Sears-Kmart $50 Gift Card Giveaway: Two Chances To Win

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winners, Lara (comment #67) and Tricia (comment #180)!

Sears and Kmart are offering readers the opportunity to win a $50 gift card, redeemable at Sears,, Kmart,, Lands End, and, among others. With the various store options, you’ll find a wide variety of brands to choose from, which most single-retailer gift cards don’t provide.


They were even nice enough to toss in a $200 gift card for the Frugal family, for us to do a little shopping at a local Kmart or Sears store. We decided to check out Kmart with Christmas lists in hand. Here’s a sampling of the items we picked out using our gift card:

  • Craftsman magnetic bowl (great for holding nuts, bolts and washers when putting together Santa’s toys)
  • Towel rack for our bathroom (ours got a little beat up in our recent move)
  • Up on DVD (for our next frugal family fun night)
  • Monsters vs Aliens DVD
  • Troop Beverly Hills DVD
  • Soccer Mom DVD
  • A couple Christmas ornaments
  • Chess board (my daughter is learning the game)
  • Christmas tree skirt
  • 8 qt. stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Paula Deen cooking utensils
  • 2 Mylar emergency blankets (for the car emergency kits we’re putting together)
  • 3-pack Trident gum
  • Pocket knife (every frugal person should have a small pocket knife on them)

Whew! And after all that, I still have $15-$20 to head to Sears and pick up a tool I’ve been needing. I know, enough about my shopping spree. You are ready to learn how to win your own $50 gift card, right?

How To Enter

Entering is simple. Leave a comment here sharing your favorite holiday tradition. Maybe it’s a Thanksgiving Day family football game, or opening one present on Christmas Eve (my mom used to let me do this). Your tradition counts as your entry. if you are short on traditions, tell us one you’d like to start, or one you enjoyed growing up.

When the contest closes this Saturday night at 11:59pm EST, I’ll use to select two winners who will receive a $50 Sears/Kmart gift card.

Again, the contest closes this Saturday, December 5th at 11:59pm EST. Get your comments in now, and be sure to leave a valid email address where indicated so I can notify you if you are one of the lucky winners. Good luck!


  1. My favorite tradition is getting together with our entire family and having a big, delicious breakfast Christmas morning. It’s something I have looked forward to ever since I was a kid!

  2. my favorite childhood tradition involves going to my grandmother’s house with all my extended family in early Decemeber (since not everyone was always around on christmas — 2 aunts are nurses, etc). we’d exchange gifts, family plans, and if we did it early enough (thanksgiving), then we’d place bets on how much the lions were going to lose by! πŸ˜›

  3. We do the traditional turkey dinner (made in advance) and then spend the day making deocrated Christmas cookies and candy to be packaged and frozen, ready to be shared at parties, with family members and friends all through December.

  4. My favorite holiday tradition was that every year, on the first day of Hanukkah, my mom would make latkes w/powdered sugar on top! They were sooo good πŸ™‚

  5. First to comment – means I’m the winner? πŸ™‚

    My family has a Christmas dinner tradition…we go out for Chinese food. Less stress on me (no dinner to cook!) and we all enjoy the fun trip out.

  6. Each year, since 1987, our family has been enjoying the same Christmas Eve tradition no matter where we celebrate Christmas. We have a hand-painted ceramic nativity set and we put the stable under the tree (where there are no presents yet) and I read from an original Christmas story as Mannheim Steamroller’s Stille Nacht plays in the background. As I read about the different characters (Joseph, Mary, shepherds, wise men, animals, and Jesus) family members place the statues into the scene as they are introduced in the story. When the story is complete and all characters are in place, we all sing Silent Night. There are usually more than a few tears as we remember past Christmases and thank our Savior for the gift he gave us. Thanks for letting me share our tradition with you all.

  7. Growing up, and now with our own kids, we always attend a Christmas Eve service. Then, when we come home, the stocking have magically been filled (by one of Santa’s “elves”) and the kids get to have a little “pre-Christmas” fun. While the kids no longer believe in Santa, they still don’t know (and never will) who fills the stockings.

  8. My favorite tradition is getting together with my nieces and nephews, sister and grandma to make Christmas cookies. YUM!

  9. My kids favorite tradition is gathering all of the wrapping paper after opening gifts on Christmas morning and having a friendly “snowball” fight with it!

  10. We always get together with my parents and some family friends on Christmas Eve, go to church together, and then go back to their house for Chinese takeout and gift exchange.

  11. My favorite part growing up was buying decorations. Every year my parents would give me a $10 budget to purchase them with. When I was 5 or 6 I would blow it all in the days up until Christmas, but after a year or two I realized I could double or triple the haul if I shopped around New Years. Not only did this increase the buying power but it put decorations in budget that would not normally have been affordable on what my parents allocated.

    In my college dorm, we have a tradition of hanging the Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling before decorating it with homemade Christmas lights.

  12. Our family is BIG on traditions…one of our favorites is the caramel coffee ring on Christmas morning, it’s the only day of the year we make it. We put it together the night before and it rises and is ready to put in oven when we all wake up Christmas morning. Our newest tradition is starting a Christmas puzzle after Thanksgiving dinner.

  13. My husband turned me on to your site – love it! We have a few traditions but by far my favorite is reading a special Christmas book with my kids that my husband brought home from Ireland. Inside the cover there are 24 miniature books that countdown the days until Santa comes with cute little stories for the kids. They have a ribbon on one end so after the kids read them we hang them on a small tree in their room. It’s my favorite part of everyday of the holiday season.

  14. When putting up our tree. The oldest kid puts on the angel on top of the tree. Since it’s one of those that light up, the other kids take turns plugging in the angel. It lets them all have a part in it.

  15. We had a tradition that on Christmas Eve the kids (who are now grown) could open one present. However, the present was always a nice pair of new pajamas so that on Christmas morning when all the pictures were being taken they would be in a nice new pair of PJs.

  16. Even though two of the three of us have moved out of my parents’ house, we still stay at their house on Christmas Eve so we can wake up and open presents and have breakfast together.

  17. When I was young, I used to love being able to open one present on Xmas eve, giving me a taste of what’s to come the next morning.

    Now, I am older and have kids of my own, my greatest memories are of those watching my kids open their presents and seeing their smiling faces as they see what they get.

  18. I read in Reader’s Digest a new tradition I started with my own kids. Each Christmas, instead of over-buying on the kids, they each get three very nice gifts to represent the gifts of the Magi to the Christchild. It not only reinforces the meaning of Christmas, but it keeps the spending down substantially. Of course, I go overboard on the stocking stuffers now, but hey.. I LOVE to shop at Christmas time!!

  19. My favorite family tradition is also a frugal one. I’m the youngest of 8 siblings, we are all married and most have grown kids and grandchildren. On Christmas Eve those family members who are able to get together for dinner at my sister’s house. We spend time together catching up, have dinner, and give gifts. The frugal part is that the gifts are only given to the children there (under 18) and the family patriarch (my 86 year old dad). It’s a tradition we all look forward to each year.

  20. My favorite is on
    Christmas eve, after it gets dark outside, my young daughter and I drive around looking at the lights people have put up. Then we get back home and watch Christmas shows until bed time. Being a single dad it is my best memory year after year.

  21. Since I was a catering chef for almost 20 years, with my own company, we were always crazy from the day after Thanksgiving until mid January (I had numerous British clients, so even 12/26 wasn’t safe!). After everyone picked up their “to-go” orders on Christmas eve day, we’d close the store, give our staff their presents and share a glass of wine, and then I’d head home the long way, taking in all the lights and decorations and feeling very lucky for another year of business and friendships. Then I put on Christmas music, wrap all the presents and spend Christmas eve at church (where I’m a part time minister) and then with my best friend having a traditional cold German sandwich supper. It was a wonderful, restful, peaceful oasis in the middle of complete chaos!
    My best friend passed away several years ago and I sold the catering business too, but I still take a trip to see the lights on the peace of Christmas Eve.

  22. My family always celebrates on Christmas eve. We have zelopes for breakfast and a big italian dinner with lots of fish and pasta. Then we open presents and have a wonderful evening in. On Christmas day we go to my wife’s parents to open presents.

  23. My favorite thing was always going to my grandmas on Christmas Eve to have supper. Santa would always come to our house while were at grandmas and then we would open our presents when we got home. My favorite food memory was having a bowl of oyster stew afterwards.

  24. my favorite tradition is waiting until christmas eve to wrap all the presents and staying up all night with the knowledge that it will take about 30 seconds to undo the 2 hours of work. Knowing the smiles make that worth it!

  25. We had five children in my family and my parents did not have a lot of money but my mother made it a special day. First we could not get up until the streetlights went out. Oh the anticipation as we all crowded on my bed with the best view of the streetlight. Once it was time , my father went down first to turn on the tree and take our picture as we all posed on the stairs. First we could open our stockings and then one present before breakfast. We took turns opening presents, beginning with the youngest. Though a slow process, it meant that Christmas lasted into the late morning and as we got older and gave each other presents, we could appreciate that giving. Many of the Christmas mornings of my wealthier friends were over in a frenzy early on the morning but I was left with rich memories.

