Roundup: Catching Up My Feed Reader Edition

It’s been a while since I hit the feed reader–I mean a long, long while!  I’ve been busy working through the holidays both at my full time job and here at Frugal Dad, but on the occasional breaks in action I have made it a point to surf through the feed reader to read up on some of my favorite blogs.  Here are a few articles that caught my eye.

  • Jeff shares 20 ways to trim your budget featuring several tried and true ways to cut back a little on spending. @My Super-Charged Life
  • I agree with most of these ten predictions for 2009.  The only one I question is “2009 will be the best year for individual savings this decade.”  I can’t help but feel that as soon as things begin to turn around people will begin to spend wildly again.  Have we really learned our lesson?  I hope the results prove Trent right. @The Simple Dollar
  • My Dollar Plan shares a story about donating bodily fluids for cash.  Now that’s a side hustle I’d like to avoid if possible! @My Dollar Plan
  • Can you think of 20 things that rock about being debt free?  NCN can!  We are not quite there yet, but I can just imagine we’ll share many of these same sentiments.  My personal favorite was the first one listed, “I now live in the present, and not in the past.”  @No Credit Needed
  • Did you hear that Simple Mom has started a new book club forums?  I was already on board when she shared the news, but when I heard the first selection was Your Money or Your Life I was hooked! @Simple Mom
  • A beautiful post from Sara provides some thoughts on how to stay in the moment.  As a guy who frequently has his head in the clouds dreaming up my next blog post, or thinking about something weeks down the road, this really hit home. @On Simplicity
  • Ron gives some advice on tax breaks when refinancing your home.  We are not in the refinance market, rather the new purchase market, but a few of the breaks are still relevant. @The Wisdom Journal.
  • Marc and Angel remind us to be who we were born to be.  Are you living your dreams, or dreams someone else had for you?  @Marc and Angel Hack Life


  1. I totally agree with Marc and Angel – I’ve spent decades of my life trying to make everyone happy and do the “right thing”. I’ve tried to raise my children to go for what they are interested in – homeschooling really helped in that regard as they were able to study and excel in their areas of interest. Thanks for the list, I had read a few of them already and enjoyed the others!

  2. “I can’t help but feel that as soon as things begin to turn around people will begin to spend wildly again.”

    I also wonder about this. It seems to me that each new generation is becoming less frugal, possibly because they haven’t been through world wars and great depressions.

    I believe in thinking positively, so I’m hoping the current economic hardship will bring on a new era of frugality.