Girl Turns to Prostitution to Pay Off Student Loan Debt

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We have all read stories of shocking things people have done to get out of debt.  However, a recent US Weekly story takes things to a new level.  According to the story (via Fox News), the 22 year-old Sacramento State graduate has agreed to give up her virginity in exchange for repayment of her student loan debt.  Some Nevada house of ill-repute has agreed to host the “event.”  Disgusting.

Where to Begin

There are several sides to this story that I find particularly troublesome.  I won’t get into the morality or immorality of prostitution, but I will say that this is a perfect example of the biblical reference, “The borrower is slave to the lender.”  This girl must be feeling completely hopeless to agree to sell her body to release her from the bondage of student loan debt.  There are certainly many other reputable alternatives to debt repayment.

  • Charity for DebtMany programs are cropping up that allow graduates to volunteer their time to a cause sponsored by someone willing to repay a portion of their student loan debt.  This is a fascinating concept, and one that I hope catches on.  If I had enough money sitting around to pay off this young lady’s student loan debt, I would offer it to her through the Charity for Debt program.  She could volunteer her time to a worthy cause, avoid turning to the world’s oldest profession, and I would receive a tax deduction.  Everybody wins.
  • Get a job.  I know, how old-fashioned.  After only two years of college I recognized student loans were not the way to go.  I got a job and decided to work my way through the remainder of school, and through the student loans I had already accumulated.  Try to find a company that offers tuition reimbursement if you are still pursuing a degree.  If you are already finished with school, but still paying for it, hold your lifestyle in check those first few years and throw everything you can at repaying those loans.
  • Seek help from a family member.  Often times, extended family members may be willing to help shoulder the costs of college.  Services like Freshman Fund allows family and friends to contribute to a student’s college savings plan by offering a single point of contact online where family can make donations.  Behind the scenes these donations can be spread around 529 college savings plans as designated by the student or parent.  If already out of school, it is still not too late to accept help from family.

This article underscores the importance of living a debt free life.  When you are deep in debt your options may be so limited that you turn to things you wouldn’t normally in effort to escape the debt trap.  I hope this serves as a cautionary tale for students entering college, and that they will seek alternatives to student loans.


  1. I work in Sacramento, and have even attended Sac State, where this young woman attended, for a period of time. It’s not an ivy league school, so I can’t imagine her debt buy down being so monumental that she couldn’t pay it off within 10 years at minimum payments. I have to agree with ChristianPF, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. If she feels her only option is this, rather than using her degree to get a job (gee, who’d of thought), then there must be something in her psychological make-up that is pushing her to this option. Personally, what I find reprehensible is not her choice to do it, but the people who are enabling her to do this. They’re clearly taking advantage of a person in a seemingly desperate situation. Shame on them, not on her.

  2. reading this just makes me think there must have been something else going on. I mean, student loan debt is about the least intimadating debt out there, the rates are low, you can get about a 100 year term (slight exaggeration) and you can defer it for about any reason. Why would someone with college degree do that to get rid of the debt? It just doesn’t seem to add up…

    • reason why these people have to pay the debt off could be various reasons,
      1. the bank suddenly wants the entire debit to be paid right when the student is out of college due to some contract on the debt if the debt was a private one.
      2. if you miss out on paying the monthly payments of the debt then the bank will forclose your home or take whatever you had that is worth of value before you become bankrupt.
      3. by doing some basic calculating of months and years could need to pay off before you die, the debt could be too much for you to control since you want to buy a house or pay for your rent and entertainment etc etc.

  3. A college degree is no guarantee of income or of a better job. If it’s from an ultra-expensive private school the tab is going to be huge. If it’s not the kind of degree that can be easily converted into a job that pays more than minimum wage, it might not be so easy to get out of debt now. A liberal arts degree is just as expensive as an engineering degree but nowhere near as marketable.

    That being said, I suspect the original story is either a hoax or a thinly disguised plea for donations. I wonder how many people would dig into their pockets in order to help this young lady retain her “virtue”. I also wonder how much student loan debt she actually has, and whether she stands to make a huge profit from this.