  26. My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas morning. After the children see their Santa toys and have calmed down from all that excitement, my husband cooks Christmas breakfast. Mamaw comes to eat with us and we enjoy a wonderful, pajama Christmas brunch. It is so good, so relaxing, and a wonderful way to start our Christmas Day as a family. After spending the morning playing with toys and being lazy, we load up and go to the Matinee at the movies, for some afternoon relaxing fun. The kids never have time to go to the movies with mom and dad and memaw, so this is the day. Odd traditions, but they are ours. We love our relaxing Christmas Day family traditions because of the time we spend together and with memaw. These quiet, relaxing times are so hard to come by with our lives so busy.

  27. My husband is one of 8 children. His aunt (Mom’s sister) had 11 children. All of the cousins, along w/the spouses/sig. others, get together for a ‘cousins’ party’. Each of us brings a ‘male’, ‘female’, or ‘unisex’ gift (can be a nice gift or a gag gift) and we draw numbers; each picks a gift from the pile or steals someone else’s. A gift can be stolen up to 3 times. It’s a lot of fun and we all take turns hosting (w/family members pitching in to defray costs).

  28. My favorite tradition was seeing my grandfather dress up as santa claus and bring us our gifts christmas morning.

  29. Homemade Quiche for breakfast… The Quiches were made ahead and frozen – then one popped in the oven on Christmas morning. By the time presents were opened, the quiche was done and breakfast was ready. Mostly my grandkids now will call it “Egg Pie”, but I make one for each of my kids and they have it at their own homes now on Christmas morning….Which reminds me, it’s time to bake and freeze them = now!

  30. My favorite tradition is dragging all of the Christmas decorations out of the attic the day after Thanksgiving and officially starting the Christmas season. My family always has a big debate on whether or not to have the Angel or Star on top of the tree.

  31. Our favorite tradition is to have shepherd’s pie for dinner Christmas Eve, then go to Christmas Eve candlelight service. When we get home, everyone opens one gift.

  32. Our Christmas tradition is a huge brunch of steak and eggs. But what makes it truly special is that we remember my grandparents by always serving the meal on my grandmother’s china. Until my grandparents passed away, we never had Christmas morning without brunch on grandmother’s Christmas china. After they were gone, I’ve kept up the same tradition and by using grandmother’s Christmas china, it reminds us of the many years we were all lucky enough to celebrate the holiday together.

  33. Traditionally my family cooks huge meals for every holiday. As our family has gotten smaller throughout the years, we have developed the tradition of the traveling meal….there is always plenty of extra food so we make holiday meal plates and deliver them to friends who don’t do big meals for the holidays or to people who won’t be participating in any holiday gatherings. It’s a great way to share some home-cooked “love” and it brightens the season for a lot of people–including givers!

  34. We have a Christmas tradition of letting the kids open one present on Christmas Eve. It was typically a new set of pj’s to wear that night (and be extra cute for pictures), but it didn’t matter. It just added to the excitement for us!

  35. My family’s favorite tradition is the Christmas Eve supper. An odd-numbered (actually don’t know why) set of courses, usually thirteen. No meat. My parents combined courses from their families’ favorites to set up their yearly list of food for the dinner. When I married, I took some of theirs, combined them with my wife’s favorite courses, to set up our traditional Christmas Eve supper.

  36. My “family” tradition with my daughter is to have a Christmas eve pigout on pate, fancy cheese, and crackers. It’s the only time during the year we eat pate, and we pick out the cheese and crackers together. We put on a movie and huddle in our pajamas with the crackers and toppings spread out on the coffee table.

  37. Our favorite tradition is that we put nicknames on the immediate family name tags so no one can figure out who’s gifts are who’s until Christmas Day. Every year we have a different theme of nicknames. We have used the Seven Dwarfs, Disney characters, pop brands, candy brands, etc. This year my son turns 16 so our theme will be sports cars. Each person gets a couple of different nicknames to really mess with the kids heads! The kids look forward more to figuring out who is who rather than who got what.

  38. We always make homemade pizza on Christmas Eve! We make the dough in the morning and let it rise, then its waiting to be rolled out when we get home from the family service at church on Christmas Eve night. Yum!

  39. Driving around looking at Christmas lights was a favorite tradition growing up. My daughter is only 1 this year and she’ll probably fall asleep, but we are still going to take her on a drive to see lights!

  40. My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve Dinner with the whole family, and its also a birthday celebration for my Grandfather’s birthday.

  41. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree. When I was a girl, my grandma and I would stay in on Black Friday and decorate our house, always listening to the same Mitch Miller record.

    Now as an adult, my husband and I go chop down our own tree every year on Black Friday. We decorate the house, drink warm cider and even listen to the same Mitch Miller album, now on CD!

  42. We celebrate the winter solstice. One year we invited friends and family over for dinner and games. When they left we handed each one a votive holder and candle so that they can celebrate their own solstice! It is nice to look forward to the light returning once again!

  43. My Favorite tradition growing up was my sister and me would always hunt for our gifts early. My mom got creative after awhile and wrapped them when she bought them or did not shop till very late.

  44. When I was a child, one of my favorite things was the advent wreath at church. In each of the four Sundays preceding Christmas, one more candle in the wreath would be lit. Then the fifth (and center) candle would be lit at the Christmas service. For some reason that wreath captivated me, and made me anticipate Christmas while being reminded of the real meaning of Christmas.

  45. We do Christmas Eve with the inlaws. They have always opened presents then. I love carrying on their tradition as it leaves Christmas day open to spend with my family. No rushing, no conflicts. πŸ™‚

  46. My favorite tradition is one my children and I started. New Year’s Eve is Pajama Day.
    We get up that morning and brush our teeth and hair but we stay in our pajamas. We play board games, watch movies, roast marshmallows in the fireplace and in general just spend the day with each other.

  47. One of my favorite holiday traditions is pretty simple, but putting up the Christmas tree and decorating our home. It just gets you excited for the holidays to come!

  48. It’s funny how many traditions involve food. Ours is sausage pinwheels. The holidays are the only time mom makes them and we adult children fight with the kids over who gets the most. Sausage and cheese rolled up in biscuit dough, sliced and cooked. YUM!!!!!

  49. Each year, we enjoy picking out the perfect fresh tree as a family. We take it home, put on Christmas music and have hot chocolate and gingerbread as we decorate the tree. Afterward, we play games and read the Christmas story. It’s probably the most enjoyable day of the whole year! πŸ™‚

  50. My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve dinner at my brother-in-laws house. His mother makes homemade pasta, delicious fish and chicken… and a table full of deserts! πŸ™‚

  51. My relatively new holiday tradition is going to the future in-laws house for Thanksgiving and watching football all day. I guess in between games they have a whole bunch of family over.. Not sure what they do.

    Looking forward to creating new traditions with my fiance.

  52. I think my favorite was trudging through the snow to cut our very own tree as a family. It was never a perfect tree and it was always cold out, but it was rewarding.

  53. Growing up, we opened one gift on Christmas Eve. They were always Christmas pajamas so that we could wake up wearing them on Christmas morning!

  54. My favorite holiday tradition is celebrating St. Nicholas Day. My Mother would have me leave my shoes outside my bedroom door during the first week of December and every morning there would be a gift like chocolate coins or a small toy, getting progressively larger every day up to St. Nicholas Day, Dec 6. Traditionally it was only supposed to be shoes out on the eve of St. Nicholas Day but I think because she was a Single Mother, it gave us extra days of joy during the holiday season and what fun to look in your shoes in the morning to see if something is in there πŸ™‚

  55. When I was growing up we always had cheese fondue for Christmas Eve dinner before going to midnight mass. The first person to drip fondue on the tablecloth during dinner was the last person to open a gift that evening beofre mass. I think is was my mom’s way of trying to keep from doing laundry πŸ™‚

  56. About 9 years ago, my family realized that none of us were very excited about the traditional Christmas dinner that we had been fixing for years – Turkey, Ham and all the fixins. SO, we changed the tradition and now Christmas dinner is Ribeye steaks, fried shrimp, blackened shrimp, yeast rolls and some of our favorite sides! When we start talking in September about how we can’t wait for Christmas, the meal always comes up in the conversation as one of the anticipated events!

  57. My favorite holiday tradition is going to my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. We eat a big meal and then enjoy some chestnuts!

  58. One of the these we started when our kids were very young was to drive around looking at all the Christmas lights Christmas Eve, Can you imagine the thrill they recieved if by chance someone had Santa visiting at the same time, it didn’t happen each year but when it did that was for sure the highlight on the evening. The Night Before Christmas story was next then off to bed to the Christmas music.

  59. Every year at Christmas Eve we sit around the table and state what we’re thankful for from the previous year, and what we look forward to in the next year. As the kids got older, we introduced candles and made it a candlelight tradition.

    Very peaceful, very together. Lots of fun.

  60. We eat hot dogs from the grill the night before Thanksgiving. It started when my stepmom and husband burned everything they were grilling that night except the hotdogs for the kids. We all just had hotdogs for dinner! The grill was actually broken, and we did not get around to fixing it til the next year – on the day before Thansgiving. To celebrate the fixed grill, and to cut down on cooking the night before a big cooking day, we decided to grill hotdogs. After that, grilling hotdogs became part of the holiday for us!

