The Home Depot Father’s Day Giveaway

The contest is now over.’s random integer generator selected comment number 131 – congratulations to “cwaltz.” Happy Father’s Day to all frugal dads out there!

The Home Depot has offered to give one lucky Frugal Dad reader a $100 Home Depot gift card, just in time for Father’s Day.  What a great gift to present to dad, or if you’re a dad, what a great gift for yourself! Just think of the things you could buy at The Home Depot with your gift card. I doubt the lucky recipient will have a hard time thinking of ways to spend his gift card, but just in case, you may want to share the following links.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The first lists Father’s Day gift ideas available at The Home Depot for less than $50.  The second link displays gift ideas between $50 and $100, and includes a couple of things I’ve had my eye on for some time.  I could use a new shop vac for cleaning out out our car (no sense pumping any more quarters into those machines!) and for cleanup around the garage.  I could also use a floor lamp for my make-shift office, and I need to stock up on some CFL bulbs and air conditioner filters for these summer months when energy bills are sure to rise.

How To Enter

To enter to win The Home Depot gift card, simply tell us in the comments below why the dad in your life (father, husband, son, etc.) should win this giveaway.  Perhaps they work extra hard supporting their family, or they don’t mind helping finish homework after a long day at the office.


The contest will end next Friday, June 12th at 11:59pm.  At that time, comments will be closed to this post and no new comments will be allowed.  Using, I will select a random number corresponding to one lucky winner from the comments section.  The winner will be notified via email, and this post will be updated to reflect the end of the contest.

The Home Depot Gift Card

Sometimes it is hard to find that perfect gift for dad.  I know; my frugal grandfather and my stepdad seem to have everything they could possibly need, but I’m sure armed with a gift card from The Home Depot they could pick up some useful tools they probably wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.  The gift cards never expire and no service fees will ever be charged when purchasing or using a Home Depot gift card. Gift cards may be redeemed at Home Depot stores.

Visit your local Home Depot, or shop online, to find three new gift card styles to choose from, including a gift card that looks and feels like duct tape and a gift card that comes with a FREE 3/8″ drill bit.  How frugal is that?!

Good luck to all the frugal dads out there!  Get your comment entry in today, and be sure to tell your family and friends to enter.


  1. My husband Mike, is the most helpful husband, father and Grampa ever! He has created, fixed and repaired so many items at home and work and is a frequent shopper at Home Depot. It really is his idea of fun to spend a morning wandering through the store! We recently moved to a new city and are starting over with a new home. It would be so helpful to win this contest and a perfect surprise for my guy!
    Thanks! Jackie

  2. My hubby is a great daddy – and he deserves this gift card because we’re working on getting our house ready to sell so that we can try to find a little bigger fixer-upper to buy! We have a small 2 bedroom house and are expecting baby #2 to arrive any day now.

  3. My husband is a wonderful cook (he’s busy making breakfast for me and the kids as I type), but works long hours during the week and doesn’t get a chance to get in the kitchen. But on weekends he does his best to prep some weekday meals over the weekend to make my weekdays with the kids easier. He deserves a gift card that he can use toward our frugal kitchen update (paint, paint and more paint!)!

  4. My dad is definitely worthy of winning this contest. He is a dedicated father, and he works extemely hard. During the week, he spends about 50 to 60 hours at work (He works at Intel) and when he comes home, instead of relaxing, he fixes things, listens to us, and does more work! I love Daddy!

  5. My husband is a great dad – working to support us and doing projects on the weekend to make our space nicer. He could really use the card to buy a ladder. 🙂

  6. My dad is everything I admire in a man or a human being: ethical, generous, patient, kindhearted, intelligent, modest, and a true gentleman with real moral courage. I’ve never met a finer man in all my life.

  7. As a high school rowing coach, church organist, manager of information systems (MIS), and part-time home remodeler, my dad has always worked tirelessly on various projects, devoting himself to nearly everyone BUT himself. Last year, I joined the coaching staff of the high school rowing team where he coaches and was amazed at the amount work that he does with the team. After working his 9-5 job as an MIS, he’s responsible for repairing all of the rowing equipment (and high school rowers are notoriously hard on carbon fiber boats) and coaches the boys’ team. He spends hours trying to make a positive difference in the lives of his high school rowers…and he does it all for free. He will not accept payment from the rowing parents’ organization for coaching or boat repair.

    He loves playing the organ, and this shows because he faithfully attends church services at a small Methodist church every Sunday so he can serve as their church organist.

    In terms of home remodeling, he and my grandfather turned our family’s old 1.5 story farmhouse into a 2 story house with an attic, a garage-in-front and pool-in-back place for us kids to grow up.

    My dad deserves a gift card from The Home Depot, even though he’d probably spend it all on rowing boat repair supplies. However, he would be happy, and that is the most important part of Father’s Day – making your dad feel happy and appreciated.

  8. My dad has been forced into “retirement” in the recent years due to the combination of medical issues and cutbacks at his work. His home roof has needed comletely redone and he has started on that. This gift card would be great for what he’s up to these days!

  9. My husband loves being a father and lights up when he sees the kids. I’d love to win this card for him because he wants a new drill for Father’s Day and I don’t dare pick it out for him.

  10. My husband has volunteered to go to Afghanistan for a year. He is passionate about supporting our troops and rebuilding Afghanistan. However, he’s also hoping to get our family out from under our first house in Virginia. We owe so much more than it’s worth and can’t get enough rent to cover the mortgage.

    We’re tight this year and I feel rotten that I can ‘t get him anything before he deploys. But, this gift card could get him shelving to help organize his tools in the garage.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I’ve been unemployed since December, and my husband had to unexpectedly take a lower paying job with no benefits in February. Throughout it all he has remained a staunch supporter of my job search and has not complained when we had to institute some financial cut-backs of our own.

  12. I would like to win this Home Depot card for my dad who passed away a little over a year ago. See, I would really like to plant a tree and make a memory garden to him in my yard.

    My Dad was and still is the very best Dad I could ever hope for. I still feel his love and encouragement through the hard times in life.

  13. My husband works his booty off to support us. He’s also a great help around the house and with the kids. He deserves an extra $100 to spend on his passion, the veggie garden.

  14. If I won, I’d give the card to my father-in-law. He’s having a hard time with the economy down, there’s no work for him in his area as a contractor, so he’s been traveling between all the kids’ homes doing renovations and helping out with all 10 grandkids. I wish he’d use the card to splurge on himself!

  15. A Home Depot Gift Card would be a wonderful surprise for my husband. We have been following your website now since the launch of square foot gardening and have tried to live out the frugal life style in order to pay off debt- only the mortgage to go! This means that I wasn’t planning on spending for Father’s Day and so this would be a great treat! Thanks for the offer.

  16. This is my husband’s first Father’s Day.

    He has been an amazing father since the birth of our son in January. He has worked three jobs so I am able to stay home. He always has time to read a story, sing a song, or give a bath. He does so much around the house. Our baby couldn’t have asked for a better father, and I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.

  17. My husband has been a great dad to our two year old daughter. He always has ideas of things to show her or do with her that are new and catch her attention. They LOVE painting pictures together, which is great to see.
    We just moved into our house and he is dying to do more things around the house, but the money is tight so we’re having to do things very slowly, so a giftcard would be so much fun for getting stuff for the house 😀 Thanks!

  18. My father committed suicide when I was 7 years old and consequently I grew up without a father figure. It wasn’t until I met my current girlfriend that I felt as though I finally had a man in my life who could live up to the status of a role model. Her father (and her entire family) has welcomed me into the family with open arms, something I’d never experienced before.

