July Rewind And A Little News

July was a hot month around here. One of my posts was featured at LifeHacker.com and The Daily Crux.com, which helped push my monthly page views up to around 200,000 for the first time ever. I’ve also seen a nice increase in subscribers – around 8,500 at last count. Thanks to all new subscribers who have signed on, and to all you regulars who continue to follow.

Five Posts You Should Read If You Missed Them the First Time

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July 20 – The Tri-Level Emergency Fund

July 24 – Living Off the Grid With Kids


Now that the mid-year rush at my full time job has slowed to only a mild rush, I plan to start posting more often. Look for more two-a-days here at Frugal Dad (email subscribers will have to scroll down to check for a second post). I’m hesitant to commit to a formal schedule of twice daily posting during the week, because things come up often that keep me from the keyboard. So for now I’ll just leave it that Monday – Friday the plan will be two posts, and maybe one on the weekends, but don’t hold me to it…please.


For members of the Frugal Dad forums, I have bad news. I’ve decided to remove the forums for a variety of reasons. First of all, they are a huge target for spam, and I don’t have time to adequately moderate them to keep out the filth. Second, they didn’t quite take off like I had hoped, but most of that is my fault as I did not seed them with topics often enough to keep the discussion going. I hope you won’t mind if I cut them loose and refocus my efforts here at the blog.

How Can You Help?

Every couple weeks I receive an email from an appreciative reader looking for ways to help me spread the word here at Frugal Dad. I certainly appreciate it when readers are compelled to tell others about the site, and decided I should formally point out ways you can help me keep things going here. Again, I don’t expect any of these from you, but I am forever grateful for your help.

  • Email articles that interest you to friends and family
  • Tell offline friends about FrugalDad.com
  • Visit sites that I mention here at FD (in roundups and various article features)
  • Share FD articles with your blog readers, friends on Facebook and Twitter, StumbleUpon, and other social networking sites

Again, thanks for a successful July. August promises to be busy for all of us with kids returning to school, and the kickoff of fall sports (did someone say college football?). It’s a new month and a clean slate – no better time to get control of those finances. Stay frugal!


  1. I appreciate the update and am happy to hear you are doing so well with Frugal Dad. I enjoy your posts.
    I did want to say, though, that I am a content e-mail subscriber to your posts and it would be a little much for me if you sent two posts a day. Just don’t feel pressured to do it. I think a lot of us are just as happy with one. I like to really think about what you are writing and often check out the links. I just don’t want to be online longer than I have to if there was more than one post. Family time is precious.

    Mrs. White