Introducing Forums Feature, and a Guest Post

Some of you may have noticed a new banner in the top right of the menu advertising “Frugal Dad Forums.”  I’m excited to announce that the forums feature here at Frugal Dad is now up and running!  Over the last few weeks readership has grown at a steady rate, and I’ve had the good fortune of making many new frugal friends.  Since day one I’ve had a goal of creating a community of like-minded people following a frugal lifestyle, and it is my hope that you will join me in the forums to continue that mission.  So click over and register to participate.  Look forward to seeing you there!

A Guest Post from Frugal Dad at Gather Little by Little

I recently wrote a guest post for one of my favorite blogs, Gather Little by Little.  It was posted today so head over there, check it out, and leave a few comments if you enjoyed the article.  Back tomorrow with another entertaining, insightful post here at Frugal Dad.  Well, at least I’ll be back here tomorrow!