    Her father loves to spend time creating things for the family, whether it is a painting or a bookshelf, his handiness is always producing something great for his family.

    It would be great if I could return his generosity in some way, and a great start would be with a giftcard to Home Depot. There is no doubt in my mind that he would find something he could add to his shop so that he could create even more things to provide to his family.

  19. I’d like to give this to my boyfriend, a father of 5 grown kids, who is trying, in his retired years, to raise a grandson on a very limited retirement income. His unselfishness and dedication to this boy are absolutely amazing. There are a lot of little projects around the house that he could use this card for, as well as something for that huge and bountiful garden he raises every year to feed them. This card would help him in caring for his grandson. Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. My dad should win the gift card because he manages and maintains the rental property we own together. My husband and I live about 600 miles away. We bought a foreclosed home together, rent it out, and share the proceeds. Best of all, our trips back home to see my parents are tax deductible when we check out our rental. Dad takes up the work of maintaining the place so we all benefit, monetarily and by seeing each other more often.

  21. My husband Tom works long hours during the week so that I can stay at home with our 3 young kids. We have been working on finishing our basement for a while so that we can have a playroom for the kids downstairs, and so that we can have more room for the crazy crew upstairs. We are so close to finishing (trimwork in 2 rooms and flooring in 1), but our budget is not allowing for more purchases at the moment.

  22. My husband drives 2 hrs back and forth everyday to keep food on our table. His job of 20 years suddenly disappeared when the company was sold and they didn’t keep any of the oldtimers. I am sure he would enjoy spending that and not having to worry about where the money was coming from.

  23. I would like to give this to my dad because he just retired and getting him some new tools for around the house would be great. I know there are a lot of things he has been thinking about getting to work on the house, and this would help him out a lot.

  24. My sweet husband works hard for our family, and is currently closing in our patio to give us an extra room in our home. This gift card would definitely help us finish up this project! It’s taken a long time because we’re paying for it as we go, and when we have the extra funds in our budget.

  25. My hubby would love this! He works long hours so that I can stay home with our kids. He is so thoughtful and truly a wonderful father. Recently he surprised me by making a garden box on our porch for Mother’s Day. I was so impressed as we only own a hammer, tape measure, some screw drivers and nails. A gift card would be a wonderful way to thank him for all of his hard work, with the added benefit of splurging on something for himself. He deserves it!

  26. My girlfriend’s father has been a great father to my girlfriend’s family and myself as well. My father left my family when i was 14 and I live now with my mother and sister. I spend a lot of time with her father and he has taught me many lessons as to what it is to be be a real man. He does not work due to a disability he suffered while fighting against the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, so he stays at home and cooks and cleans the house while his wife works as the one who brings home the bacon if you will. I believe he would really enjoy this gift card as thanks to his hard work he puts in at the home.

  27. My husband Shawn is the best father and husband our family could hope for. He is self-employed and works 12-16 hr days so that I can be home with our 4 young children and raise them. When he comes home he is playing with the children and listening to what is going on with them, doing yard work,going on bike rides and helping get the children to bed. He is always serving those in our neighborhood who need a little extra help. He is my best friend and I would love to be able to do something wonderful for him this Father’s day. As funds are tight this would really help.

  28. I would love to win this gift card for my husband. We built our house 18 months ago to get out of the ghetto and into the country to raise our kids, and to save money he’s doing all of the finish work himself. He works his tail off at work and then comes home and works on the house, while still helping me with our girls. He’s so good at stretching a few bucks that I know he could get a bunch of projects done with a $100 gift card!

  29. My husband Stephen does everything he can to make ends meet. He has been without a job since October 2008. He has sold almost all of his tools in order to pay the bills. He has worked in jobs that he would rather not do in order to make ends meet. My income alone is not enough to pay the bills, so he feels like it is his responsibility to bring in the other half.

    He is selfless and always giving of himself to others more than anything else.

  30. My dad is very support and always does anything he can to help me out. Last weekend he took time off from work to help me move. He spent a good part of Saturday hanging pictures, rearranging furniture, and putting together shelving units. I don’t even ask, he just does this stuff. Not just for me, but for anyone who needs help with something.

  31. My husband raises the kids with me (doesn’t just “help”). The fact that my kids have 2 fully involved parents is something I’m very proud of.

  32. My husband is a step father to my kids but they don’t consider him anything but their real Dad as he is so good to them and treats them like a real Dad should.He is also a great grandfather.

  33. My dad would be a great candidate for this card. He has had a very hard life and I have never heard him complain. From riding the rails with hobos looking for work during the depression, to being severly wounded serving with the marines on Iwo Jima, to surving cancer requiring removal of tongue and larynx. He always looks on the brighter side of every situation.

  34. My husband, Britton, has recently had his salary cut 57% due to the economy. He has a “side hustle” that he works and he works in the Air National Guard to keep us going financially. In addition, he is very intentional about making the time to spend with our two small boys. He works hard and he deserves whatever good comes his way.

  35. i feel that my dad really deserves the gift card. all of my life my dad has always been a giver. he goes out of his was to help any one in need. he has done all of the mantainance on my cars & home for me. i no longer work because of the complications of diabetes. i’ve been in the hospital several times over the last 3-6 yrs & dad has always done anything that was needed. many times at no cost to me or my family. he is now in his mid 70s & having problems remembering things & has dificulity in doing repairs. i don’t know what i’m going to do when he can no longer help me. i think that the gift card would be a good thank you.jim

  36. my hubby would love this card for fathers day. he’s a great daddy(and husband)so he definitely deserves it. he LOVES home depot and he’s like a kid in a candy store whenever we’re in there. we even registered there when we got married three years ago! we just bought our first home and he’s been working hard to get to fixed up, clean and organized. some extra home depot cash sure would help!
    thanks for the great giveaway frugal dad!

  37. My dear husband deserves a home depot gift card because he is losing his job and though he would never admit it, I can tell he is becoming increasingly discouraged by the burdens he is carrying. There are so many things that need attention on our home but for the time being they will just have to wait until we have some steady income again.

  38. My husband is earning his due as a father right now as our daughter is 16 and making life very interesting for us. 🙂 His wisdom in dealing with her is amazing to me especially as the father figure he had while growing up was useless. He would love a gift card to Home Depot as we own a house for the first time in our 17 years of marriage. Something always needs done or we always want to do things!

  39. My dad taught me many great lessons including the three things you never sell. You never sell camping gear in case you need to live in it. You never sell tools in case you need to build a home and you never sell guns in case you need to hunt for your food.

  40. My Dad, Greg, always worked hard when I was growing up. It sometimes made it tough for me in those years as a child when he worked nights and I only saw him on the weekends. It was not until I was an adult that I realized how little he had growing up and was only doing what he could to make my life better. And you know what, I am who I am now because of all he has done. He paid cash for my education and made me a first generation grad. I owe so much to him and would love to have this gift card as a little surprise thank you for this father’s day.

  41. My dad has sacrificed for his children, his wife, his parents, his friends and his community for over 60 years! He is willing to give his time, energy and money to help others! He’s a wonderful dad!

  42. My husband, Jeff, is a stay at home Dad to our 2 year old son. My husband deserves this gift card b/c he wants to build a sandbox for our son and a patio for us all to enjoy around a nice fire. Thanks for the chance!

  43. My husband works hard, but because he is the sole provider for our family, it’s hard to make ends meet. He deserves more than we can afford to give him for father’s day!

