Introducing the New and Improved Frugal Dad

Just a quick note to let you know we’ve completed the Frugal Dad redesign. Again, our mission was to enchance your reading experience while providing increased ways for readers to save money. Please share your thoughts on the new site design in the comments below, and thanks for your continued support.


  1. Nice, clean looking design….but definitely NOT a fan of not being able to read the whole post on one page.

  2. What screen dimension did you design for? You didn’t go for liquid design I guess. I am using 1920×1080 here so I see a lot of wasted white space and the font is very small. Maybe you designed for 800×600?

    The search box may communicate better if you put the word “Search” in a light gray which disappears once people click in the box.

    The 2 cent reply icon is a cute touch.

  3. I like it, it’s very easy to use (and the comment fields are great!) Everything looks very clean. My question for you is what do YOU think of it?

    • It’s growing on me – wasn’t sure about the colors at first, but the more I look the more I like them. I do wonder if the orange text is a bit too light, so we may take another look at that. I definitely like that it isnt’t as cluttered as the last design.

  4. I have been a long time reader and I LOVE the functionality and look of the new site. Very clean and the navigation is super easy (and makes sense, so thanks for that). Love it. Thanks for all your wisdom!

  5. Hi, I like the clean appearance a lot–looks much less cluttered. But I hate the orange–it’s so light. Especially against a white background. The fonts seem smaller, but that’s just a matter of getting used to it. I also like the 2cent icon…

  6. Oops– forgot to mention I also prefer being able to read the whole post at once, instead of having to click on a button to continue reading…

  7. Thanks Jason. Its always a big move to redesign a blog page. Congrats on launching it.

    I think the one thing I would consider reworking is the orange color. If you want to use Orange you have to use more of it (think ING Direct).

    The bottom footer of your page is a good example of how it can look if a lot of orange is used. Without a healthy dose of orange the orange turns to yellow.

  8. Okay, the good: I love that the content resides in about two thirds of the page. Another favorite blog has recently reduced the content to half the page and TWO columns of junk on the right. UGH!
    I don’t mind clicking to complete an article – it’s easier to get an overview.

    The less-than-good: Are you creating an homage to a favorite sports team? I’m not sold on the colors. After all, green is the color of money and orange and black are the color of – Halloween?? Finally, I’ve been a fan of this blog for so long that it seems I have gotten old in the process. This font is w-a-a-a-a-a-y too small.

    The best: I love that you care enough to tinker with the site and make improvements. Whatever you decide, I’m sure I’ll be back for more. That is, if I can read it. Thanks for all that you do.

  9. I like it, but more importantly I would suggest you post more regularly. I think expectations of a daily blog post in the blogging world are pretty high now. I feel like you post so irregularly that I don’t bother checking in here that often.

    • Melanie, you can always follow along via a feed reader (which will notify you when a new post is out). I work a full time job in addition to my blogging endeavor, so daily posting is difficult, but I do try to fill the gaps with guest posts and regular contributors (like Laurel). I’d rather go with quality over quantity.

    • I don’t think a blogger has to blog regularly, especially if blogging is not your full time job. I know readers would like a daily post, but if have a family and work full time, it is hard to crank out quality posts everyday. I rather read quality posts.

  10. I love the new layout! It is much cleaner and professional looking.
    It is much more comfortable to be able to just scroll down and read your entire posts, rather than have to click in and out of them.
    I do miss the green though, it reminds me of the old FrugalDad and of money at the same time.

  11. Nice design but the piggy bank logo design seems to make reference to Smarty Pig and the ING orange ball?? How about something like a rope tied around a dollar bill or something?

  12. I like how clean it looks, but I agree with the above poster that your logo is too small. Your tagline doesn’t stand out from the navbar below, because there isn’t anything separating the white spaces.

    I don’t love the orange, but I could learn to like it.

  13. I prefer the old look also. I thought the old header was great in the green and I liked the size better. You knew instantly what the blog was about when you saw it. This logo and header seem to small and I’m not crazy about the colors. It seems kind of plain now. Maybe you could enlarge the logo and add a colored background to make it stand out?

    I love your blog content though!

  14. To be perfectly frank, I don’t know what is doing it, but it hurts my eyes so I will probably stop reading regularly.

  15. I really like how clean the layout looks. I just miss the green, and was a little confused if I was at the right site at first!

    Personally, I love the logo, but I wonder if it should be a little bigger? Personal taste I suppose.