  61. Since my family is French, we celebrated Christmas with a Reveillon. We would go to midnight mass (usually one adult would stay home with the sleeping children) and when we got home, ‘Santa’ had come and put all gifts under the tree. we would wake up the little ones, make a pot of coffee and gather in the parlor to open gifts. one person would hand out 2 or 3 gifts, we would watch and see what everyone got and then hand out a few more. Gift giving usually lasted 3-4 hours (large family) and then we would feast on tortiere and pizza and go to bed around 6am. I loved it! It also made it easier for the married ones because Christmas Eve was at my Moms’ and Christmas day at the in laws. You also were able to see everyones’ reactions for thier gifts and it made the holiday mean so much more.

  62. My favorite Christmas tradition is giving all the children and grandchildren an ornament every year. I started this when my children were young and when they left home, they had a nice collection to take with them.

  63. My favorite family holiday tradition is baking our favorite treats and sharing with our friends and family!

  64. Every Christmas Eve growing up (and still today), we always drive to a nearby town and drive through the neighborhoods admiring the holiday lights and decor …

    Since Christmas Eve 2004, we’ve also added in taking food to the Hospice my grandmother spent her last days in (she passed on Christmas Eve 2003) … its sad how many families spend their holiday season there watching their love ones suffer in their last days πŸ™

  65. We would open presents and then go to midnight church service and after coming home, mom would make breakfast. We’d end up going to bed around 2AM and sleep in on Christmas.

  66. A week before Christmas (on my birthday – December 18th) all the grandkids go to Grandma’s to decorate their very own Gingerbread house. The big cousins help the little cousins and the adults cheer on the kids and eat the extra candy ;-))

    We line up the houses and take a photo of the village with the kids in the photo.

    Very nice memories for everyone.

    Very nice memories.

  67. My favorite holiday tradition is holiday cookies. Now that I am no longer living at home I love going home for the holidays and walking into the smell of fresh baked cookies!

  68. My mom would always hide one small gift each for my sister and me in the Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve we would get to hunt for the small box or bag and open that gift right away! Of course there was always a lot of pushing and shoving to get to the tree first. Usually I got shoved and pushed… I have an older sister. :0)

  69. The year our twin daughters were born was a very hectic Christmas for us as they were only 2 months old. It was our 2nd Christmas together so we really didn’t have any traditions set yet. My husband and I were so exhausted with the round-the-clock care twins entailed that we really didn’t want to add to it by making a big Christmas dinner. We set out Christmas evening, babies bundled up in tow, looking for a restaurant open. The only place open was the Chinese restaurant we often frequented. We had our Christmas dinner while the staff oh’d and aw’d over the babies! Every year since then we have stuck with THAT tradition!! We have three children 7, 7, &6 and we look forward to our Chinese Christmas dinner every year and talk about how it all started and came to be our Christmas tradition.

  70. We always spend one afternoon/evening Christmas shopping together as a family for our “Angel Tree” selections – giving to those less fortunate is a fantastic experience – as well as purchasing donations for our animal shelter,then when the shopping is done, we deliver our gifts and take a ride through some of the neighborhoods looking at the Christmas decorations. At home we make hot chocolate and popcorn and enjoy looking at our own tree while sharing thoughts about the day.

  71. my fav thing to do is to celebrate it with both my parents even thought they have been split for years. but still we always spend it together

  72. I have a big (45) person family so we do a Chinese auction of 5$ gifts at my grandfathers every Christmas morning. Everyone has a good time and you see all the crazy things people find for five dollars!

  73. We have a pancake dinner every Christmas Eve. The kids love it and it’s easy. We usually then drive around the neighborhood and look at everyone’s light displays.

  74. We have a little chest and each Christmas eve everyone writes a gift they will give to Jesus over the next year, and then we put it in the box, and put the box under the tree. Santa takes the gifts when he comes so he can deliver them.

  75. Growing up my brothers and I had a tradition of staying up as late as we could playing board games in one of our rooms. I am just starting my family and look forward to making new traditions.

  76. On Christmas Eve, my family attends our church’s candlelight service. We then go home and let the kids open a present and sing Christmas songs.

  77. One small thing that really sets the mood for us is this: When coming home from the inlaws on Christmas Eve, about a 12 mile trip, the whole family sings Christmas carols in the car for the entire trip home. It’s really wonderful.

  78. For Thanksgiving, we enjoy the day together – first watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade while eating homemade cinnamon rolls and fresh juice. The meal ‘magically’ appears about 1 pm, (gotta love moms who get up at 5 am to start the prep!), and we take in a movie in the evening. (This year it was The Blind Side – amazing flick!) The Saturday after we put up the Christmas tree.

  79. We had an amazing dog named Sandy for almost 13 years and the first Christmas (12 years ago) we started taking her baby picture out of it’s frame and it goes on the tree in a teddy bear ornament that has a picture holder in the belly.My husband and I place the ornament in a prominent spot on the tree and at the end of the season we gingerly take the baby picture out and place it back in the frame, wrap the ornament lovingly in tissue paper and pack it away for another year.Her stocking is hung on the mantle with the whole families so her story can be passed on each year.

  80. My favorite holiday tradition is getting the kids new pajamas. My oldest is 16 and we still do this.

  81. My favorite Holiday tradition is opening one gift on Christmas Eve and then having a dinner buffet.

  82. My favorite tradition is that we get together for the holidays for two days. With so much left over food, we always get together the next day for the ‘after party, party”. Enjoy each other a little more and if anyone is unable to come on the holiday b/c of visiting in-laws, etc. we can see them at the after party party!

  83. Our family exchanges Christmas ornaments each year and now after nearly 20 years we have a tree full of treasured memories instead of meaningless baubles.

  84. This year our family is starting the tradition of opening pjs on Christmas eve. This was something I always wanted to do growing up so I’m really excited to be doing it with my own family.

  85. I like to buy my 6 grandchildren matching pajamas. I can’t always be with them all on Christmas but I can still enjoy the pictures later of them wearing Grandma’s pajamas.
    Also, when I do holiday meals I like to add some weird dish that no one has ever eaten – such as creamed celery root and fennel – or German baked spaghetti squash. They mostly always like it and that gives me joy to add something new to their lives!

  86. We always go to church, then come back and read a passage from the bible about Jesus’ birth. Then the youngest member of the family reads The Night Before Christmas. Then presents and pie. A fun, special time for all.

  87. Mom goes out to dinnner with my brother, his wife and in-laws on Thanksgiving day. On Black Friday, Mom would cook my turkey at her house and reheat it Saturday for our dinner together. Being single I always volunteered to work the holiday at my job so this arrangement was good for everybody. Mom is gone now but my thoughts always return to those times when we were together, one on one, to enjoy a quiet dinner and personal conversation. Me, Mom and my dog (who got to take home all the leftovers).

  88. At Christmas we open all of our presents 1 at a time. One person is given a present and everyone watches as they open it. After they open it and show it off someone else gets one to open. It’s great to see what everyone gets and it extends the opening time by a LOT.

  89. It’s kinda silly, but the one tradition – besides the Christmas Eve service at church – that my kids will insist on every year is our Christmas Eve meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken! We’ve done that for 13 years now, and it’s something they look forward to every year. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love Sears paint and have several rooms that need a fresh coat. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  90. Definitely it’s building a fire, shutting off all the lights, and turning on the twinkle lights on the tree for the first time. Oh, and hanging our sock monkey ornament where the angel/star usually goes up top!

  91. One of our family traditions is that each Christmas we pick one family member to be Santa for the day. They get to put on a Santa hat, and hand out all the presents.

  92. On Christmas Eve, we eat snacks and watch “It’s A Wonderful Life”. The snacks are the same ones each year as my sons have grown to expect them-beef stick, cheeses, French onion dip, chips, etc. I started the tradition about 20 years ago when first becoming a single Mom and we continue to do it every year.

  93. We open our stocking stuffers after Christmas dinner, to spread out the fun throughout the entire day.

  94. Every year we have a tradition that we buy some new Christmas ornaments and we go together as a family to shop for them. That and decorating the tree soon after Thanksgiving is my favorite tradition

  95. Our Christmas Day afternoon tradition that my wife and I have started is to go out on a walk on the C&O canal in the Great Falls Park. We take others to this Maryland park along the Potomac River and the day has given us a range of weather..from balmy 50 degrees to chilly snow/ice covered walkways. We always enjoy seeing the rapids…also it is near where I proposed to her 9 years ago.

  96. Our favorite holiday tradition is jointly baking desserts like pecan pie and oreo cheesecakes for thanksgiving

  97. My favourite tradition isn’t a Thanksgiving or Christmas tradition, but a New Year’s one. On New Year’s Eve (or intermittently through the week, if it doesn’t fall on a Friday or Saturday), I take time to give my home a solid cleaning. Every surface gets scrubbed, all dishes washed, floors vacuumed. It’s the usual things I do every week anyway, but it’s an all-at-once deep clean. In the process, I throw out a lot of trash I’ve accumulated, and put together boxes of items to donate to Goodwill or another organization. I burn sage-scented candles while I do it, both for good luck in the coming year and because they smell good! I take plenty of old things out of the house on New Year’s Eve, but I’m careful not to bring any new things in (I have made exceptions in the past for things I actually needed, like groceries, but I avoid it entirely whenever possible) lest I “break” my good luck like the items I bring in “break” the threshold of my house.