  44. My husband is so very handy and helpful in our striving to be frugal! Home Depot is his favorite store!! He truly is the most amazing Dad and hubby! We were quarantined in a foreign country when adopting our third child for what was to be an indefinite amount of time. Despite the fact that we would be making no money if he stayed (and had already been away for 2 weeks), he wasn’t about to leave me in a foreign country with our newest blessing! It is sacrificial decisions like that which he makes all the time. I am so very thankful for him!!

  45. My husband, Andy, has the gift of incredible patience. We are in the middle of preparing for a cross country move, and even though the stress level in our lives is high, he is still taking time to nurture and show love to our family. It would be easy to lose it with the kids when we’re in the midst of this upheaval, but he handles his role as a dad with incredible grace. Love you, hon!

  46. My husband is one of the handiest people I know. As my four-year old says, “Daddy can fix anything.” And because he is often fixing something around our old house, he loves to go to Home Depot.

  47. My guy and I adopted an SPCA dog last year. Since Mr Kronk has been in our household, we have reinforced our fence no less than three times. We now have a chain link fence, a bamboo fence fortified at the “temptation corners”. All our chldren are grown, so Mr Kronk (who was in seven homes before ours-he does not like cats) is like our child.
    Daddy really needs MORE fencing….

  48. My husband is consistently kind and generous toward us with his time and energy. He shares my load with me, always looking for a way to help out around the house or with the kiddos. He shows his love by serving and a Home Depot card would be a huge smile on his face.

  49. My Dad has always been my hero… Even though I lived with my Mom he was always there for me, helping learn how to be a responsible man, living frugally, how to love people even when they don’t love you. Now that I have 5 children of my own, he is even more helpful when I don’t know what to do… 🙂 He’s now a cancer and heart attack survivor and his attitude is so amazing. He doesn’t feel owed anything and wants to give to everyone else. Thanks Dad!

  50. With this being the anniversary of the D-Day, I am proud to say my father served in the US Navy & is one of the surviving participants of the Invasion of Normandy. He has demonstrated honesty, bravery, selfless service & kindness to all those he has come into contact with. He would have a great day with a $100 card to Home Depot, probably purchasing a comfortable chair to sit on his porch & enjoy the lazy daz of summer!

    A Great Big Thanx to John W. Payne!!! Thanx Dad!

  51. My dad is the best! Growing up he was always working, and my parents never really had the greatest relationship. As I got older and my dad realized we weren’t as close as he’d like, we began to really talk and see who each other were. Over the years we’ve become really close. I know where I get my sense of humor. Last year I got divorced, and my dad has been so supportive. He’s made me see that I am a very special woman who deserves nothing but the best. He’ll stop everything he’s doing to help me. He’s helped me become more independent and believe in myself. He works a very labor intensive job who worries everyday that he’ll not make it long enough to retire, which is only a few years away. My dad is a blessing. I love him so much!!

  52. My husband would be so surprised to be able to shop at Home Depot to get the many things he needs to fix up our yard.

  53. My husband is a terrific father to our two girls. He is patient, funny, kind and lots of fun. They think the sun rises and sets with their Daddy! I am so lucky to have such a hands-on husband. He could totally use a Home Depot gift card as he is trying to outfit his workroom in the garage. Thanks for the chance…

  54. My hubby has been such a wonderful father (to our one year old son, and baby on the way!) and a wonderful husband. He works so hard to provide for our family, but he always puts his time with his family first. He comes home after a long day at work and joyfully gives our son a bath and helps me get ready for dinner. He has been the biggest blessing to me and I love him so much!

  55. My Husband who is great father to our 2 kids and 3 angel kids (whom we lost early during pregnancy).

    Here are few top reasons out of many why he is great and why he should win!

    1. He wakes up to change diapers at night even when he has to wake up early to go to work.

    2. He never asks me what did I do at home whole day and why house is mess. He knows with 2 little ones, I could be lucky to get a chance to eat.

    3. When he comes home from work, he gives me 15 minutes of break righ away, from kids while I sip hot tea to refresh.

    4. He makes up silly stories and silly songs to entertain kids and me.

    5. He makes me and kids laugh when we are down.

    6. He canceled guys night out, when kids and I fell sick.

    7. He chose us (me and kids) over Super Bowl!! Yeah,

    8. He still find me attractive 🙂 good husband too.

    9. He read book(s) that I recommend on kids. He is usually not into reading non-tech stuff.

    10. He is frugal dad (now) just like you but never frugal in love and care.

    I think he surely deserves to win this. I hope he does. For us, he is sure winner and best dad and husband.

  56. My husband asked me to make a “honey-do” list for him, and he actually does the stuff on the list. If that isn’t deserving of this prize, I don’t know what is!

  57. My husband should win because he’s such a loving Daddy and if my kids grew up to be exactly like him, I’d be thrilled!

  58. My husband should win because he loves taking on projects to make our home better (and probably has every tool to make it possible!) His love for these things came from his Dad who passed away over 4 years ago. I would love this gift card to give him more opportunities to follow in his Dad’s footsteps.

  59. My dad taught me the value of hard work. He never took a day off work because he could not afford to lose the customers. Now, after many years of working, he is able to retire and enjoy the rewards of his labor. I am trying to follow his lead and hope to one day be able to retire and enjoy the years not worrying about money. I am also trying to pass that lesson down to my son, who is only 17 months old now, but already watches everything daddy does.

  60. I have the greatest Dad in the world! He has endured many hardships in his life but has overcome them all. He is a true optomist and has been the greatest role model a daughter could ask for. I wish I could afford to spend a fortune on him for Father’s day, but I can’t. So I appreciate this offer!

  61. My husband is an amazing stepdad- a job that often includes no accolade. He loves my children as his own, and is a stellar parent by any comparison. He’ll stay up late to do laundry for my daughter when she says she has nothing to wear. He patiently helps my children with their homework, and is often stuck with a lot of the chaperoning duties as he gets home earlier. He cooks for the family every night, and will often make a separate meal for my finicky son. Our conversations revolve around how we can be frugal in order to offer our kids greater opportunities for college. He has given up many personal treats for himself toward this goal. He has an integrity of character rare today. But his greatest goal is to be as a good a dad as his father was to him. He already is.

  62. My hubby is just the best. He comes home from work and of course his day is not over since he then will entertain the boys (which he is GREAT at!) while I make dinner (a rest for me after answer a million why? questions all day long!). He will run errands for me during lunch if I need him to, he always empties the dishwasher in the morning (I hate emptying, though I don’t mind loading), and he take the baby in the shower with him in the morning (in the bouncy seat) and lets me sleep in. There are too many other wonderful things to list, but what more could I ask for? Many of my friends think he should be cloned as he is so helpful not only to me, but to others as well. He is a wonderful father, friend and husband. And he still tells me I’m beautiful and shows me how much he loves me every day.

  63. As a busy single mom, my life is constantly filled with a to-do list. From raising an amazing son to teaching sixth graders and managing a rental condo, we are often on the go! This is where my wonderful dad comes in. He is my fix-it guy, never hesitating to come over at the drop of a hat to make repairs on my rental condo or at my home. He is a caring and gentle role-model for my ten year old son and I pray my son grows up to be as compassionate as my dad. My dad deserves goodness and love!

  64. Every Dad could use this gift card. He could use it to get another power tool that’s helps make his tasks a little simpler to do.

  65. My father-in-law is definitely deserving of a great Father’s Day gift! He lives with two terminal medical diagnoses every day, yet always has a smile on his face. He has lived twice as long as doctors expected, and this year, became a grandfather for the first time! He can’t do as much as he used to, but he is always tinkering in his basement workshop, so a Home Depot gift card would be perfect!

