Dad Tote Bag Winners Announced!

Thanks to all those who entered the Frugal Dad Tote Bag giveaway!  We ended up with over 200 entries, and many of you made a compelling case for why you wanted one of those bags.  I wish I could send one to all 200 of you! selected the following winners:

  • Konny
  • Brian Lang
  • Anna 

I’ll be contacting each winner today and giving them a couple days to respond.  If for some reason they do not respond, I’ll select another winner(s) and contact them.  For those who did not win, don’t despair.  I’m planning another contest in a couple weeks to give away even more bags, with a new set of rules (don’t worry–it will be fun, and not too much work for you).

If you would like to order the tote bag directly, you may click on the link in my sidebar (look for the bag) and order directly from  I’ve removed all profit margin from my Cafe Store and have decided to offer the bags at the base price of $12.99.  I figure it’s better to have more bags out there than me making a dollar or two off each sale.  Thanks again to everyone for continuing to support Frugal Dad!


  1. Thank you Thank you and the bottle babies thank you too now they don’t have to drink from a dirty nipple because the bag ripped and all the bottles fell on the ground. You are making my life easier so now I will pass something on to someone and make someones else’s life easier. It’s a chain reaction that everyone should get started. Little things mean alot Thanks

  2. Woohoo!
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    I’ve been picking up tote bags from various grocery stores to reduce my use of plastics and this will help out.