    It might not do anything for my luck in the end, but it feels SO GOOD to start a new year with a clean, uncluttered house. I feel like the fresh, new year should really start fresh, and this has always been a perfect way to do it, however superstitious it might seem. The end result is infinitely satisfying.

  98. My favorite tradition for Thanksgiving time is watching the Colorado vs. Nebraska football game on the Friday after Thanksgiving. A great time to spend with family!

  99. Christmas Eve was also my grandparents’ anniversary. Invariably, when they would sit down to dinner, well-wishers would stop by. After they left, dinner would be cold. So my clever Grandma decided she should make something that could be reheated easily. VOILA! Now we always have chop suey for Christmas Eve dinner!

  100. The families in my neighborhood get together on Christmas Eve to celebrate. Every year prior to the party I write a funny poem reviewing the year in the neighborhood and in the news and read it at the party.

  101. Favorite OLD tradition: Ever since my sister and I were children, Santa visited our house early in the evening of Christmas Eve, while our family was gone on a drive around town to look at all the Christmas lights. My husband and I continued this tradition with our own daughters, and they continue to list “Christmas-light-looking” as one of their favorite things about the holidays. πŸ™‚

    Favorite NEW tradition: For the last 6 or 7 years, we have helped our church prepare and serve a Christmas Day dinner for our community, serving not only anyone who comes to the church but also delivering meals to police, fire departments, hospital employees, shut-ins, and anyone who has to work on the holiday, all free of charge, as our gift to the community. It is a joy to humbly serve!

  102. One of our children’s favorite traditions is that once we have presents under the tree if it snows they get to open one of them ahead of time. This does not happen often since we live in Portland, OR but when it does they are thrilled. This started when they were begging their dad to let them open a present early. He said, “Only if it snows!” Well, it did and ever since they get to open a gift when it snows.

  103. My favorite tradition started by my wife and me is that we open our gifts to the family on Christmas night rather than Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. As a kid I always remember feeling so down on Christmas night because all the holiday celebration had come to an end and the day was still a holiday but it did not feel that way any longer, so I wanted a way to extend the holiday if you will and felt that was the best way in our family.

  104. One of our family traditions is that when we get a tree – Mom decorates and then Dad puts the last thing on the tree. His Dad died shortly after Christmas the year I was two and ever since then that last thing put on the tree is the last Christmas card he got from his Dad.

  105. My favorite tradition on Christmas Eve, was going to church and listening to the choir sing Christmas music. The music was beautiful!

  106. We have a tradition of having Italian food on christmas eve with family and friends. I love the lasagna, italian sausages, etc.

    Also, we have started a new Christmas day tradition of have a white elephant gift exchange game. Everyone seems to love it.

  107. My favorite tradition on Thanksgiving is watching my grandfather carve the turkey. The whole family sits around the kitchen watching, oohing and ahhing — and of course grabbing stray pieces of turkey! He’s 91 this year, and I look forward to watching him carve in the years to come! Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  108. We bought an advent train a few years back from LL Bean. It has 3 cars and each car has numbered drawers on it. In each drawer I have clues to were a hidden piece of candy resides.

    Awesome fun for the kids!

  109. I enjoyed reading in a previous article that your mom used to let you open a gift Christmas Eve, because that is one of my favorite Christmas traditions as well! When we were little, we always got to open one gift Christmas Eve after spaghetti and garlic bread. We always knew it was going to be matching family pajamas, but we everyone got excited about it anyway. The “little things” like those traditions mean the most to me around the holidays!

  110. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is ordering Pizza Hut pizza on Christmas Eve… Before you laugh, let me explain: When in China adopting our first daughter in 2002, we didn’t realize the hotel restaurant required reservations for Christmas Eve dinner, so we were out of luck. All that was available was Pizza Hut delivery, which our whole group shared for our dinner. Ever since, our Christmas Eve tradition has included ordering a pizza.

  111. Our family always acted out the nativity when I was growing up. As a small child it was mostly quiet, simple, and reverent. As we’ve grown, now all of my siblings have moved out, and most of us are married with kids of our own, our nativity has turned into something of a full production with lighting, music, and most importantly – comedy. It may sound a little irreverent, but we have so much fun improvising the roles of the wise men and the shepherds (and occasionally the sheep!!)

  112. I was looking forward to creating some new holiday traditions with my SO this year, but looks like she is headed to the other side of the state. I imagine my Christmas Eve fancy dinner out with the family and opening one present on Christmas Eve will have to do.

  113. One of our favorite family traditions is the Advent Calendar. The kids were so excited to open the first door last night and start the countdown to Christmas! The little piece of chocolate inside was pretty exciting, too!

  114. I love reading all the Christmas books to my kids. Every year Grandma gets them a new one to add to the collection.

  115. My favorite tradition as a Mom was to fill stockings for the kids with little gifts like gum, candy, chapstick, etc. all individually wrapped. Even though the “kids” are now grown up, they still enjoy opening these little gifts & it is fun to try to find something unique to surprise them with.

  116. At our family get together (about 40 of us)we play the “Dirty Santa” game. This is the highlight of the evening.

  117. A tradition my fiance and I are starting this year is to watch “A Christmas Carol” the weekend following Thanksgiving to kick of the Christmas season. Also, we will not listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving — down with Christmas creep!

  118. One tradition I had as a kid was ordering pizza on Christmas Eve. I remember always looking forward to it. One tradition I think we may have started this year is going downtown Chicago to Macy’s (the old Marshall Field’s) and eating lunch at the Walnut Room. They have a magnificent tree and the food is amazing at super reasonable prices. We said we’ll try and go every year.

  119. Every Christmas Eve the whole family plays a game that involves dice. The prizes are always dollar store gag gifts which makes it so much fun!!

  120. Our family has a tradition to attend our church Christmas Carol sing along. It’s a short program that focuses on the Savior. It really helps us focus on why we’re celebrating. After we gather at mom and dad’s house for homemade pizza and new pajamas.

  121. My favorite Christmas tradition growing up was to light the Advent candles with the family every Sunday. Now that I have two toddlers, my husband and I have restarted this tradition, and the boys really seem to enjoy it, even at their young ages.

  122. I always allow the kids to open one present on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t until the oldest was 10 that they noticed it was always new pajamas :-). Now, I throw in a little something fun along with the pajamas. We also do a devotion each day of December through Christmas and after the devotion, one kid gets to pick a character to add to our nativity wall hanging. Every year, they fight over who gets to do baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.

  123. The kids favorite aunt send new pajamas every x-mas. The kids open this on x-mas eve and curl up in front of the fireplace as we watch x-mas shows on tv.

  124. My favorite tradition was when opening gifts everyone takes turns to see what everyone else got and their expressions. Unfortunately for everyone else, I happen to be one of those people that will take forever looking at each gift, looking through the manual and just taking my time in general with opening things.

  125. I’m lucky enough to live in Albuquerque, NM , and on Christmas eve we gathering at my husaband’s sister’s, where we potluck on traditional NM goodies (posoles, red chile, tamales … excuse me, my mouth is watering) and then go out in groups to tour the luminarias — basically candles glowing in small paper bags, but completely gorgeous in the dark and even better than Xmas lights! Then the kids open presents, and the adults do a white elephant gift exchange. To make it extra frugal this year, our limit is $15 per gift and it has to be something purchased at a thrift store, antique store, pawn shop or garage sale!

  126. One Christmas tradition I would like to try is caroling as I am musically inclined. Would be nice to get the entire family involved.

  127. My favorite holiday tradition is done on the night of Dec. 5th after the kids go to bed we fill their shoes with fruit, nuts and candy in honor of St. Nicholas!

  128. We have so many traditions in my family, but my personal favorite is that we always go out for dinner on Christmas Eve. We used to go out for Chinese, but now we go out for Thai! On the way to the restaurant, we take the long route to see the Christmas lights, and then after dinner, we let the kids open one gift….and that one gift is always a snuggly pair of Christmas Pajamas!

  129. One of ur family traditions is too have all of my wife’s family over on Christmas Eve to share a buffet and to open presents for all of the children (We used to do adults, but as the kids have come along, we limit gifts to the children. Before the gifts are opened, I read the Christmas Story from Luke (always the old KJ version) to all the kids.

  130. Favorite holiday tradition – food on Christmas. Breakfast is cinnamon buns and fancy coffee (only time each year I’m allowed to get flavored coffee creamers), and Chinese food for lunch. Oh, man, my mouth is watering just thinking about it…

  131. Our favorite holiday tradition is picking out a personal ornament for myself, husband and two sons. It’s fun to see how interests change over the years, reflected in the style of ornaments – from snowmen to Star Wars figures. Then, when my boys are ready to “leave the nest”, they’ll have ornaments to take with them to start their own tree tradition!

  132. My favorite holiday tradition was the opening of presents from parents and family on Christmas Eve night…then we would wake up Christmas morning to find presents from Santa Claus!

  133. My favorite tradition as a child was our huge family at Grandma’s house, and the gift she always gave all her grandkids: a hershey bar, a pack of doublemint gum, and a dollar!!