  66. My husband could use this gift card on our many projects around the house. He was just laid off, and he will be a stay-at-home dad to our 2-year old for awhile–but he’s excited about this once in a lifetime opportunity!

  67. My Husband should win this gift card. He’s been working on the house for so long he destroyed the battery for his hand held drill. new battery costs about $100!!! i hope we win

  68. my stepfather, Scott is an amazing father. He never had any kids of his own, but since marrying my mother he has really stepped up to the plate. Especially with my two boys ages 11 & 6. He does everything for and with them. Since I am a single mom, my boys rarely see there dad (dad’s choice, not mine.) So my stepfather fills in for that role for them.

  69. My dad deserves this because he has always put us kids first and has always provided and done what was best for us and continues to do so.

  70. My husband deserves a great Father’s Day gift this year. He has been working so hard on the night shift to support us and allow me to be a stay-at-home mom. I appreciate everything he does for us and would love to show him by giving him a gift card to the so-called “man toy store”!

  71. This will be my husband’s first Father’s Day and so far he is doing an outstanding job as a dad! He never complains about changing diapers or making bottles and always makes time to play with our daughter. Nobody can make her laugh the way he can! If she could talk, I know she would tell you a million more reasons why her daddy deserves to win this gift for Father’s Day.

  72. I learned the best things about being a dad from my dad. He’s always been level headed guy and not once do I remember him yelling or raising his voice at us. Sure he talked stern once in a while, and that was when we knew we needed to listen. There was no way not to love him when he would take me to the park (I’m 6 years younger than my next brother) and pitch baseballs to me and then go fetch all the ones in the outfield. Those and many other memories help make my dad the best ever.

  73. I would love to give this gift card to my step dad for Father’s Day. When I was growing up, he treated my sister and I like we were his own kids. He works harder than anyone I know and is kind and generous. Now that I’m older, I appreciate him a lot more than I used to. He’s always willing to give a hand and is even willing to teach my husband a thing or two around the house.

  74. I would love to be able to give this gift card to my Father. My Dad and Step-Mom live in a very old rental and their landlord doesn’t care what they do to the place. My Dad is always puttering around their small house, finding ways to fix up the place and make it more homey and nice for my Step-Mom. My Dad is a hard worker and has been all his life…he retired from the U.S. Navy 12 yrs ago and still has to work full time to make ends meet. He works overnights stocking in a grocery store. I love my Dad so much. I hope he knows that.

  75. My husband is a great dad to our four daughters, maybe even a saint given we only have one bathroom. Along with his above and beyond dad duties, he keeps our house, cars and computers all chugging along! He hardly flinches at the announcement of something broken or not working at our house. Yes, he’s quite wonderful!!

  76. My husband would be a worthy recipient of this card. In the last year, we moved to a new city, and even though our first house was a rental, he worked hard to improve little things that needed to be done inside and out, including planting new shrubs to replace the azaleas that had died out front and putting in a fence for our dogs. This was nice because we left it and got a break on our deposit and now the new renters have a fence for their dog.

    We moved about six weeks ago into a house that we bought, and in that time, he has put up a fence for a garden and planted it, from seeds he started himself so he could have his special tomatoes and peppers, rototilled out front so I could have a flower garden, killed all the weeds growing along the fence line, filled in holes along the fence where the previous owner’s dog had dug out, drained and cleaned up the swimming pool (it was really yucky) and maintains it, helped me top dress and move big house plants from the porch to indoors, cut down bushes we didn’t want in front of the house, and best of all, has encouraged me to get out and do more outside work with him.

    All this after working an average 48 work week where he works very, very hard, plus he sings in our church choir. He’s loved Home Depot for years and we shop there a lot. Thanks for having this contest; I’ve enjoyed reading about other great guys and the work they do. I have to say I also credit my wonderful father in law for helping to make my husband the great guy that he is, and teaching him how to do lots of stuff.

  77. My dad is the kind of guy that has gone without for his kids. He makes do with what he can and has a great attitude doing it. I think it would be great for him to have a chance to purchase some tools that could help with his home projects because he has given up so much just so I could have the things that I needed.

  78. My hubby would be surprised to win this. He’s a hard-working man and excellent husband. I like the Extension Bow Art card. Home Depot opened not too long ago in our town, but we haven’t even been there yet. So having a reason to go would be an adventure 🙂

  79. The dad in my life that should win is my co-worker(cubemate). They have been hitting the debt destruction beans and rice for years and could use some money to pour into their house repairs which are on hold until they get out of debt.

  80. I could sit here and type all the wonderful things my dad has done and tell you about how amazing he is(which i will do anyway) but there really is no limit, not a single word or paragraph that could summarize what my father has been through and accomplished. Since the day I was born, my family and I have been inseparable. When I was brought back to my family after being born, I’m sure my dad was hoping for that baby blue blanket. However, he got pink. To his surprise, i was the farthest thing from being a ‘girly girl’ growing up. My dad has coached me in travel softball since i was six years old. He has never let me down on missing out a game or practice. I am now in high school, playing on a varsity team as a freshman at a highly talented and respectable school and he still shows up to every game to cheer me on. My dad is a real estate agent, and as you could imagine, my family and I are facing the terrible economy. It got so bad that my highly educated father, was working from 12-7 a.m. at Target then taking my brother and I to school then going to work another job until 1:00 and then coming home to do more work. He strives for success and happiness in our family. My mom, whom my father has been in love with since junior year of high school, was faced with her sister’s cancer, and her mom holding onto her life by threads. Still,however, my father stood by her side, supported her, loved her, and cared for her through it all.
    As I said before, the economy as we all know is terrible. Recently, my dad has been trying to fix our house up and my grandmothers the best he can with what little money we have. I know that $100 won’t solve the economic problems. However, my dad has never won anything, and has never been recognized for his outstanding work. So I am asking, please, fill my dad with a little more hope and encouragement, and award my father and best friend with your gift card. To many it may mean nothing, bu t I am most certain,that to him, it will mean EVERYTHING. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. God bless!

  81. My husband Richard has returned to his family after a five year period of mental illness. He is returning to his previous job of cutting trees. We still don’t have money for a truck so he rents one at Home Depot. This gift would be a nice treat for Father’s Day and one we could put to good use.

  82. I feel my husband should be the winner because he is the most caring husband & father any person can find. Over the years he has always dedicated to spending so many hours doing hard work to put food on the table for me & our two children. Then when he is home is always is jumping in to help our older child with his homework which can be quite a chore because my son has ADHD which contribute with his speech disorder and a learning disability but this doesn’t hender my husband one bit. He sits down and spends the time making sure he gets through it even if he had a long day. He also jumps in and helps with cooking dinner and he is a great cook at that! He also does all the handyman things around the house because I’m not that great with tools unfortunately and in addition helps clean house and wash dishes along with anything else needing help with.
    He is always there offering tickling and flying spins to both our kid and reading stories to our little girl.
    He is always up for a game with the kids or playing with them at a park or taking them somewhere fun to put a smile on their faces.
    He sacrifices so much of himself to make sure we have a good life. He is such a warm caring man that gets along with so many people and even puts on a smile when he has a bad day. He is always there to make us laugh with his jokes and we love him so much for that.
    No man has ever made me feel so special with the sweet things he does like backrubs etc and we have been married 11 years and he still is so sweet after all this time and I’m lucky to be his wife and that he is the father to our children.
    I don’t know any other person in the world who is as unselfish and loving as this man and we are lucky to have him. He is the best husband, best father out there.
    He never asks for anything and insists that he doesn’t want anything because always worried more about things we need in the current economy and with that unselfish attitude I am putting this up in hopes that he can receive a small token with our love of how truly special he is.
    Thanks for reading 🙂

  83. My dad needs the card because he has nothing but shoddy tools. If bubble gum and duct tape won’t fix it, he can’t do anything with it.

