ProFlowers: An Inexpensive Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

I just completed my annual Mother’s Day order and thought I would pass along some deals to my readers. As a frugal son and husband I’ve never been much for flower delivery because florists tend to tack on outrageous delivery expenses just so a stranger can deliver flowers to your loved one. So, a few years ago I started using ProFlowers for special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and of course, Mother’s Day. I order the flowers and have them delivered to me, and then I arrange them and present them to my loved one. I think it makes for a very personal touch.

ProFlowers operates an interesting business model. From ProFlowers website:

Our Provide Commerce marketplace is a proven e-commerce platform that consistently delivers fresh, high quality products direct from the supplier to the customer. We believe that the distribution chain for perishable products, including flowers, premium meat and fresh fruit, is particularly well suited for a technologically enhanced and compressed supply chain that more efficiently connects customers with suppliers. By using our platform, customers receive a higher quality, fresher product at a lower price point, and suppliers receive significant benefits through improved profitability, expanded customer reach and better cost management.

The fact ProFlowers can have orders from the grower to your doorstep in a matter of a couple days is an amazing logistical feat. In the past, many of the flowers I received were just beginning to bloom from bulb form – helping the flowers last for a longer time and providing a unique experience to actually watch the flowers bloom right in front of you.

Mother’s Day is one of the busier times for florists, including ProFlowers, so get your order in soon and select one of the Mother’s Day delivery options (a flexible delivery option will allow delivery on the Thursday or Friday before Mother’s Day, while a Friday delivery guarantee is available for a small surcharge).


  1. I use ProFlowers for everything, and I love them. They’ve always done a fabulous job…

  2. I’ve never used ProFlowers, but I have used both FTD and 1-800-Flowers on several occasions, and agree that these are fairly impressive services.

    One thing that you didn’t mention is that these flower services often offer very lucrative bonuses if you go through a shopping portal — you can get 10% back at both FatWallet and eBates, I think (and if you’re into frequent flyer miles, the bonus is often even greater). Only downside is that you often can’t use some of the other special offers if you go through a shopping portal. Nevertheless, its worth checking out.

    Also, its also probably worth pointing out that you can often save money by trying to locate a local florist yourself… these internet companies, as you note, simply contract to local florists, and if you can cut out the middle man and still arrange delivery, all the better. Of course, you could make the argument that you’re using ProFlowers for the super convenience..

  3. Don’t forget to use a referral service like (my personal favorite) or EBates – Proflowers typically offers cash back through them, which, while you wait 3 months to get it, adds up!

    I agree regarding the quality, the flowers are always fresh and seem to last longer than those from the local florist.

  4. I’ve used ProFlowers many times for both my mother and my wife. Their customer service is outstanding. When one of my wife’s roses had a stem that was broken, she called them to ask if they would be willing to replace it. They sent her another dozen. Wow. They have MY business!

  5. I’ve jumped on the ProFlowers train too – our flower person dropped out at the last minute and so far Pro has been SUPER great about hooking us up and making us feel comfortable w/ everything.

    We’re still 4 weeks out ’til the wedding, but I have no worries at all that it’ll be smooth. They have mad wedding flower deals, it’s awesome 🙂