    Now, it’s decorating our Christmas tree on my birthday – December 13th.

  134. Making gingerbread houses! My Mom started this when my sisters and I were kids, and it has continued with friends, and now grandkids. My oldest is 3 this year – I think he’s really going to get into the decorating – and more importantly – the candy-eating!! Can’t wait.

  135. Our favorite tradition begins after Thanksgiving when all the kids help to put up the trees and decorations. (If only they were as excited to help pack it all back up in January!)

  136. My favourite Christmas tradition is the big trifle for dessert on Christmas day. The trifle has custard, angel food cake, sherry, strawberries, whip cream, walnuts – heaven!

  137. My favorite holiday tradition is picking out strange gifts to give my family. CFL light bulbs, donations to charity, and rechargeable batteries…stuff that will save people money or help those in need. I love thinking outside the “stuff” box.


  138. Opening one gift on Christmas Eve – just like your mother let you, lol! After spending the evening with my family (we spend Christmas afternoon with my husband’s family) we get home late and then we all pick out a gift to open. It’s nice because it makes us feel like now that the kids are older (adults, actually – ages 25 and 19) we don’t have to get up early. One Christmas Eve recently we kept going, opened all our gifts and then slept til noon!

  139. Opening stockings on Christmas morning. It’s a big deal in my family, and now that my own daughter is old enough to appreciate the ritual, I’m looking forward to Christmas morning.

  140. My favorite holiday tradition is playing in the octet for the 11 PM Christmas Eve service at the church I used to attend when I lived with my parents. Even after I moved away to college, I’d still make it a point to be up there in time to take part in the service.

    This is my favorite tradition for the following reasons:
    1. The service is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.
    2. I get to be together with my family.
    3. Many of the people I perform with are good friends (some of them, teachers) from high school. People I grew up with and are like extended family to me.

  141. One of my favorite family traditions was going to my Grandma’s house in PA to pick up our Christmas Tree from a local farm near her house. After we picked the perfect tree we would go to her house where we would “paint” sugar cookies that she had baked. The cookies were cut into various Christmas shapes and our paint was icing dyed different colors. This is a great holiday tradition and I hope to do this with my own kids too.

    On another note I”ve been reading your blog for about a year now and I love it! It’s given me many frugal ideas and helped me make a budget that really works! I hardly ever comment because I just read everything on my goodle reader πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  142. We change things up during the holidays each year (perhaps that is our tradition!) but I do fix a standing rib or prime rib roast for the Christmas dinner without fail. Until last year my sister and her family had lived overseas and they had never had anything but ham. I fixed rib roast for them last year and they have already put in a request for that this year. I am definitely tired of ham and turkey by Christmas!!

  143. Some of my favorite holiday memories have centered on my wife’s family reunion at Thanksgiving. I made my first trip while we were still just dating. Over 100 of her aunts, uncles, and cousins ( even 2nd cousins! ) would descend on a dairy farm in rural Georgia where a cousin lived. The small farmhouse was always packed with people, good food, and good will. After everyone was stuffed, the cousin would bring up a tractor and trailer and the more adventurous among us would go for a hay ride around the farm.
    It’s been over 20 years since that first trip. The cousin has, sadly, passed away and the reunions don’t happen every year any more. Even so, neither the passing of years nor loved ones can take away the many happy memories created at that farm.

  144. My favorite tradition is that each year we buy an ornament for the tree that relates to something that happened over the past year. The first one is a hummel ornament and the boy and girl are kissing. This one was bought the year I met my husband. I have a scrapbook in the works to tell what each ornament means.

  145. I started a new tradition this year called Friendgiving. All of our friends come over on the Friday after Thanksgiving to enjoy each others’ company, drink cheap wine, and play taboo. Most of us are with our own families on Thanksgiving day, so we decided to host a place for all of our friends to come time together and have a second Thanksgiving the following day.

  146. My favorite holiday tradition is hearing O Holy Night at church on Christmas Eve and singing Silent Night to close out the service.

  147. My husband and I don’t have a tradition yet, but I’m eager to start one for our daughter to remember as she grows.

    This year, we decided to have steaks on Thanksgiving because I didn’t feel like making a bird, so maybe that will be it.

  148. My favorite tradition was the neighborhood open house on a weekend evening before Christmas. Everyone came and visited, ate, drank and smiled at people that were too busy during the rest of the year. It sure kept the neighbors friendly and was a ton of fun!

  149. Our favorite family tradition is to get all the kids together on Christmas Eve and read Twas the Night Before Christmas. Our kids love it and I hope that they pick up the tradition too!

  150. My little tiny family (just the two of us now) has only one holiday tradition but we’re holding strong! We like to drive around and see the Top 10 most ridiculous Christmas lights in our area. A website (he knows it, I don’t) populates this list and we GPS between them. Good, clean fun, with cocoa.

  151. We watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve each year. We know it by heart and love it.

  152. My great-grandmother used to host a holiday tradition called “the magic carpet”. My grandma was a notorious yard sale shopper and haggler (when she was still mobile, she has Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home now). Over the course of the year she would fill up her storage with all kinds of nick-nacks, most of it she had no use for. So at the end of the year, near Christmas, usually 25 or more of her large family would fill her family room. In the middle of the room were a half dozen blankets and spread a cross the blankets were near a hundred of the items she bought. Usually starting form the youngest. each person would choose one item off the “magic carpet”. The real fun would come from trying to choose the ones that had money hidden in them. Because my great-grandmother in now infirm, we try to carry on this tradition as best we can, but no one can do it as good as grandma!

  153. A personal tradition that I do christmas evening is to turn out all light but tree lights or just light candles and remember the last year and all I am thankful for – take a moment to relax and enjoy.

  154. My favorite tradition is the one that I started for my son’s 2nd Christmas. On the surface, it might not sounds like much: we go cut down our own christmas tree.

    But it’s the listening to Christmas music during the drive to the tree farm, and the cookies and hot chocolate that make it a magical experience.

    Ironically, I was blogging about my tradition last night and I was going to post it tomorrow or Friday, but since it ties in well with your give away… I posted it today πŸ™‚ For a full description of our tradition that we started, just click “My Christmas Tradition”

    I know it’s not a very frugal tradition, but it’s one of the few things I really look forward to during the year.

    It’s paying off too, both my son and daughter have asked multiple time when we are going. My answer is always the same… “As soon as snow is on the ground”. This year might be the exception to that rule though, it’s been a warm season so far.

  155. One night between Thanksgiving and Christmas, after the outdoor lights are up, we load the kids into the car in their pajamas and drive around to look at the lights. We have hot chocolate when we get home. A good time for everyone.

  156. We always drive about an hour and drive through a park that is lighted with beautiful Christmas decorations.

  157. On Christmas Eve, we read the Christmas story from the Bible. When the children were younger, we also read “The Night before Christmas.”

  158. I really like taking the kids to see the christmas lights in a nearby neighborhood and coming home to hot chocolate.

  159. My best friend has a holiday party in our hometown every year and invites all of our friends from high school who live elsewhere but are in town visiting their families. Everyone brings a snack and we watch the kids play while we catch up.

  160. My fravorite Thanksgiving tradition is during dinner my family watches football but after the game goes off we always watch a Tyler Perry movie/play. It doesn’t matter if we have seen it before, my grandmother loves his movies and plays so we always put in a movie for her.

  161. Every Christmas morning, after the presents are unwrapped and the gobs of wrapping paper disposed of, we fire up the oven to make our traditional Christmas Day meal: frozen pizza! It’s our VERY laid-back way of enjoying the day with just our little family (who are sometimes still in their pajamas).

  162. One of our more fun traditions is to load up the car and look at all the Christmas lights. Then after days of “searching” we pick our favorites and anonymously leave them our “Favorite Lights Display” honor and gift (oreos, candy, popcorn, etc).

    It’s a great activity to do as a family and we’re spreading holiday cheer to others too.

  163. Our holiday tradition has been to pick a day after Thanksgiving and put up lights and ornaments during the day and put up the Christmas tree at night while listening to holiday music and eating gobs of chocolate. Makes for a great day!

  164. My wife and I were pregnant had two month old twins for our second Christmas together. We were getting little sleep and absolutely no spare time. Add in that we are in the military and away from any family for the first time and we were in dire straits. So Christmas evening came around and we looked at each other in a hopeless way and decided there was no way we were going to cook a real dinner.

    So we pile our new little girls into the car and drove around looking for an open restaurant. There was nothing open, not surprising for Christmas Day. Finally, we found the Good Taste Buffet, a Chinese restaurant. We pulled in and never looked back.

    Every Christmas since, we have found a Chinese restaurant for our Christmas dinner regardless of where the military has taken us. Two years ago we thought the tradition was over as we were stationed in Turkey, but lo and behold we found one.

  165. My new holiday tradition, since I have no family, is to go out for Chinese food on Thanksgiving and Christnas.

  166. As a child, my Mom would wake me up on my birthdays singing the birthday song. She’s not a good singer and always looked very embarrassed to be singing but I looked forward to it every year. Now I do the same with my kids. My Mom still calls on my birthday to sing to me.