  84. I believe my husband deserves to win because of all that he has been through in the past 3 years. He has worked so hard to hold onto our home and make ends meet after losing his job to a permenant lay off. He took any job that would come his way, even delivering phone books, while he learned a new career, at the age of 52. We had just had a son and he was thrilled, but the pressures have been enormous! He never complains and somehow always has time for everyone. He always insists on not spending any money on him for Christmases and birthdays. Yet, if anyone deserves the best, its him! I could just picture the smile on his face if he won. Thanks for doing this give away!!

  85. Clay’s not a real dad. He only plays one in real life.

    He doesn’t own our house, but that doesn’t stop him from fixing things, mowing the lawn, or filling the garage with Dad-stuff.

    He’s not my son’s father, but that doesn’t stop him from taking him to daycare each morning, taking him to the field to launch rockets, or making him laugh every day.

    We’re not married, but still he stands in our family vacation photos, drives for hours for family gatherings, and keeps the two of us safe and loved every day.

    I’m sure if he won this for Father’s Day, he’d find an excuse to say that he doesn’t deserve it. He may not be a real Dad, but he’s real enough for us.

  86. My step-dad was laid off about a year ago. He works two jobs to provide for my four brothers and sisters. His hard work and dedication is an inspiration to me. He could use the gift card to help fix things up around the house.

  87. My husband is a wonderful father to two small kids. For all his love and devotion to them (as well as compromising his wants for theirs) I’d like for him to be able to splurge on himself this father’s day.

    Thanks for agreeing to do this giveaway!

  88. My father-in-law deserves to win this giveaway because he has stepped in to be the father that my own father could not be. He has accepted me with open arms into his family despite our rather different outlooks on life. He has helped out me and my husband through numerous tough spots, and I know he’ll continue to do so as long as we need him to. And, he helps us with repairs to our own house, so I’m sure he could use a gift card to Home Depot!

  89. My dad is the best dad and grandpa! He cuts my grass weekly (for free of course!). He also takes my son out to dinner every Wednesday so I have some alone time to get errands done. He takes (and participates) in my son’s soccer practice for 12 saturday’s out of the year, he attends karate & swimming lessons, and he also attends t-ball at least once a week. He is there for me whenever I need him and is a very thoughtful person!

  90. My husband deserves a gift like this so much. He works so hard for his family. When he’s not working at his job, he’s busy working around our house. A gift card to Home Depot would come in very handy! Thank you for the giveaway!


  91. My husband is not a handyman, but in 19 years he has gutted and renovated every room in our old house except for kitchen & dining room, which he is in the middle of right now. He has built two decks (one off the house & one for the pool), put new vinyl siding on the whole house, rebuilt the storage area off the garage, installed a chainlink fence in the backyard so the kids & dog have a safe place to play, and so many other “smaller” projects. He works hard & does his best to provide for us and has really fixed up our house so nice. I’m really proud of him for trying to do things himself even though he didn’t have a lot of fixer-uppers skills when we bought our house.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  92. My DH and I had twin girls last October and as busy new parents he has not had time to get to many projects around the house. In a few weeks I’m taking the girls for a long weekend to my parents’ house so that DH can do some house projects — fixing a leak in the ceiling, repairing our front steps, finishing the window seat he designed for me for Mother’s Day. The gift card would go a long way towards helping him out on his work weekend!

  93. My dad could really use some new tools. He is still using 50 year old tools he has accumulated from garage sales (he is MY FRUGAL DAD!). The tools don’t necessarily work in the fashion they were intended to, but he has turned a house purchased for $10,000 into a $100,000 property with these poor excuses for tools and an abundance of sweat equity.

  94. My husband deserves this, because he works very hard at a physically demanding job…and still has the time and energy to spend with the kids when he gets home! 🙂

  95. When I was in highschool my family went overseas for a year to help out at an international boarding school. We raised the support to cover our expenses for a year, rented out our home, and headed out. It was just intended to be a one year trip. When we got back to the States I told my parents how much I enjoyed my time over there and that I wished to go back. My father spent the next 6 months fixing up the house in order to sell it so we could head back overseas. This was no small task because the home was nearly 100 years old and had a huge attached barn. He fixed up the siding and painted it and completed refinished the kithen and bathrooms. All of this was done with limited and rather cheap, flimsy tools. I would like to give him this giftcard as a way to thank him for his work on that house and for what he sacrificed to fullfill my wishes.

  96. We just had our 3rd baby and my husband hasn’t had any time to himself. He loves to golf and hasn’t gone out once! He’s been so busy working, taking care of his family and doing a lot around the house and he never complains!

  97. My husband is always fixing things at home so we can save money which is a huge deal with a small budget and two children. He never complains when I ask him to fix something and is almost always succesful, but think of how much more he could fix with more equipment from Home Depot 🙂

  98. My husband started a business 11 years ago, following his passion–comic books. He has persevered even though the market has been flat for some time now.

    As business has lessened, he has done more around the house and yard than ever before to help us economize. A HD gift card would be just the thing to help him out with his many projects!

  99. Headless Dad should win this because, hello? He’s headless and maybe he can find something at Home Depot to attach said missing head with. (Joke, people. It’s a joke.)

  100. I would love to win this for my husband! He is a great father and has helped us save tons of money by making a crib and changing table for our son before he was born (using mostly hand-me down tools). He also made us an entertainment center! We are about a month away from moving into our first home and I am sure there are going to be many more projects for him there! Thanks for the chance to win something great for the man of my dreams!

  101. My dad deserves this gift card because he is retiring at the end of June, and you should see the list of home projects my mom has ready for him!

  102. My hubby, Jacob, is the best father. Our son absolutely adores him. My husband has volunteered to work so that I can stay home with my son. This has been a great blessing because our son has been very sick for most of his life.

  103. My husband shoudl win this. He will be a dad on or around Oct. 1. There is nothing he can’t fix ( or so it seems). If he doesn’t know how to tackle a home project, he just reads up on it and jumps right in. So far, everything has turned out great. I know he will teach our son so much.

  104. Not only would this gift card be a great treat for my husband, since he loves to work outside in the yard…BUT…it would also be wonderful for me. Scott is a great dad and husband, but sometimes I need him to be preoccupied outside:) He has been so strong for our family during the move to a new city last year. 14 hours away from everything we know, and he has done everything he could to make this move and settling down in a new place manageable. He would love to continue working in the yard, planting, etc and this gift card would be the BEST!!! Please hook “Scotty to Hotty” up with a special father’s day treat.

  105. My father is the hardest working man I have ever met. He always puts his family first and is willing to do anything for his wife and children. He is a great inspiration to me and definitely deserves to win this contest. Thanks.

  106. My husband, Kyle, is currently Home Depot’s best customer. He is in the process of building a fence around our home so that we can let our two-year-old son play outside without fear of him running into the street. Kyle has made numerous trips to Home Depot to purchase more supplies, and the $100 gift card would definitely help curb the growing supply bill. I feel that Kyle is a very deserving recipient for the simple fact that he is the best father in the world. Although he is extremely busy at work and spending a lot of time making sure the fence is installed correctly, he always makes sure to leave time to play with our son and cuddle with our twelve-day-old baby girl. He loves his children, and we feel that he is the best dad ever! Happy Father’s Day, Kyle. We love you.