    Her family must be horrified, assuming of course that they didn’t put her up to it.

  4. Excuse me but is 1 million the going rate? Truly desperate women give up their virginity for much less every day. Sounds like she’s just trying to use this story to up the price and cash in.

  5. I heard about this over the weekend as well and it turns out her sister is “working” at the Bunny Ranch already to pay off her college loans so this woman had, I think, something besides a financial need to influence her decision to do this. I did not get a sense she was desperate to do this but rather thought she had a commodity to sell and was willing to do it for a price. The story ended with a note that she hoped the auction would bring her $1M.

    Really, just plain sad if you ask me.

  6. It’s an easy way to make money. Just like the incident with the call girl and the Mayor of New York. She cashed in on some interview money. Did she have to get paid for interviews? No, but it sure is easy to make some money that way.

    What I don’t understand about student loans is why people make such a big deal out of them. Don’t borrow more than you have to. They can be amortized for up to 20 years now (maybe longer, I don’t know) with graduated payment plans and usually less than 3.5% to 4% interest. Also, unlike high school a person does not have to go to college in order to work. What’s that? Oh you need a degree to get ahead? Here’s an idea, pick a major that will make you money. I could have taken a liberal arts degree but opted for computer science instead. I knew making money with art would be an easy way to starve so I decided on something a little more profitable. Now my student loan payments are about 1.7% of my gross monthly income. Certainly not a burden. I’m sure that philosophy student loved his major but wonders why he’s serving me lukewarm french fries on a plastic tray.

    I can’t tell you how many people I met in college who went with no plan whatsoever. That is not the way to do it. Make a plan and stick to it. Then you won’t have to sell your soul to make ends meet.

  7. She isn’t desprate yet, just wants her 15min of fame… but there are others who might be that hard up for cash. thank goodness my parents helped me,I have a friend working 5 jobs to keep ahead of payments.

  8. Just remember that in Nevada this is perfectly legal and above board. No matter what my private opinion is.

    If that’s the price she puts on her virtue, I guess that’s her decision. However, I wouldn’t be surprised when it came back and bit her later – how do you explain that to a prospective husband? Or will it not matter to him at all? And how do you explain it to kids later on? When the fame wears off, what will she think of herself then? And what does she do next time she’s in debt when virginity is no longer available to sell.

    This way it’s a quick payoff, with long lasting mental affects. A ‘job’ would be a long term payoff, without the mental affects….. but that’s just my opinion. And I’m probably too old to even be having this conversation 🙂

    Guess it’s legal and it’s her choice.

  9. When I first read the article, I recalled a girl I met in a bordello in Bogota, who, while trying to entice customers to get with her, had her tuition which said something like 2 million pesos owed with a couple of days. I took her upstairs to do my part.

    All of the girls are in it for something. Education is a big one, also many want to build a house for their mom/family. Getting a car, of course, ranks way up there. The most common however, is that most are single mothers (whose husband left them, did in a drug mafia turf war shootout, or whatever) and need to money for basic living expenses.

    Sadly, most of them largely squander and spent all on clothes, personal care, plastic surgery, orthodontics, and so on

  10. How sick! How about not going to school in the first place! I’m so sick of hearing how everyone must go to college – it’s a joke! With most jobs you get out of college it would take 20 years to pay off that debt.
    I think this girl’s problem is .. she didn’t have any patience – so typical of this generation. (wow, I sound old and bitter!)

    Now what should the poor male student do to pay off his debt?

  11. Not knowing how much her debt was is really my issue.

    However, I can tell you more about student loan debt.

    I was raised in a household where I was told I could do anything – but that my parents had no money to pay for my college tuition.

    So I did like any other non-financial enlightened person did. I borrowed instead of researching first. A lot. And so did my husband. And we both have very marketable degrees that were supposed to make us lots of money when we graduated.

    What actually happened? I am working in a job that hovers at $30K per year, and student loan debt is over 50% of our monthly earnings.