  167. Waking up in the morning, early, to watch the kids run downstairs to find their gifts from ‘Santa’.

  168. Every year my family loves to go see the Nutcracker every Christmas and either lunch before or dinner after.

  169. Our family tradition is to get together at our cousin’s house for Christmas Eve. Every year for as long as I can remember, no matter what the weather.

  170. Hubby and I do “seven days of Christmas.” We started this tradition when we were broke and couldn’t afford to get each other real gifts. What we do is find 7 of the silliest, random gifts and place them in our stocking. 7 days before Christmas Eve, we start the tradition by picking one gift from the stocking. We always try to see who picked the most random gift of the year. Oh, and none of the gifts can be over 1.00! I’m still the winner 3 years running with my gifting of duct tape lol.

  171. We have a lot of family gatherings Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We start off at my in-law’s, then proceed almost directly to my family’s gathering, then head to the Christmas Eve service at church. On Christmas morning, I have a brunch for a smaller crowd of the in-laws (my MIL, SIL, and BIL) and before they show up, we exchange our family and “santa” gifts. After the guests leave, we head over to my FIL’s house. It is wacky with all of the visiting, but nice to be able to see every one. However, we are considering rocking the boat next year and offering to host the Christmas Eve in-law gathering at our house.

  172. My favorite holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my mother having a nice dinner, driving around to see all the Christmas lights, getting in our matching Christmas pajamas and letting the kids open one gift.

  173. We love Christmas crackers! The ones that you pull a part and it makes a loud popping noise. As kids we loved the toys and now we just love the corny jokes and snapping them a part. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a paper crown! πŸ™‚

  174. We wait for our daughter to come over, and she passes out the presents, one at a time to each person in turn. We’ve been doing this for at least 25 years!

  175. My favorite tradition is sitting at the breakfast table enjoying bloody marys and bacon (probably the 1 time of year I indulge in either), while a fire keeps everyone warm.

  176. My birthday is Christmas Eve, so we have numerous traditions including opening presents on Christmas Eve so the family can enjoy all the abundance all day Christmas. My favorite however is the ritual of decorating our tree. Again, due to my birthday, I have collected ornaments since I was born. We have a “Partridge in a pear tree” from a trip to the East Coast when I was 3 that is always on the tree as soon as the last light is on. Next is a plastic manger scene from 1966 that has perhaps one piece of glitter left,and thirdly, our lemon ornament must go on the tree. After that it is no holds barred. This year we have our tree up earlier than EVER, and it is beautiful!

  177. My favorite tradition of the year, is family dinner on Thanksgiving. Everyone gets together and we feast on turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and what brings it all together – gravy!

    There are some vegetables and some other things to, but I try to stuff myself with as much of the “bad” stuff as I can. My favorite day.

  178. We always do one present on Christmas Eve..and it’s always a new set of PJ’s for everyone. πŸ™‚

  179. My most wonderful memories were when I was a little girl. The whole family would go over to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house on Christmas Day! The excitement was electric!!

  180. On Christmas Eve after on lobster dinner (yum yum) my 2 sisters & I watch Frosty the Snowman & Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The tradition is starting to be passed down to our neice & nephew.

  181. My favorite tradition is baking and decorating gingerbread cookies. My sisters and I did it with my mom, and now my mom visits and makes them with my three kids.

  182. Through the years, as our family has grown, I have taken our kids to *harvest* our Christmas tree at farm about 20 miles north in central Minnesota. It can be a different memory each year, though: One year, when the now-14-year-old was about 3, he was pulled in a sled amid the many alleyways around trees while his older brother marched along; another year it was T-shirt weather. Now there are four kids along. Part of the tradition, too: Mom doesn’t participate. She likes that it’s “our thing.”

  183. Each year we collect toys, coats and blankets to donate to families in need. It’s the true joy of giving during the season.

  184. My family tradition is for each family member to open 1 present on Christmas eve. That present being pajamas to wear for the next morning.

  185. My family saves most of our more “sentimental gifts” for Epiphany, Jan 6th. And my parents traded roles with the kids–using the celebration of the Wise Men’s visit to Jesus as a chance to dress up in goddy costumes & pretend to be kings. It was always quite hilarious…& a great chance to create a memorable tradition πŸ™‚

  186. My favorite tradition is after our entire family get together for Thanksgiving dinner at my mother’s house, we put up the Christmas tree and everyone joins. It is a wonderful feeling and a special start to the holidays!

  187. I have a congenital cardiac condition and on Christmas 2001 at the age of 32 I had a sudden cardiac arrest. My brother performed CPR and the EMS was there in 3 minutes (so I was told. I was rushed to the hospital and received my last rights by my pastor. I was transferred to another hospital for a new pacemaker called a CRT/ICD. Within 2 months I was back at work. That was 9 years ago and every year on the day after Christmas I visit the EMS, ER and the Heart Failure ICU. I bring treats of homemade goodies and thank them for all that do!!!!

  188. I have read some of these, and they are so cool! We have a lot of little kids in the neighborhood. My husband likes to dress up as Santa and let the children (we set it up with the parents first) have a “glimpse” of him. He has been doing this for years!

  189. My favorite tradition is decorating for Christmas the Friday after Thanksgiving and then watching Rudolph and drinking hot cocoa by the light of the tree. Although, homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning are pretty great too!

  190. My family goes to have dinner at my Grandmother’s house for Christmas Eve. We’ve done this my whole life, except for 1 year when my mom was sick, and I’ve almost quit a job in order to go home to be with my grandmother on this day.

  191. My wife and I hosted many Thanksgiving dinners during my 20 yrs in the Navy.
    We would invite all the single Sailors over so they could have a nice home cooked meal.
    That, and back when I was a kid, going to my step-grandma and grandpas. Best turkey noodles ever! Miss ya RC!

  192. My favorite tradition. We save our leftovers from Thanksgiving and donate them to a poor family for thier Christmas dinner.

  193. Okay, my Christmas tradition… well, it used to be when I was younger. My great grandmother would have a bunch of stuffed animals. She would wrap up probably like 20 or so in boxes and wrapping paper, there were probably 15 of us all together though. We put them all in the middle. We had two pairs dice we would pass around. If you got a 7 or an 11, you could grab a present. You could also grab a present from someone else IF they had more than one I think, or maybe you could if they had one even. The game was over when everyone had a present. That was fun. We used to play it with everyone: grandmothers, aunts, uncles, my dad, cousins. Very fun game. I miss those times when we all saw each other

  194. My family would sing songs and record them to tape. We would play them back and laugh about how terrible they were!

  195. I have 6 kids so there is never any turkey leftover from Thanksgiving. We started the pre-thanksgiving turkey tradition at my house. Someone cooks a turkey the day before thanksgiving so we have cold sliced turkey to nibble on during the day of thanksgiving while we wait for the thanksgiving turkey to be served.

  196. I started a family tradition about 5 years ago with my children, the Friday eve after thanksgiving I take them to Hallmark, let them each choose their own ornament and that evening we put up the tree with their new ornaments. Each year as we put up the Christmas Tree my oldest will remember each year her ornaments were bought and why she choose the one she did. It means a lot to me and is a tradition I hope they continue to pass on as they grow old and each have their own families.

  197. My father was in the Air Force so we moved around a lot, which usually meant we were far away from the rest of the family. My father would invite young airmen who were also away from family to come over for Christmas Eve dinner and to help assemble toys for my three brothers and me. We kids were always happy to go to bed early, listening to the revelry of “Santa and his helpers” until we fell asleep!

  198. My favorite holiday tradition is family get together dinners! We always have a huge reunion dinner either on Thanksgiving or Christmas.


  200. My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas, when for the last 20 years my Mom and & Dad have given my brother and I a toothbrush in our stockings along with a boatload of candy. We come to expect it so much, that when this year my parents said we were too old, we voted for the stocking gift instead of actual wrapped gifts under the tree. Getting a toothbrush is just that important tradition that my brother and I choose to keep going. Silly, but sweet.

  201. As kids, my brothers and I would get to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve, but it eventually became 2. As we’ve grown older and moved out, it has morphed into opening all of out gifts so we wouldn’t have to
    come over again in the morning to open them. Now, my wife and kids and I go out to the woods or a tree farm to cut down our own tree.

  202. My family had unusual holiday traditions. Don’t tell my husband, but I kind of miss how we would go out for Thanksgiving dinner, then head to the movie theater to see two or three movies.

  203. My favorite tradition is how my mom would always place a few very small wrapped presents in our stockings and we’d be able to open those on Christmas morning before our parents came down to the Christmas tree to open the rest of our presents together.

  204. I loved to fill stockings for my kids. I have wrap each little gift for them (and they are 25,23,20,17) and I still do it.

  205. Our tradition is skipping the big Christmas meal and having our favorite food for dinner instead: crab cakes with potato chips!

  206. We have a fondue on Christmas night. We have been doing this for 36 years! On our first Christmas of married life, we decided to fondue after our church service. The snow was falling and it was such a beautiful night…we try to do this every year. Now our children have taken up the tradition with their spouces too.

  207. We are going to start a tradition mentioned by Frugaldad himself earlier this summer. We are going to go out and eat on Christmas Eve and leave a very generous tip. Operating under the assumption that the waiter/waitress working that day is probably doing so out of need.

