New Theme at Frugal Dad

If you haven’t been by Frugal Dad lately, I invite you to check out our new theme. I’ve already received mixed reviews, and I very much appreciate your feedback.

I still have a bit of work to do, but have to save this type of work for the weekends when I can block out significant time to focus.

As a quick reminder, you don’t have to visit the site to receive new content. You can sign up for free to receive content delivered directly to your email inbox, or via your favorite feed reader.

The Frugal Roundup

Get Your Free Money: Treasure Hunting Online. An excellent resource for those who may be interested in finding a little free money of their own. (@Good Financial Cents)

Changing Your Life: From Contractor to the Farm. Here is a cool story about how Mary, from SimplyForties, up and decided to sell her home and house sit for a living. I’m not sure if I could do that! (@Consumerism Commentary)

12 Ways a Money Buddy Can Really Help. Have you found that special someone yet? 😉 (@The Simple Dollar)

11 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget. Here are some great tips on eating good while pinching pennies. (@Simple Mom)

Best of the Rest

I’m off to fire up the lawn mower. Rumor has it some Easter eggs may get left behind this weekend. On second thought, they may be easier to hide if I don’t mow. That was easy!


  1. Better logo though my only thought was that you are hit with alot of advertising before you hit your content which is offputting

    • It’s a balancing act. Obviously, advertisers want to be featured as high as possible, but readers don’t want to have to scroll for content. At the moment, I’ve leaned more towards monetization because I recognize only casual readers or search engine traffic lands at the site (with others reading via RSS or email).

      • Really? ONLY casual readers/search engine traffic comes to the site? This is something you know, and you know it well enough to use “only” as the qualifier?

        Just because I haven’t added the blog to my already-overwhelming RSS reader does not mean I’m a casual reader – this is where I head every day during my downtime at work (where I am unwilling to log in to my Google account to use Reader), and an RSS feed or email subscription wouldn’t have helped me when I was reading through the entire archives going backward in chronological order, hardly an endeavor I would describe as “casual.”

        • Andrea, you’ve proven me wrong! Thanks. Guess I should have said “mostly.” I’m honored that you invest that much time here.

  2. The divident check lady always makes me laugh when I see her pop up on someone’s blog with that crazy black hat.

    I did like your best of section which looks like you eliminated.

    • Sandra, “Best Of” is now “Top 10” and sits in the top right navigation. Perhaps I should change it back to “Best Of” as you suggest.

  3. I basically consider it lucky for me that I just recently finished reading through all the archives, because it wouldn’t have been nearly as good an experience with the old articles displayed how they are, and I probably wouldn’t have gone all the way back to the beginning. I get that page clicks are important, but it was nice being able to read full articles without having to open them in new tabs unless I wanted to read the comments.

    As an example, another blog I read (Lifehacker) recently changed their RSS feed so that all you get are the first few sentences without going to the actual article, and this has resulted in me reading a lot fewer of their full-length articles. The snippets above the cut are rarely enough to make me want to click for more, and I’m finding the same problem with the snippets here for any article that isn’t the most recently posted. It’s much harder to catch up if I’ve missed a few days if I can’t just scroll down the page and get all the content that was posted in my absence.

    • @Andrea: You are the third or fourth person to mention this, so I took your advice and reworked the archive pages to appear more like the old layout. I also extended the home page to list the last five posts, hopefully making it easier to catch up. So glad I asked the question because this is just the type of feedback I was hoping to receive. Thanks for taking the time!

  4. Question for readers: Did you prefer the two-column right theme I previously had? It seems like most of you feel the content is “squished” between the two sidebars, and honestly, I think I agree. *Note, the content area is the same size as it was with my old theme, but the two sidebars make it appear smaller.

  5. Personally I always prefer a two column theme because it makes everything look less crowded. But it is your site, so whatever rocks your boat.

  6. I think this layout looks fairly clean-which is something that always attracts me. I personally am not a fan of leading the article with an Ad block-on my screen there is no actual content above the fold. I always think it is best if you at least get a couple of lines of content in above the fold. . .

    • I love the Thesis theme. I gotta agree with Jenn, though, that I dislike the ad block right at the top of the page. It does make it look like there’s no content, at least on my screen.

      I understand the need for above the fold advertising, but I prefer to keep the advertising completely in my sidebar…that way it can be above the fold, but it’s not interfering with my content in the slightest.

  7. I don’t understand what the new theme is, I didn’t read the comments so I apologize! Fill me in Frugal Dad!

    • I changed the layout at Frugal Dad, and initially had a sidebar on the left and right, which wasn’t popular. The new theme also handled archives differently – also unpopular. I’ve tried to make things look and feel mostly like the old theme, while keeping the required upgrades to the back-end code.

  8. I tend to lean towards the uncluttered look, which your theme indicates. The problem is with all the ads. It really puts me off a blog to see so much of it.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about the ads, you have a great site that offers great content 4-6 days a week – that’s a lot of hard work. It only makes sense that you would be compensated for all your hard work. I think you’ve done a good job of integrating the ads and not making them too conspicuous for your regular readers, while at the same time understanding the needs of your paying advertisers. I like the new look, love the Thesis theme (yes i use it too), and keep up the great work!