  107. My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was injured last September and have been laid up; I can’t walk very far, I can’t stand very long. He goes to work everyday and then comes home and takes care of everything for me and the kids. I know he is tired, but he never gives up.

  108. My husband, Mike, will be a father in November! He worries a lot about preparing our home as well as our finances for the upcoming arrival. A gift card for Home Depot would surely be used purchase something that would bring him one step closer to piece of mind…

  109. My husband is the best! When he comes home from work, he takes the initiative to find things to do to help me out. He’s always helping fix dinner, straighten up the house, or changing diapers. He hardly takes a break, and it would be so fun to let him have money to get some new “toys” so he could enjoy some “play time.”

  110. My dad should win this contest because he puts his all into working and supporting me and my mom every day. He will be turning 78 years old this October and still works the same full time factory job he has had for 30 years. He loved to play games and try his luck on contests but has never had a big win. This would be a great treat for him.

  111. My dad should ultimatly win this gift card. He works 2 jobs that equal to over 65 hours a week. Even though he is going through a divorce with my mom, he still finds it in him to be very nice to her and help her out. Anytime my sister or I need anything, he will go out of his way to make us happy. Hes been the best person in the world to me. He takes me to NY Yankee games, takes me out to dinner. He drives me to the doctors unannounced if im feeling sick. He will pick me up at 3:00 in the morning if I am stuck somewhere even if he has to go to work at 6:00am. He co-signed on a brand new car for me that I wanted even though there was nothing wrong with my old one. He even paid the first month bill. When I was little, he would sleep on the floor next to my bed when I had nightmares. He visits me at work just to say “hi”. When I was in high school, he would come and pick me up out of the blue and take me to the park or the beach and we would just spend time together. There is absolutly nothing he wont do for either my sister or me and ontop of all the hours he works in the week, he will always find time to be with us and make us happy. He has been doing work on our house by himself so we can put it up to sell, even with a bad back, bad knees and once broken ribs. He is constantly in and out of home depot and I truly believe him knowing that I did this for him, would make him cry and I have never seen him do that before. I love him and I dont know what I would do without him!

  112. My father would benefit from this wonderful gift because he is not only an amazing person, but even a more amazing father! He is still working at the age of 70 and supports my mother and I. He has lots of inspirations to improve his yard and make it a beautiful escape from a challenging life. This would be a great start!!

  113. Hubby works hard and then has to come home and mow our grass and cut the hedge and weed the garden and he could use a little help. The giftcard would help us toward some tolls that will help him!

  114. My dad is a selfless, caring, amorous person. He never shirks a task, or is to busy to lend a helping hand. He connected my icemaker to the wall in my new townhouse. He performs handy man services on the house across the street which he rents to my younger sister. Dad also completed a bathroom remodel for my brother one year as a Christmas gift. He is very mechanically adept, and his repair skills come natural and seem to bring him such joy and pleasure.

  115. My boyfriend has become an amazing father to my two sons. They both love and respect him because he goes out of his way to be an infulence in their lives. Even though he has no children of his own (yet), he has jumped right in to coach my 4-year-old’s tball team, he plays ball with them in the yard even when he is exhausted from working all day and he is planning a big fishing trip this weekend with the boys while I am away visiting my sister. He is constantly giving to everyone else, does all the maintenance around the house on his own and cooks too! He deserves something special just for him to enjoy. I cannot wait to marry this incredible man. He definitely deserves to win the Home Depot Father’s Day Giveaway.

  116. My Dad is a wonderful man and with my mother, adopted me 26 years ago. He is a Navy veteran and served our country proud, and spent decades working outside for trucking company Yellow Freight. He has not had an easy life by any means, and would definitely appreciate a gift card to Home Depot. Thank you for reading.

  117. This may sound crazy, but I’m entering this on behalf of my ex-husband–father of my two children. He recently gave up his fab-bachelor pad in the City (3 hours away) and bought a townhouse to be close to the kids. He finally came to his senses, sacrificing $ to be able to participate in their lives on a regular basis. He could really use the gift card to make a few needed repairs. Thanks!

  118. I am a single mom of two darling little boys, 3 years old and 12 weeks old. My best friend is the best father ever. He isn’t either of my children’s biological father but he stepped into that role totally unselfishlly. He is there day in and day out helping me to raise my children in a wonderfully loving environment. From Easter baskets and Christmas stockings to playing on the playground after work and cooking our dinner and doing all the little laundry that comes with babies, he’s there for it all. Whatever we need on any particular day is what he does. He thinks of us and our needs before his own. He’s there when he doesn’t have to be and that is what makes him the best father.

  119. My husband Mike, is a wonderful father. He has been laid off AGAIN, for the fourth time in a year. He has sold everything that he has worked for (welders, welding gear, his riding lawnmower and our pop-up camper) in the past few months to keep the bills paid. He is a bricklayer and has volunteered his time to help build our church while he is laid off. He has been a inspiration to his fellow (laid-off) co-workers, and an example to our children ages 7,8 and 10. He deserves this because he constantly sacrafices, yet never gives up hope, and that is the true measure of a man.

  120. My husband Chris is a terrific dad. I had my son prior to when we met. He walked into fatherhood as a package deal. It didn’t matter he was there for soccer games, immunizations and standing in line at Mcd’S to see the white ranger. When I was pregnant with our daughter, he was the family chef. I didn’t have morning sickness. I had morning afternoon and evening sickness. Even the thought of food made me nauseous. When we had our third child he would take turns with me getting up with him. He marveled at every oooooh and ahhh. He was overseas(we were both military members)when we lost our third to SIDS. My brother in laws first child died of SIDS so when I became pregnant with our fourth child, no one could have had a fiercer advocate. We were put in complicated Ob-Gyn because of the stress I faced(I never finished the grieving process for our third). He held my hand and made sure that the military did right by us providing us with a monitor and getting our consult to the pulmonologist when that monitor went off. He stayed beside me through it all changing diapers and doing what dads do. Following the birth of our fifth child we were civilians. When my son was a couple weeks old I had to be hospitalized. When they catherterized me I developed an infection. It went from my bladder to my kidneys. My husband watched our newborn and the other 3 children for a week on his own before the doctor would have pity on me and let me home(The infection was bad enough they thought I had developed sepsis and my kidneys were barely functioning when I was admitted). It’s often easy for me to criticize him when he does things wrong.(Spend more time with them. Turn the TV off and read. Show him how to do that even though it is easier to do it yourself Chris) I often think I don’t spend nearly as much time sharing everything he does right. I would love to be able to give him this gift card. Business is slow and I could never be able to afford it without winning it. So here’s hoping.

  121. My husband has been working hard to repair our flood-damaged kitchen almost completely by himself in order to both save money and get us exactly what we want in upgrades. He is such a great dad that he lets our littlest (6) “help” him in this project, despite the fact that she usually slows him down.

  122. My husband works very hard as many Dads do, including lots of extra hours, yet he also still manages to eat dinner with me and the kids (we have 3) every night, reads to the kids, helps with other care of them, and plays with them. Money is so tight we barely make bills, and sometimes don’t, much less buy gifts for each other on special occasions. It would be wonderful to be able to give him something he would enjoy so much.

