Saving With Purpose: Living a More Intentional Financial Life

This series was published in January 2010 in an effort to record and track a number of savings goals our family has set for ourselves. Future articles will be added as they appear at Frugal Dad.

Saving With Purpose: Short-Term Goals A look at our short-term savings goals such as saving for emergencies, a replacement vehicle and a few small home improvement projects.

Saving With Purpose: The College Savings Fund Our attempt to balance saving for college as part of our overall financial plan.

Saving With Purpose: Early Retirement “Early retirement” means different things to different people, but for us it means freedom from paid employment to enjoy other pursuits. That could be travel, volunteering, or just plain taking it easy for a while (probably some combination of the three). Read on to find out how we plan to hang up the corporate badge well before traditional retirement age.

Saving With Purpose: Retirement After retiring early and downshifting for a few years in our 50’s, we’ll enter the traditional retirement years. God willing, we’ll need a large sum of money to fund our living expenses for a few more decades after reaching this milestone. This post discusses the types of investments we’ll use, and even puts specific dollar amounts with each type of investment to provide an estimated retirement nest egg to shoot for.