  208. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas eve. My husband and I wait till all is calm and quiet and we exchange our gifts and read aloud our book What Love Is. I really enjoy this time with him before the festivities of Christmas day!!

  209. I think my favorite tradition is making holiday cookies. We had one of those cookie presses that fights you til about halfway through the canister of dough. Just as you are really getting going, you run out and have to repack the canister. Then start all over again. So that special holiday memory with my mom also included a lot of swearing. But we listened to The Nutcracker while making them, so that probably evens it out, right?

    Anyway, there were also peanut butter cookies with kisses on top, and my favorite part was rolling the dough balls in sugar, then placing them on the cookie sheet. Even when I was too little to do much else, the sugar part was my responsibility.

    And we always got to eat the ones that broke because, well, you don’t want to give a gift containing inferior product!

    This year, I will be inducting my husband into the tradition of holiday cookies, so that we can distribute them among friends. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, anyone?

  210. We always have pigs-in-a-blanket(mini sausages wrapped in flaky pastry crust and then baked in the oven) on christmas eve. It is the only time of the year that I make them so it makes them all the more special to eat πŸ™‚

  211. We always decorate our Christmas tree and house on Thanksgiving weekend while watching all of our favorite Christmas movies!.

  212. My favorite holiday tradition is the candlelit manicotti dinner on Christmas Eve with my in-laws, followed by the Christmas Eve service at my church (which also often involves a candle lighting ceremony)

  213. We follow my husband’s family tradition and eat oyster stew on Christmas eve for our dinner.

  214. As a kid, my favorite part of Christmas Eve was bringing the Baby Jesus to the Nativity Scene at the base of our tree. Youngest (later, the shortest!) would place Jesus in the manger. Then, we’d open 1 gift.

    Decades later, I collect nativity scenes and place them around the house during the weeks before Christmas. Beautifuly reminder of the reason for the Season!

    PS — I love marni’s Christmas tradition (reminds me of “The Christmas Story”!)

  215. My favorite holiday tradition is going to the Christmas lights in the Park display. It always gets me in the Christmas mode

  216. Our family kicks off Christmas holiday season on Black Friday. We bake cookies all day and clean. We put away all Fall decorations. Saturday, we decorate the house and put up our Christmas tree. We cap the evening off with Christmas movies and snuggling together on the couch.

  217. I just love our family tradition of telling each other we’re thankful for each other and why. It’s great to hear. πŸ™‚

  218. My husbands family is to large to exchange gifts with everyone so the have a thieves Christmas gift exchange. We draw numbers and put the gifts in the center of the room. As the first and following numbers can steal the best gift to the total of three (or four if it is only girl sibling is involved). This can take hours and a lot of laughter is happening. There is always a theme and a lot of teasing on how us wives deviated from the theme.

  219. I enjoy potting up amaryllis bulbs for my home and to share, and my husband’s homemade (and seriously spiked) eggnog is one of the best things about the holidays to many who know us!

  220. i love homemade cinnamon rolls and egg casserole – the same recipes every year, made by mom – on Christmas morning…

  221. I love watching football on Thanksgiving with the family and eating at halftime–food, family, and football-sacred!

  222. Our tradition is that we set up the nativity set days before Christmas but wait until Christmas eve and when everyone is ready for bed the youngest places baby Jesus in the manger.

  223. My favorite is when we watch A Christmas Story (we do it every year) for 24 hours straight. I think it’s TBS they show it on. We leave it on all day and then stay up and watch it all night until we fall asleep. Its the only time of year we watch it so it never gets old πŸ™‚

  224. My siblings and I (four of us) and our families all have a tradition of not getting each other anything at all for Christmas. Instead, we ‘adopt’ a family in need and buy them Christmas gifts. One of my sisters is in social work, and gives us a family to adopt each holiday. The families usually just have ‘needs’ on their list – jeans, pots and pans, things of that nature.

    My siblings and I do get together and visit and enjoy the holiday with some snacks and coffee – and that’s all we need.

  225. This year, we are starting a new tradition. We are donating money to charity instead of giving gifts.

  226. We started a tradition a few years ago of gathering at my grandmother’s house and all the extended family playing the dirty Santa game (or White elephant as some folks say). This brings a lot of laughs to the young and old in our family and something we will hopefully always remember!

  227. We’d have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve with the grandparents and aunts and uncles and sometimes cousins, after which the “little” kids would go upstairs with Grandma while Santa brought all the presents in. We’d open our presents and get to stay up really late. On Christmas Day, we’d go to early Mass, watch football all day while playing with all our new toys, and mom would make her BBQ Hots Dogs (weird, but yummy) and Pecan Rolls (sooooo good).

  228. My favorite holiday tradition was putting the toys together on Christmas Eve after the kids went to bed.

  229. I have two Christmas traditions that I can’t imagine living without . . .

    1 — reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The cartoon is wonderful, but the original book is even better. My copy is practically falling apart but I treasure it because I’ve had it forever.

    2 — Christmas baking all by myself, with carols playing loudly and chocolate smeared all over the kitchen. I do it early in the season (end of Nov or very early Dec) and I can relax for parties or even surprise guests. Everything is ready to go and I find baking so relaxing. It’s also a huge treat because I watch what I eat and try to avoid keeping sweets in the house for the rest of the year.

  230. We usually get together with friends and family and eat! For the French Canadian, we have toutiere pies, for the Guatemalan we have tamales and for the American we have either ham or turkey… we celebrate all 3 cultures by dancing, listening to music in all 3 languages, talking late into the night, and finally when all the children have fallen asleep, we bring the presents out from hiding and put them under the tree. For us, Christmas eve is an all night affair, and often some of the adults are still up as the children are waking up at the crack of dawn. (we take turns who will go to bed early, so they can stay up with the kids while the rest of us fall fast asleep!) It is fun being part of a multicultural family, and eating the foods and taking part in the varied holiday traditions.

  231. I have two favorite holiday traditions. First is midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Second is going to a movie with the whole extended family on Christmas day.

  232. We always have a nice thanksgiving type dinner on Christmas Eve (at my parents house), visit for a bit, and then read the Christmas story from the Bible, we then finish by each opening one gift and going to bed early so we can be up at 6am for opening gifts.

  233. We watch a Christmas movie with the kids on Christmas Eve. The past few years it has been Polar Express.

  234. Caroling and then gift opening on Christmas Eve…beats having the kids wake up at 4:00 Christmas morning!

  235. We always open all of our gifts on Christmas Eve and then have our stockings on Christmas morning – it’s fun that way because opening the stockings goes quickly and we have more time to start playing with all our new stuff and to get ready for the guests we inevitably invite to our Christmas dinner!

  236. Starting December 1st, we open a little gift each night. They are usually something small – a candy bar, a roll of candy, etc. My mom started doing this when my sister & I were in college. I loved it so much I now also do it for the rest of the family, too.

  237. We get up early and open one present, then go out for Christmas morning breakfast before returning home to open all the other gifts.

  238. This year we have changed our focus and plan on only buying for the “littles” and just enjoying our family time together.

  239. As a kid, our family would go Christmas light looking and have a progressive dinner at our favorite fast food places. Each one of us would choose our favorite and we’d order one item from the resturant.
    Since I have 4 boys, my wife and I have continued this Christmas tradition. It has always been one of our highlights as a family and gives us a unique memory each year.

  240. My parents would let me and my brother open presents on Christmas Eve but we always got a surprise one on Christmas Day from Santa Claus. Of course that was after we found out about Santa Claus. It was always a great gift, maybe not the best one or the biggest, but it was the most special.

  241. Every Christmas Eve, we have a dinner of seven fish dishes — from the Italian celebration of the seven sacraments. We’re not Italian, but we do enjoy having these in a long, elaborate meal. We invite close friends, and just enjoy being with each other.

  242. We enjoy an early Christmas day walk with our golden retrievers made even better if we have had snow!

  243. first we love to shop the black friday sales. This year we started at 2:00 am. We have a family getogether on xmas eve, and play card or board games or watch xmas movies.

  244. Our last name is Campbell so every year we buy a ornament and a calendar from We have quite a collection over 30 years worth!

  245. I love when we all pile in the car, on a preferably snowy evening, to drive around the city and look at the lighting displays. We lieten to and/or sing Christmas carols, drink cocoa from thermoses, eat cookies, and have a wonderful time together.

  246. My family makes lefse together. It gets us all in the kitchen and working together. Then in the end we have delicious treats to eat!

  247. My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up all the decorations the day after Thanksgiving. We’ve done this since I was a little girl, and now my husband our little boy do it too. I don’t get into Black Friday, because I’m too excited to go out and get our tree and come home and decorate all day!

  248. I really like that all of the guys in my family go camping during the holidays. I don’t see them very often and it’s nice to catch up.

  249. My mom always put the ornaments on the tree, and then my dad and brother and I put the icicles/tinsel on while listening to Christmas music. This is a tradition that has been passed down to my own family!

  250. Christmas morning we all sit in front of a roaring fire (in the same room as the Christmas tree and gifts) and have my now-deceased mother’s famous cinnamon twists and coffee. We aren’t allowed to open any gifts (or play with any toys Santa left) until everyone has done eating. The kids are always torn between eating lots of the yummy twists, and opening gifts; we adults enjoy their anticipation. My Dad is notorious for saying, “well, I think I’ll have one more cinnamon twist” just when everybody thinks he’s done eating!