  123. My husband: He spent 6 weeks working 12 and 14 hour days to fix up the house we bought for our family of six. Even when he was so tired and overwhelmed, he took Christmas Eve and Christmas day off for the family. Our budget has been so tight and as a result there are many incomplete projects (baseboards, door moldings, window moldings, sprinklers, grass!, fix fireplace, install a closet rod, the list is long)… to give him $50 would be wonderful!!

  124. My dad has been retired for a couple years, now, but uses his time to help out others around the neighborhood. He lives in a rather old neighborhood, with rather old neighbors, so he gets out on a daily basis to mow people’s yards and help with gardening, or just generally pay people a visit and give them some company. I used to get on to him about using his free time for a non-profit organization, but I now realize that he’s volunteering his time in his own way.

  125. My husband should win because he’s been so incredibly helpful since our third child was born. He’s done so much without me even asking and is always willing to help out in any way.

  126. My husband should win because after many years of renting, he is starting to work at learning the handyman type skills required to be a homeowner. He is more of a scholar and really doesn’t enjoy this (although I think he’s liking it more and more), he is doing it anyway, because he’s a stand up guy and its time. Good man, that one!

  127. My Dad is still fixing things and building things at 79 years old. I spent may hours with him as I grew up working on projects and learning skills that I still use today. I think the biggest thing he taught me was not to be afraid to try. Several years ago we decided we wanted a deck. I had never done anything like that before but I got a book, studied it during the winter, planned our deck and built it (14′ x 30′ with three staircase, one descending 9 feet with a 90 degree turn). We love it. I say, Thanks, Dad!

  128. He taught me how to be a smart spender and today I am financially sound because what I learned from him. He worked hard in his life yet all he cares about how to make my life better. He deserves a gift.

  129. My husband is an awesome dad and grandad. He is a handyman who is always using his talent to make our home keep running smoothly or better. He also helps our kids out in many ways with his handyman skills. He works hard at his job and always has to provide for our family.

  130. I think this would be the ideal gift for my dad because he is such a wonderful dad. He worked relentlessly while we were young and has many dreams and projects which he thinks he will work on once he retires. Now that he will be retiring pretty soon and start working on some of his dream projects I think this would be the perfect gift for him.

  131. My husband is amazing. He and I truly work as a team… he does anything that needs to be done, and has worked very hard to make our house into a cozy home that we love. This past Saturday, while I slept in and the baby napped, he washed the floors, cleaned the kitchen (including washing out the sinks), and cleaned all the railings. I felt so spoiled! 🙂

  132. My stepdad is the nicest person on the face of the earth! He is incredibly kind to everybody and would do anything in the world to help me, what a nice guy 🙂

  133. My husband Richard is the best Father I have ever known.He does everything with our boys, he’s even coached their baseball teams. Also every year he mentors kids at the school whose fathers aren’t there. He uses every spare moment he has to spend time with our family. While he helps me with all my chores around the house, and with the kids. Meanwhile, he is working in the military, and taking college to further his career. I Truly feel he is the Most Deserving of this. Thanks so much. 🙂

  134. My dad is a fabulous granddad for my sons. He shares his woodworking workshop with my elder son Michael (5) every time we visit and has ongoing projects they work on together. My younger son William (2) loves him for the tickles and tosses into the air he receives on every visit. Plus, he’s always willing to loan us his new truck or pitch in to help with our DIY projects. I love him!

  135. My dad is a farmer, rancher, and full-time john deere mechanic. He works harder than any man I’ve ever known. Oh, and he’s 62 years old. He keeps his job at John Deere so that my mom can have health insurance because she has a rare disease that keeps her in and out of the Dr.’s office/hospital. The job runs him ragged, but at the end of the 10-hr work day, he comes home and works his couple hundred acres, tends the cattle, and collapses each night around 10. Then he gets up at 5:30 and does it all over again. You will never hear this man grumble or complain. He helps any neighbor who needs it, he’s a father figure to the younger mechanics, and he made sacrifices so that my life would never be that hard. He’s amazing. I hope he wins this!

  136. My Father is one of a kind. There are very few men made from that same material that he is made from. He grew up in a large family of 9 siblings with four brothers, four sisters, and himself, which is probably where he acquired a lot of his experience with others. My father grew up in the mid 40’s to the mid 60’s. Times were very different back then. His Father owned a used car dealership when he was a child and he GOT TO wash cars inside and out for .50 cents a car. Notice I said GOT TO, which means he didn’t really have a choice. Well things didn’t change much when my brother, sister and I came along. We GOT TO wash all his cars inside and out for $5.00 each and that was only after he made a thorough inspection of your work, and there was always at least one thing that we had to go back and fix. Oh, I forgot to mention my dad was a bit of a car collector, so we never ran out of work. What is the quality I most admire about my dad? His desire to help as many people as he can be as conservative as he has tried to be throughout the years. Some people might say he has an odd ways of getting his point across, I have grown to call it UNIQUE. Both of my parents worked when we were growing up, my mother worked mornings and my father worked nights, so there was always a parent at home with us. Finding ways to save money and lower expenses was how we ran our home. When we were children, if we left our light on in our bedroom, he would unscrew your light bulb and put it in a less expensive spot. In other words until we promised to turn our light off when we left the room we did not get our light bulb back. Throughout our childhood, for some reason, our house was a hot spot for all the neighbor-hood kids. We always had some kind of cool toy around that all the children wanted to play with, but instead of just letting everyone play we all had to pitch on the chores for the day. One of my fondest memories was a big Bar-B-Q we had. Now we didn’t just go out and buy our meat like most families would, we raised or grew most of our groceries. He gave each of the kids a five-gallon bucket and an old milk crate to sit on. He lined us up in the backyard and then gave each child one chicken. We all went to plucking away. After we were all done we got to ride four wheelers, play, and have a huge meal with our friends and family, that had to be one of the most fun Bar-B-Q’s we ever had. I think having to work hands on for your food makes it taste that much better. Now I have been told that my dad and I are a lot alike, and we get along like two peas in a pod NOW, but when I was a little girl through my teenage years we butted heads like two male rams fighting for the prize. I always did exactly what I was told specifically NOT to do, and I always got caught. I never knew how parents always figured those things out. The things our father taught us will always be the foundation to our accomplishments. My brother, sister and I would all agree that we have the most unique, kind, understanding, fair, caring, stern, but at the same time loving, humorous, and devoted father that any child could ask for. When it comes to parents, we found the gold at the end of the rainbow.
    I will always love you Dad

  137. My husband is preparing to be the best father ever! We look forward to having children in the very near future!

  138. I think my dad should get this because he is a great father and role model to his kids and grandchildren. Last Aug he found out that he has stage 4 lung, liver and bone cancer, this year has been so hard on him with the chemo, radiation and hospital stays, this would put a huge smile on his face. And let him know how much we love love him. He loves to fix and build things, but hasn’t been able to lately. We Love you Dad! (Floyd Swiger)

  139. My husband John works hard so I am able to stay home and educate our daughter. He works long hours and still finds the time to work on a “honey do list” on the weekends. He is a great guy who really is an amazing husband and provider.

  140. My husband works very hard and long hours to provide for our family. I would love to win this for him!

  141. My husband is going to become a daddy this month! He has been nothing but doting and supportive of me and my belly for nine months. He’s been so involved in every part of our planning, right down to picking out our nursery theme and helping me build a homemade lamp. He is going to be the best father ever! He’s sensitive, caring and has an undying sense of humor!

  142. My dad 100 percent deserves to win this prize. I know everyone is hurting during the economic crisis and my family is also one of the millions. Although I was unaware of our situation while I was away at college and my Dad lost his job here in Phoenix. He is not the type of person to ask for help or put anyone in worry of problems. My dad got back on his feet right away and luckily found a job within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately money is very crucial and this prize would help him and our family out enormously although he would never ask for it.

