Giants Kneel to A Tweet: When Social Consumers Go Viral (Infographic)

Most everyone knows how impressive modern technology is, with so many groundbreaking gadgets and gizmos on the market and probes being sent to outer space. However, I think it’s easy to gloss over one of the most impressive outcomes of the internet age—social networking sites. When Facebook started, it was a small site reserved for Harvard students, and when Twitter started, I know a lot of people wrote it off as the poor man’s Facebook…You don’t need me to tell you how popular these sites are today.

Apart from their general entertainment value, and obvious benefits like keeping in touch with friends, and staying up to date on news, sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a united voice to the American consumer. When so many individuals express their opinions via these sites, they gain power as a collective. This infographic shows that companies will stand to attention if enough people post regarding one of their policies or practices.

If enough people post about a given company—an unpopular policy for instance—this infographic shows that a company is likely to stand at attention. From personal outrages, like those over the misleading Diet-Coke-like packaging of a Coca Cola to humanitarian concern, like that for the unfair working conditions of Armani and Versace’s Turkish denim workers, digital posting has made a difference. At the end of the day, I think it’s fantastic that consumers have the power sway the practices and alter the course of major corporations just by posting on their social networking pages. This infographic reports on some of the most incredible social consumer victories to date.

Social Consumer


  1. Hi Jason,

    What I’m inspired most by your infographic is the power we have as a community to create change in this world. The Versace and Armani situation is a great example of this. The savings from Bank of America fees is another one. When we, as consumers, unite we can demand better products, higher quality ingredients, and better prices.

    I recently listened to a marketing training that encouraged all of us in social media to stop marketing and start a movement. I feel like I’m becoming an evangelist to the concept. I’m pinning your infographic to share with others! 🙂


  2. Great compilation of the “best of” people using social media to influence corporations! It’s definitely an exciting time to be involved in social media. Thanks!

  3. Since I am something of a retro-grouch, I’ve been reluctant to join in the whole social media thing.

    This post has me reconsidering. As our world becomes more complex, it sometimes feels like we have no voice. This infographic suggests otherwise.

    Maybe I’ll check it out. Hope I can get over the learning curve.

  4. Oh great, InfoGraphic Dad is back.

    Yeah, Diet Coke doesn’t come in white cans, so the people who complained must have been pretty stupid. I thought it was an attractive promo and Coke was giving millions to charity. Good job shutting it down, Diet Cokeheads!

  5. Nice! Truly shows how much influence Twitter can have in the social media arena. Also shows how important it can be in branding a business, product or service.

  6. Absolutely brilliant infographic. Will definitely be sharing this one. Cannot believe that Godaddy initially supported SOPA! That is ludicrous!!

  7. Good thought. I went with iPage and I’ve saved a bundle compared to GoDaddy. I can’t say that iPage is more ethical (no idea) but they’re a lot less expensive.

  8. The powers of social media are mind boggling and awe inspiring. I can’t even imagine what things will be like 50 years from now. Wasn’t the INTERNET just invested, what? 30 some odd years ago??

  9. The internet has changed everything. You could complain before to a support line but as far as you were aware you were the only one complaining, The company would treat you like a unique issue. Social media allows people to see that they are not the only ones outraged by companies actions and that means companies have to listen. Also I have recently heard talk of a class action social media network, maybe it could be expanded to encourage this sort of thing too.

  10. I wonder if there’s been a downfall to the rise of social media, has it caused undue consequences? Has there been instances of bad events that wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t an instant connectivity of people?

  11. Can we start something viral against airline companies charging outrageous fees to check-in luggage? I remember a time when it was free to check 2 bags.