Online Halloween Costume Bargains

The following guest post is from Aaron, a Frugal Dad reader who wanted to share his experience with a discount costume website.

I have always been a conscientious shopper. I never leave the house without my coupon folder, always use my club card and always comparison shop before I purchase. That’s why I’m a huge fan of shopping online. Bargain hunting and price comparison is quick and easy. So naturally I planned to purchase our Halloween costumes online this year.

This year, we have a costume party to attend and I thought it would be fun to dress in theme costumes like superhero or Disney characters. We weighed the options and finally settled on The Incredibles because they worked so well as a family costume.

I love the ease and convenience of online shopping and I know I had many online Halloween costume stores to peruse.  My goal was to find the costumes at the lowest price. I Googled “cheap costumes” and saw an ad for that offered “Guaranteed Lowest Prices Plus Free Shipping.” That had my name all over it.  I place my order and a week later I had my 3 costumes: Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible Child Costume and….Another child costume? Where was my adult Mrs. Incredible costume? Apparently they made a mistake and sent two girl’s costumes instead of one girl’s costume and one women’s costume.

The only thing that makes shopping online a nuisance and expense is if you have to return something. But, when I called the customer service number for Costume Discounters, the exchange turned out to be easy, pleasant and best of all – FREE. I explained the problem. They were very apologetic and quick to act. They processed an order for the correct costume and I was directed to an online exchange site that allowed me to print a return UPS shipping label right from my own printer. The customer service rep walked me through the whole thing which only took a few minutes. I brought the package to my office the next day and dropped it in the UPS drop box in the parking lot and that was that. I didn’t cost anything extra, took almost no time and I had my costume in the correct size a few days later.

Nothing beats shopping online for bargains except maybe buying from a company that has low prices, great service and free exchanges. It couldn’t get any easier or inexpensive as it did with Costume

Note from Frugal Dad: For fun, feel free to share what you (or the kids) will be dressed up as this Halloween. Are you planning a homemade Halloween costume, or will you give an online discounter a try? Or, if you don’t recognize Halloween, what are your plans? We’ll be attending our kids’ school Fall Festival.


  1. I also love internet shopping, you can save a lot of time and money, if you are shopping at the right stores. The one mentioned was a good one but, I have been screwed a time or two as well so I always try to research a some place I have never ordered from before.

  2. This year my kids (ages 9, 7 and 6) will be wearing a combination of recycled and handed-down costumes. I was done with paying upwards of $20 each for a costume! I had originally asked the kids to go through our old costumes/dress up/dance recital dresses and come up with something. I offered to paint their faces to make it exciting and new. As luck would have it, my son received a Ben 10 costume from his cousin (he wore it the year before) and one of my daughters was also able to take a handed-down, never worn costume from another cousin. So it looks like only one of my kids (and the most suited to this kind of challenge) will be re-inventing a costume this year. I’m happy with not having to spend any money!

  3. I don’t have a budget for new costume this year, but, fortunately, I learned to hang on to old costumes and fun stuff I’ve found at Goodwill over the years. A few funky tops can go a long way.

    But this year’s costume is a repeat of one from a few years back and great way to recycle: My old black graduation robe from college is perfect match for anything worn by Harry Potter’s classmates.

  4. Not to be too snarky, but since when is BUYING a halloween costume — for any price, let alone in the $80 price range (as per the costume web site) — considered “frugal”?

  5. We purchased the kids’ costumes last weekend. I had already scoured 2 consignment sales and a consignment store with no success. We found my oldest daugther’s costume at Goodwill for $5. It’s really just a junior size evening dress that I will alter. She hasn’t decided yet whether she will be a beauty queen or a Hollywood starlet. My youngest daughter will be Supergirl. I found the best deal on this at Walmart. I could’ve have waited and searched a couple of more weeks but decided my time was more valuable. My budget for the 2 costumes was $30 so I was pleased with our $25 total.

    Last year my husband was unemployed so there was no costume budget but we came up with some wonderful recycled costumes for the girls which you can see here:

    My oldest has outgrown all of our dress up clothes at this point and my youngest really wanted to be Supergirl so we didn’t manage the recycled costumes this year but we made sure they were budget friendly.

  6. I’m flabbergasted at the price of costumes. I saw this blog entry and thought, “oh good, someone’s found a cheap place.” But no … toddler firefighter, $30. Huh? So, we’re back to, he wears his boots and the free plastic hat the fire department gives kids, plus a red raincoat (which I still need to hunt down). How could it possibly be frugal to spend $30 on something my son will wear once? That’s an entire fall’s clothing budget for him!

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