Midweek Roundup: Finally Fall Edition

Photo courtesy of Gail S

Despite temperatures still in the 80’s this week, the calendar says it is time for Fall weather! The leaves are just beginning to change colors, and mornings have a welcomed crispness in the air. Fall is my favorite time of year because of the changing colors, the cooler weather, and of course, college football. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

The Midweek Roundup

  • The Simple Truth: You’re Complicated. Admitting that we are complicated beings really is half the battle. Once we recognize that we can begin to embrace simplicity, as this article suggests.
  • Keep Your Spending Tidy With an Envelope System. When my wife and I first got control of our spending it was thanks to implementing an envelope system. Nothing has more psychological impact than staring into an empty “Entertainment” envelope on Friday night.
  • Steps to Develop Decisiveness. I really like the idea of the “What If” log. I did something similar when trying to decide whether or not we should relocate for a new job. We listed the pros and cons of both staying put and relocating, and then thought out ways to hedge the risks presented by the “cons.”
  • 4 Secrets of the Successfully Self-Employed. I like to think of myself as part time/full time. While I work full time to pay the bills, Frugal Dad has become my part time venture. Many of the “secrets” in this article apply to any entrepreneur.
  • What is Your Weakness? Believe it or not, I don’t really have a spending weakness. I don’t collect anything; I’m not a car guy; and I don’t really care about electronic gadgets. I think the fact that I don’t have a weakness is a weakness. I will often go too long between replacing clothing, making necessary household upgrades, etc. all in the name of saving money.

Carnivals I’ve Participated In

  • Kids and Money Carnival.  Kids and money–two of my favorite subjects, and my first appearance in this unique carnival.


  1. We have enjoyed some absolutely wonderful weather here lately! I agree that fall is a fantastic time of year. I just hope it doesn’t get too cold too soon!

    Thanks for including my article!

  2. After a summer that almost wasn’t…too cool rarely reaching 70, we just enjoyed a wonderfully warm September – 65-78’s – and the tomatoes are finally ripening! No freeze yet, and none in the 10 day weather report, so I am hopeful that the corn will also get it in gear! NW Coastal Oregon It’s absolutely gorgeous perfect weather here now!