    And let me tell you – the reason I see here are a joke.

    Student loans are easily deferable? NOPE. I had CANCER for goodness sakes, and Sallie Mae still kept calling me daily and telling me I owed $700/month on my loans. They wouldn’t budge in the slightest due to the fact that I was unable to work for four months. (And had no emergency fund of course).

    My CREDIT CARD companies were more understanding than them. And at the time, they had the largest balance! (We’ve paid off almost 60% now – and the student loans not so much)

    No Patience to pay off those student loans? Hardly. My Husband and I will be paying on our student loans longer than we would have had we gotten a mortgage in high school instead.

    You can get a job without a college degree? Yeah, if you want to work at McDonalds. Otherwise, everyone is hiring immigrants so they can be paid the least amount of money possible.

    Least Intimidating Debt? How about you try having student loan companies calling daily wanting so much of your money you have to borrow for food?

    We’ve learned our lesson. Our budget is barebones. We eat from Aldi. We have the most energy saving appliances we can. We picked an apt. in a “bad” area to save money on rent. We both ride motorcycles for the 60MPH. My budget has four lines – remaining credit card debt, rent/utilities, food and gas.

    And since I started reading Frugal Dad, I’m going to try and squeeze a fifth one in there – emergency fund.

    I say more power to that woman for trying to get out of the heck that is having these debts. If she can sell the idea and is okay with it (not being forced by her family or something), I say kudos to her for finding a very umm…unique way of getting out of it.

    It might offend my own morals but that doesn’t mean I don’t bow to her for finding a better way out so she can get on with her life.

    And just to add, I’m in “this generation” that everyone says is “too impatient” and all that. Let me know if you want to slog your whole life away paying at a non-asset secured debt. At least if I had a house I would have something to show for my payments. Patience is a luxury that when you have student loans, you cannot afford to have.

  12. FrugalBachelor, yuck. This is not the appropriate outlet for that kind of comment.

    Everything has to happen instantaneously for this generation. She isn’t willing to put in the time and hard work to get out of debt. I put the blame squarely on the parents.

    20 years ago I had $10,000 in student loans that I paid off in 10 years. I was so proud! I do wish I had know about sending in extra payments and paying it off sooner.

    Best Wishes,

  13. @Francine

    I speak from my own experience as well as having grown up around people in the under 30 age group. You cannot blame the parents for everything — especially when it comes to rebellious actions like what this girl is doing. There is only so much that one can do when kids (and even adults) have so much information (and mis-information) packed into their heads every day. It’s just a cop-out for kids to blame their parents. Especially when they become adults themselves. It is their own fault if they make bad decisions. They are the ones that have to deal with the consequences. I would doubt that the parents actually condone the girl’s decision, but so much like Paris Hilton and the like they just do what they want when they want to. You cannot parent an adult. If they want to do inane things like this, leave them to learn on their own. I would guess that there are things that you had to learn on your own, no matter how many times your parents may have tried to teach you. I know I did.

  14. Desperate times require desperate measures. I don’t want to judge that girl (he who has not sinned cast the first stone) as she has probably been to hell and back. Poor thing. But it is very sad that she sees this as the only solution to her debt problem.

    You have outlined some perfectly good solutions to her debt. Sure they will take a lot longer than one night but at least she will have dignity.

    You are right – this sad story highlights the need to strive for a debt free life.

  15. All I can say is more power to her. If I had the body, heck I would be working at a strip club “selling sex” to make a ton of cash. it is just sex–really what is the big deal. The men that responded on this blog–how many women have you had sex with? Did you marry all of them? It is the same thing–this woman is just smart enough to get paid for what men have always done.

  16. Being a woman with a large student loan debt and no family to help pay for it I can’t lie and say that the thought of selling my body in order to pay off these debts hasn’t entered my mind.

    Growing up in a small town where people tend to stagnate in the cycle of dropping out of school, doing drugs, and starting families that they can not afford I wanted something more. Despite not being able to afford college, and not having a family who could help I still went and I graduated.

