Midweek Roundup: Davy Crockett Edition

“We have the right as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money.”

– Davy Crockett

My what a difference a couple hundred years makes! Imagine if a Congressman came out and said something like that in the current political climate. He’d have my vote! Of course, in the current market turmoil you have appointed individuals drawing up plans to spend $700 billion of taxpayer’s money, but it still has to be approved by Congress. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but I tell you I have serious reservations about setting precedents like this–imagine when the next financial disaster hits. Will taxpayers again be asked to foot the bill for government and industry fiscal irresponsibility?

Site News

One item of interest to pass along.  You may have noticed this week that I have started a two-a-day posting schedule.  I’ve decided to try this format for a while because I have lots of article ideas to share, and limiting myself to one article per day made it hard to get all my ideas in writing.  Email subscribers will likely receive both articles in a single daily email, so be sure to scroll beyond the first article to read them both.  Feel free to give me some feedback on whether or not you like the new format.

The Roundup

  • Best Places for Your Money When the Stock Market Tanks. Very timely piece! I’m lucky (I guess) to not have much money in the market at the moment, outside of retirement accounts. What I do have is sitting in high-yield savings accounts as suggested in this article. (@The Digerati Life)
  • How to Have a Frugal Vegas Vacation. Some great tips included in the comments in this article. I’ve never been to Vegas, but hope to visit one day. (@Generation X Finance)
  • 29 Steps I Took to Leave the Workforce at Age 29. This may be my all-time favorite post from Madison–incredibly inspiring, and insightful. Unfortunately, since I’m a couple years older I don’t think I’ll make it out of the rat race by 29, but 40 is still within range! (@My Dollar Plan)
  • Timing the Bottom. Timing the bottom of an individual stock, or the market as a whole, is a tough task. While there are some technical analysis tricks to use (I don’t know any personally), I would stick with a long-term approach to investing and keep plowing money into low-cost, highly diversified mutual funds. (@Brip Blap)
  • How to Make Your Job Better or Find a Better Job. Bottom line? “Life’s too short to spend it working in a job you don’t like.” Couldn’t agree more! And I’ve spent my share of time sitting in a dead end job waiting for something to change. (@Money Smart Life)
  • Buying a Car? 10 Ways to Get the Best Deal. Nice tips for buying a car, either from a dealer or an individual. With gas prices on the rise, and disposable income shrinking, it’s a great time to negotiate a deal if you’ve got the cash. (@Lazy Man and Money)
  • The Never-Ending War Against Advertising. So far I’ve cut out the expanded cable service, and am considering dropping the Sunday paper (I can get coupons from eBay) in an effort to avoid advertising. (@Get Rich Slowly)
  • The Festival of Frugality #144. David at My Two Dollars pinch hit as host for this version of the festival, and did a fine job. Lots of interesting frugal living reading material!

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  1. I know; you’re right! It is NOT my fault that those companies behaved completely and totally irresponsibly! It is NOT my duty, or patriotic obligation, or any other term that gets used to take $$ out of my pocket to pay for such incompetence. We will though. We will all pay for it. And if we had leaders in place that allowed and encouraged such financial idiocy maybe we should (Not me of course because I didn’t vote for THOSE people).

    Whether we should or should not we will. We will because the alternative is our children hungry in the streets and as a nation we don’t tolerate that so… right or wrong (and it definitely WAS wrong and should have been stopped BEFORE THIS) we’ll pay. We will all pay.