  143. John is amazing! This will be his first father’s day. You see,he’s been a devoted teacher, always going above and beyond for his students, but never had children of his own. Now, he’s become a father to my two. My children have never known what its like to have a true Dad. Their natural father was abusive so they’ve always seen men as something frightening, manipulative, and painful. John changed all of that. He treats them with genuine love, care, and respect, being sensitive to their past and wholeheartedly taking on the role of Dad to them. According to my daughter, 11 years old, he ‘makes her heart happy’ and my son, 13, ‘he’s what I always thought a dad could be but thought something like that was never real.’ I am in awe of his love for them, he has managed to tear down HUGE walls and built strong relationships of love and trust in their place. He is all that I ever dreamed of for my children, and more. My children and I are blessed to have him in our lives and we’re excited to celebrate his FIRST Father’s Day this year. John is a giver and not used to receiving in return. He is in the process of putting together a small wood shop so that he can build a sleigh; He is Santa at Christmas, going to needy families and organizations, trying to spread heartfelt Christmas magic. Its his dream to pull up in a sleigh that he has made himself, pulled by a beautiful horse… all in an effort to make memories for others. The tools he needs to build this sleigh are expensive so it’s taking some time to gather them, this gift would help tremendously and would put him one step closer to achieving his dream. Thank you for considering John, I know your choice will be a difficult one, as there are SO many deserving dads out there; but for us, John is one of a kind, the peak of what a father should be and what makes him so amazing… he doesn’t even realize how wonderful he is. 🙂

  144. My son deserves to win this because he is a good person and an excellent father. He works hard and he spends time with his family and he is involved helping his wife raise their three children. Home Depot is his favorite store.

  145. With the economy what it is, DaHubby working in a automotive-related industry has made our family financial future uncertain. So, at 41 years old, DaHubby headed back to school.

    But, not just to school – he’s going full time…while still working day shifts ranging from 24-45 hr/week. And, not only full time – but, because he’s receiving all A’s, he’s tutoring his fellow classmates two nights a week. And, not only working, going to class, and tutoring, but he was awarded a full ride scholarship to do it all.

    Finally, he still makes time to plant our garden, make a sunflower house (, a homemade sand table (, and a raised platform-floor w/linoleum tile ( for the kids’ playhouse.

    Through all this, supporting his family and supplying us with what we need has always come first. However, with his hours repeatedly being cut and being unable to get a second job due to his other responsibilities, he worries a lot about fixing small things around the house like the night when the kitchen sink drain pipe sprung a leak spraying water all over.

    And, when he *does* get a chance to fix something, it’s got to be done on the cheap because there’s just no money to spare. This gift card would be a blessing to him as well as well as make him worry about us a little less so he can focus on the light at the end of the tunnel…a new job in a new career this time next year!

  146. Here are the top 10 reasons why my dad is #1 in my book and best dad ever.

    My dads most frequently phrases used when I was growing up are…10. Close that door you think A/C grows on trees? 9. Get off the darn phone! 8. Give it a little gas… No…! Brake! Braaaake!! 7. You’re not leaving this house dressed like that! 6. It’s gonna cost HOW much?!? 5. Who turned up the thermostat?!? 4. When I was your age, I had to walk through three feet of snow to get to school! 3. If you don’t knock it off, I’m gonna turn this car around and take you right back home! 2. Don’t make me come up there!! And the number one most frequent used phrase is… Go ask your mother! (Was there ever any doubt?) When I was little, I looked up to my dad so much. I thought he was the strongest, smartest, most wonderful dad in the world. And my Mr. Fix a lot because, my dad would always fix stuff that did not need to be fixed. My mom would always tell him the old sayings “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it”. But my dad would say “Where’s the fun in that?” followed by “where’s my duct tape?” Now that I’m grown up, I find my self using the same phrases… THANK YOU DAD! YOU’RE THE BEST.

  147. Aaron is a twenty year old father who I could not respect more. I did my best to be the best father I could be to him and I see he is now becoming a great role model for his son. He works harder than most people his age and has done very well helping others as much as possible. I’m very grateful to have such a wonderful son. A gift card would be a fortunate surprise for Aaron on Father’s Day.

  148. My dad deserves this because he has always been there for me when I needed him and I appreciate this so much from him!

  149. This is for my dad who has been always giving and working hard to make my life beautiful every day.

  150. I’d like to enter my husband in this giveaway. He is incredibly patient, loving, Godly, and creative. He makes life fun for me and our 17 month old son, and I know he will do the same for our daughter due in August.

    He has been wanting to buy materials to build a garden–to help us on our TMMO, and so he’ll have some yummy produce to cook for his family.

    He is amazing, and I’d love for him to win! Thanks for the chance.

  151. My husband is an amazing father and is well deserving of the gift card. He has only been a father for 10 months and will be celebrating his first fathers day.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  152. My dad is amazing! He lost his great job and had to start over from scratch late in life. He started his own painting business and does fairly well. I just worry about him at 61 climbing up and down ladders all day!

    Even though he paints for a living, he always has some sort of project going on around the house. It’s what he does and it makes him happy. However, He has actually lovingly nicked named his wife -“my frugel wife.”

    This gift card would ensure any projects that would bring him joy, would get completed as his frugel wife wouldn’t mind him doing it as long as it was free!

  153. My dad has suffered two heart attacks since January 5th of this year but he’s still puttering around the house. He’s always been my hero and can fix anything (and still does to the best of his ability). He never just sits (unless the Angel baseball game is on)but is always working on something. He could really use this gift card, even if it was to buy my mom flowers to plant 🙂

  154. My dad is another “frugal dad”. He taught me and my brother coupon-clipping and sale-finding at an early age. He gives his time freely to those who need help or to causes he believes in, and he’s the most patient man in the world.

  155. My father, Robert, is so giving and the most unselfish person I know not only towards his family but everyone he comes into contact with. He is a coalminer and some day’s he works very long hours and still comes home in a great mood with a smile on his face and does tasks that need done around our house. I don’t know how he lives on so little sleep! He also does odds and ends for other individuals when they need him to; he never turns anyone down and always is willing to lend and hand to others. He works so hard to provide for our family and give us things he never had. I am very thankful for him and for all he does for me and my family. A gift card would be great for him to take time to do something for himself!!

  156. I love my Dad because he is the best Dad in the world! What makes my Dad the best is that he plays the role of “Dad” and “Mom” since he has raised me and my older sister as a single parent. He works so hard every day, he has his own business, but he still makes time for ball games, dance recitals, track meets or whatever my sister and I are involved in. We can tell Dad anything. He listens to us vent, he hugs us when we cry, and he corrects us when we need it. Our house burned in December, but my sister and I knew that when Dad said it would all be ok, it would be ok. We knew our dad would work non-stop until he had it built back, and that’s exactly what he did. We know if we need anything, he will make it happen. He’s a “dad” to all our friends as well. They all call him “Daddy Matt.” His girlfriend has two boys who he also treats like his own children. We have all become like one big family, and he is the Dad who loves us all. He does everything from play Playstation with them to coach them in wrestling or train them at the gym. They would say he deserves some kind of “Dad of the Year” award as well. He also takes care of anything his mother needs since she is a widow. He cuts her grass, takes care of her car, whatever she needs. He is the most unselfish person on the planet! He does all this and still manages to also be the best cook ever! My dad is the best!