    After graduating I struggled to make payments and eventually after missing payment after payment it grew to be too much. I ran from my debt because I didn’t know what to do and was unwilling to strip or sell my body to pay for school. I guess I was plagued with a thing called morals. So I just ran, I went as far as leaving the country to hide from debt that I could not pay off. I thought that if one day I just didn’t wake up I would be free of the debt that haunts me. At least I would have died with a college education, right?

    Now three years later I am at a point where I am able to make regular monthly payments. Nothing large, but at least regular. I made contact with the debt collectors that I had run from for so long and was able to consolidate most of my debt. However I recieved a call last night from the company who did the consolidation who told me that I still have a $24k outstanding tuition bill that cannot be consolidated and the University was asking for payment to be made in full. If that were even an option I wouldn’t be in the position I am now.

    Next to prostituting or writing to Oprah and hoping for the best there is no way for me to come up with that amount of money. I offered to work out a payment plan but was told because of such inconsistencies in the past 3 years, or overall lack of payment that it is no longer an option.

    At this point I am not sure what I am going to do. It I were able to sell what God gave me in order to pay off this debt I would. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I admire this young lady who decided to prostitute in order to find a way to pay off her debts, perhaps jealous. Or maybe just frustrated with myself. Because if I were able to morally do the same I would.

  17. Turning to the sex industry to help alleviate student loan debt is becoming a new trend, I know first hand. I have two masters degrees and can not find a job anywhere. I look daily and have sent out hundreds of resumes over the past few months. Out of complete and utter desperation I’ve had to take a job being a stripper just to be able to cover the monthly payments of my student loans. What options do I have really? My lender denied a deferment request, a forbearance request, and a consolidation. I have no family to fall back on. Either I can default on them and ruin my credit or I can do what I have to do to make ends meet.

  18. wow alot of these stories are really really sad. mine included please if you are in high school do NOT go to college unless you are rich or very very poor. there are no jobs even if you get a degree. i encourage you to drop out of school and get a TRADE as soon as you can. DEBT=MODERN DAY SLAVERY
    out of 10-15 close friends in college i know of only 1 that has a decent job. please dont go to college, it may be the smartest thing you will ever do.
    college grad –
    making minimum wage NO benefits or health insurance i make 11,000 year after taxes and still have to pay 2400 year.

  19. I heard of this & it makes me sick. Why couldn’t she get the money some other way? I mean she’s a young lady & she should have thought of a better way to get the money. It’s sick to sell one’s body like that. I hope she doesn’t get sick from it. I heard that she wants multiple partners which is gross. She needs prayers.

  20. I’m sorry but I understand where she’s coming from. A girl said student loans aren’t that bad? Try having $200,000 in student loan deb and about to lose my mothers house and everything else. If I had the nerve, I would be doing that right now. But the difference between us is that I’m having faith that God has something planned and will make a way for us.

  21. Most people in the first world are selling themselves 8 or 9 hours a day for their entire lives. Don’t kid yourself. You are. 1/3 goes to the government, 1/3 goes to the mortgage bankers, 1/6 goes for the car and if you have anything left over for food and maybe, if you’re lucky to see a doctor so they can keep you working.

    I hope she got $10M from some overpaid bank CEO that isn’t qualified to scrub toilets anyway.

  22. I am 27 years old. I graduated from college in 2006…and started the career of my dreams shortly thereafter. I purchased a home in 2007 with the advice of my financial counsler and my family. I purchased high…knowing that within five years I would be making more. Well…due to the collapse of the economy…that didn’t happen. I now have a huge mortgage, and over 100,000 of student loan debt…and a car payment. There is nothing I can do to make ends meet…as I am working close to 70 hours per week sal. I am getting grey hair…and feeling more and more depressed. I pay at least 100.00 per month in overdraft fees…and my credit is tanking. If I could do what this girl did…and I was promised a clean slate with my student loans…I would definatelly take the offer…without even blinking. I think she was very lucky to have that opportunity…and should be greatful for it.

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