Rent Rims For Cars

Just when I thought I had heard it all, I found out I haven’t.  The other day I heard a radio commercial for a local business that allows you rent custom rims for cars.  Rent rims for cars?  Why in the world would anyone want to rent rims for a car?  Bad enough many of these spinning tire toys cost up to $2,000, but now people are renting them?  Yep, I guess I’ve heard it all.

Photo courtesy of South Beach Cars

Rent To Own

I have never particularly liked the rent-to-own business model, because to me it is like financing a purchase over twelve months and paying significantly more than the item is worth.  Why not just save up the cash for twelve months and buy the thing outright?  Because people suffer from instant gratification disease.  The disease afflicts millions of us and is largely responsible for this economic meltdown.

Nobody wants to build wealth the old-fashion way, they want a get-rich-quick scheme.  Nobody wants to wait to move into that dream house two or three house purchases a way, they want their starter home to have five bedrooms, a pool and a three car garage with a huge wired shop out back.  Nobody wants to wait until they are making $150,000 a year to buy that brand new BMW, so they finance more than they earn in a year in an attempt to show everyone on the road that they are better off than they really are.

Now car enthusiasts can take the same approach by renting financing custom rims and tires, GPS devices and CD players.  What’s next, renting televisions?  Oh, that’s right, you can do that, too.  But when you do agree to one of these rental agreements, no one tells you that in the end you pay much more for the item than straight retail.

For instance, during Super Bowl Sunday madness a local rent-to-own store was offering one of those big, widescreen televisions for only $99 a month (for twelve months).  Problem was, it was an $800 television.  I wasn’t the top math student in school, but to me that sounds like an overpriced deal by about $400.  Still, I wonder how many people stopped to make the annual cost conversion.

The bottom line is this; as a collective consumer society we are going to have to break away from the monthly payment mentality that has had a grip on us since the invention of credit cards and car deals.  It is no longer sufficient to say, “I can afford the payment.” No, the larger question is, can you afford the car?  And if they answer is no, then you need to keep saving or look for something cheaper.  The same goes for rims, televisions, computers, and anything else than can be financed.  Which in today’s world, includes just about everything.


  1. Also, many people don’t realize that as a rental situation, if you miss a single payment, they will aggressively repossess the item, and they will not go through a typical reposession/foreclosure process. They’ll simply show up at your door and take it. So if you’ve made 11 out of 12 monthly payments, and you’re three days late on your very last payment? They’ll come take it, clean it up, and rent it to someone else, and you’ve lost all that money.

  2. They’ve been doing this in Waco for years. When they opened a Rent-A-Tire store here , I thought it could never work. Evidently, it’s pretty lucrative. A wheel repossession is strange, sad, (kinda funny) sight. I agree that we live in a monthly payment society, and that needs to change. Easy credit for (almost) all has warped the way many people in this country think.


  3. Interesting photo, but it looks like the tires don’t fit!!!

    Maybe there were respossed ones that got sold at a discount:)

  4. I used to suffer from the “can I afford the monthly payments” disease. I ended up in a world of hurt in no time. Luckily I was able to break that cycle and now ask myself if I can afford to buy it or not. If I can’t pay for something outright, I don’t finance it.

    Great article, I like your sassy tone!

  5. Renting to own = Dumb.

    Renting something for a short time because don’t want to own it outright = Maybe smart. (Think a moving truck.) So, maybe you want to live large for a week, so you rent the rims. I’ve done stupider things with my money, to be sure.

    I’ve actually been toying with the idea of renting a TV, for a month or two, to see if a particular type (size/resolution) works out for me. However, if an $800 TV is $100/month, then forget it. I thought it would be more like $39/month.

  6. Last year I bought furniture on credit. One year no interest and paid it off in nine months.
    It was the first time I had bought furniture like this and I have to confess it was a really good thing to do.
    I’m with FD about instant gratification disease.
    Patience is no longer a virtue.
    Great post Frugal Dad.

  7. People have been renting expensive things for years. Watches and purses comes to mind, and let’s not forget love/companionship.

  8. Wow, that is really crazy! I think the rent to own model is an awful one as well, but many people do not think like that – they think “What can I do to get it NOW?” This is definitely the first time I’ve seen it on hubcaps of all things.

  9. Went treadmill shopping yesterday. Could not believe how pushy the sales lady was to use their financing option. I finally told her no way. I’ll only be buying what I can pay cash for.

  10. “Can you afford the payment?”

    Too bad so many people buying houses in the past 5 years only asked that question instead of can I afford the house. I think it is easy(easier?) to see the usefulness of that question once you are out of debt–or on your way. When stuck in the cycle, it is nearly impossible to ask it because you don’t really want to know the answer. At least I didn’t.

  11. “Because people suffer from instant gratification disease.”

    Ab-so-lute-ly! Nail on the head.

    Renting to own is just about one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard, even when I saw the TV commercials over 15 years ago. Even from just viewing the commercial, I did the math in my head in about 2 seconds and found that the renter is getting screwed. It is almost as bad as those payday loans. Patience is quickly becoming a lost human trait.

    The first few times I purchased a car, I was thinking in terms of making the monthly payment. These days though, I determine if the entire financed price is worth it and then make my purchase accordingly. Especially now that these days I always pay off financed items early.

  12. It’s incredible that people can actually put good money to use like this. We do not even see the rims while driving. We assume others see it and would admire us for the fancy rims.

    Well, the business model must be such that it is assumed that most would not make the full payments.

    Like you said, now we have heard it all.


  13. I dont understand why rental rims bother you.When on us 19 in Florida about every mile or less.You can rent a woman for an hour or so!!!

  14. First rent to own cars, now rent to own rims. LOL. Well, the industry is growing and FAST. Now even Walmart is jumping into the rent to own car business. I guess this means there is $$$ to be made.

  15. i’ve rented rims before and i think it’s a great deal. first of all i can rent rims on a weekly basis, which means if i don’t like them anymore or i want to change them i’m not married to them. i’ve had a set of painted 18″ and recently wanted to upgrade to 20″ chrome. no problemo! i’m renting, they did the swap and i was rolling in an hour. if i purchased i’d be stuck with them trying to sell them on ebay probably for 50% of what i paid plus i’d need to start saving up for the new rims. the place i go in LA (ez rims 4 rent) offers a same as cash price for the first 3 months so if i really love them i have 90 days to pay them off. all the cash i pay goes to the pricipal and their cash prices are very low compared to other rims shops. i think its a great deal. if you know exactly what you want then go for the purchase. if you want to test drive it for a while rent them. defintely the way to go for me cuz there are always new style and colors coming out. besides my new 20″ look totally sick on my ride.

  16. I have money on it that the author of the article drives a car he pays on, or has a house payment. Hypocrisy at its best lol! And yet I have owned every car I have ever bought outright with cash. I am far from being rich, but I am better qualified to write this article than this person. Also the moron above who posted about his ‘rims’ if you need rims bigger than 17 inches you are a retard who is only concerned about vanity. Despite the fact your wheels have now changed the final drive ratio in your car, decreased your gas mileage AND your cars performance. What a winner we have here, AND he went to 20’s! Wow, I am sure you will attract a fine specimen of the female species with 20’s LOL!

  17. All you goons are crazy. The guy wanted 20’s who cares. He wanted his car to look nice with new shoes. If that’s his style so be it. It’s like everything in this world, you can style it. From hair, clothes, shoes, houses, and cars. There are accessories, some choose em some don’t. If you like driving your 84 LeBaron stock then that’s you. Its a new era get with it. I’m sure 99% of you are renting something you’d like to own. Same difference just not rims.