  251. Our favorite tradition is making White Chocolate covered Pretzels each year for our families. We get chopped nuts, milk chocolate to drizzle, sprinkles, crushed peppermint bits, etc. and sprinkle over them while they’re wet to make a wide variety of candies for each tin. Everyone goes nuts over them, and we have one night to be messy and silly, my 10 year old son can help, and I don’t heat up the kitchen with an oven going all day long.

  252. We enjoy homemade bagels and flavored cream cheeses on Christmas morning, while opening the little gifts & treats in our stockings. A warm, quiet time before the Christmas Day gathering with all the relatives.

  253. Our Christmas tradition, now in the third generation, is to read the second chapter of Luke and say a thank-you prayer before opening gifts on Christmas Day.

    A new tradition is to watch “Christmas Story” while putting up the tree.

  254. My husband’s family has a tradition which is being carried on with my family now…stockings for the entire family. Not just kiddos who still believe in Santa, but for everyone. And the best part about it is that everyone has a 2-3′ custom stocking, hand knit by my MIL (who doesn’t really knit much, so this is a big thing). She’s even knits them for new members of the family (the babies and those that marry in). Everyone’s stocking matches everyone elses’ stocking, just with stripe variations to tell the difference.

  255. I have a small plastic angel ornament that was on our tree when I was a child (I’m in my 50’s). Every year when we put our Christmas tree up, that’s the first ornament to be put on the tree, and it always goes right in front. I don’t think my grandkids understand it.

  256. Mine is waiting for Santa on Christmas morning. In my home town, he rides thru the entire town on our old fire engine to wish everyone a merry Christmas.

  257. Nothing better than pumpkin pie with a little whip cream on top! That is really my favorite part of the holidays, as well as seeing family.

  258. My kids which some are grown now still make cookies on christmas eve and put them out with Milk for santa, and carrots for the reindeer.
    And they all have bites out of it and foot prints somewhere.

  259. My Dads birthday was on Dec. 17 When we were kids we got to open a small gift each starting on my Dads birthday. It was very exciting. We loved it. Thank You

  260. My favorite family tradition is every christmas eve my family makes a ton of finger foods, hors d’Ε“uvre, and sweets, and we sit around the food filled coffee table in the living and eat, talk, eat, and most importantly laugh…and eat. It’s my very favorite tradition of all and I’ve started it with my husband and his family too.

  261. Our parents would let each one of us kids open ONE gift on Christmas Eve … now that I have kids, I know why, just to shut us up!!

  262. My favorite tradition with my husband and family is to go out for Chinese food on christmas eve. And we always go to the same restaurant where the staff knows us and expects us every year. It is so wonderful to share the day with family without the stress of cooking a big meal.

  263. My favorite holiday tradition is a relatively new one: my partner and I plan a special holiday menu and then spend our holiday preparing the meal together, which is even more fun than eating it later that evening.

  264. we have started our own family traditions 9my husb & daughter) we enjoy movie nights – we get holiday movies & popcorn & snuggle down with coco & enjoy. We also have a special advent calendar where you put up a miniture ornament daily – my daughter loves to do this one. Mostly we spend time together playing games and enjoying each other.

  265. oooh. Great giveaway . . .thanks FD!

    Our family tradition is to always see a big blockbuster movie on Christmas eve day . . . something where lots of things are blown up, LOL!

    If nothing meets that description, then we generally rent a movie along those lines, but for the past few years, we have taken in some doozies. This year, I think it will be the new blockbuster 2012.

    Chillin’ with the family after the movie, drinking hot chocolate is a must too!

  266. We do the traditional big dinner but before hand I always enjoy at about 2 pm my grandmother and I play gin rummy in the kitchen for about an hour as she watches the turkey and I smell it, I think enjoy that hour of turkey smell more than the meal itself.

  267. One of my favorite holiday traditions began every October when my mom (who is from England) would make a Christmas cake so that it would have time to age. Everyone would make a lucky stir in the batter and get to make a wish.

    I wish that I could continue this traditions, but unfortunately no one around here, including myself, likes Christmas cake.

  268. Living far away from our parents, my husband and I started new tradition for Thanksgiving. On the Thanksgiving day, we’ll get together with other friends who also have no family nearby. We will go on a hike in the morning, then either pick up a precooked turkey from the store, or roasted chicken. After dinner, we play board game, turn on the fireplace, and just enjoy each other companies.

  269. I just did a favorite holiday tradition contest on my blog and I didn’t get to share my favorite tradition with my readers (had family emergency).

    My favorite tradition is baking a ton of cookies with my mom. Now my daughter is included. It’s so much fun to bake up the sugar cookies, russian tea cakes, and gingersnaps.

    Then I love the Christmas dinner and big family get togethers. Saying grace. laughing.

    I also love watching the holiday movies together, decorating the tree, taking a stroll to see the lighted houses.

    And this year, we are reimplimenting going to church for midnight mass. Should be a great year with all this in store. πŸ™‚

  270. We wrap a children’s Christmas book for every day from the 1st of December until Christmas Eve. The kids taken turns opening them each night and we read the book together as a family before they go to bed. We leave the books under the tree in a box as they are opened and the kids can read them throughout the month.

  271. My husband and I are newlyweds without our own traditions as yet. Growing up, my family used an advent calendar featuring a small stuffed bear that was attached to a large cloth picture of a house, using velcro. On December mornings my siblings and I would race to be the one to move it to the next room of the house, until…”Finally, Little Bear looked in the living room, and THERE WAS CHRISTMAS!”

  272. My husband and I have been buying a few Christmas ornaments every year that mean something to us. No ornament sets for us. For instance, we’ll get an ornament when we go on vacation and we got one when we bought our house. When we put up our tree, we tell the story of each ornament as we hang it. Even though our girls weren’t even alive when we bought a lot of the ornaments, they’re now able to remember most of the stories themselves.

  273. My favorite tradition is one my husband and I started when we were first married. Every night during the week before X-mas we open one thing from our stockings. My kids of course love this

  274. In our family, on Christmas morning, the kids wake up and come to the living room where santa leaves a pile of gifts for each kid, along with their stocking stuffed with goodies. All the presents are unwrapped, because Santa doesn’t have time to wrap presents, but they are all put together. We have the video camera ready to go to capture their expressions. This is my favorite holiday tradition.

  275. On Christmas Eve, Santa’s Elves leave a gift for our children (pajamas) while we are out looking at lights. And yes, surprizingly, even though our children are now young adults… we come back from looking at lights on Christmas Eve to find that the Elves have done their magic once again. ;o)

  276. One of my favorite christmas traditions is playing white elephant at grandma’s house with all the multitude of cousins, aunts and uncles. It whiles away a couple of hours before midnight on christmas eve and makes for loads of laughter!

  277. One of my favorite traditions is my big family get together. My favorite part is spending time with my little cousins playing in the basement. πŸ™‚

  278. My favorite tradition is always watching “A Christmas Story” and putting up my fireplace. My “fireplace” is a picture of one that I printed off the internet and tape to the wall. Then we put the stockings on the wall next to it πŸ™‚

  279. We give family cash or gift cards and then go on a family shopping trip during the after Christmas sales followed by a nice meal out together.

  280. Our family always celebrates on Christmas Eve, which I love, I get my gifts earlier this way. Mom makes a big dinner very formal and fancy dinner which we all dress up for, we all help with clean up and then it is time to open the gifts. The stockings (which my mother wraps every gift inside a stocking too are saved until Christmas day. We finish Christmas Eve with midnight mass and driving around to see the holiday lights we all go to bed exhausted!
    Mom makes Cinnamon buns which we each heat once we get up (we all love to sleep in and some sleep even past noon on Christmas Day ) After lunch we open stockings and then off to visit with friends.

  281. After we have eaten our Thanksgiving dinner, all of our 6 grandchildren decorate our Christmas tree. I get out all of the precious ornaments, and tell their story. When the children were younger, the tree looked rather bottom laden, but as they grew, the tree became more balanced. They range in age, 8 through 23, soon we will have a great granchild to help.

  282. For Christmas Eve, we’ll watch the classics : Rudolf, Charlie Brown, A Christmas Story, A Miracle..whatever we’re in the mood for. In the evening, our son opens his presents from our relatives back home. Then we go on a drive to look at Christmas lights. When we get home we eat cookies and drink egg nog. We always leave out some for Santa (with carrots for the reindeer.) And then it’s off to bed. Our son will wake us in the morning to see what Santa brought him. We usually spend the day eatting, playing, and talking on the phone with family.

  283. We allow the children to open one present on Christmas Eve, before baths and other activities to get ready for bed. The present they’re allowed to open is always determined by us (parents) and is always CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS!! The children bathe and get ready for bed in their CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS, then we gather around the fire place to read a Christmas story from the book of their choice. The night ends with hugs, kisses, and me & mom staying up to assemble all of the Christmas presents that require it.

  284. I can’t wait to see my family this year. We don’t get together near as often as we should. Just having the whole family together is my favorite.

  285. Our Christmas traditions: the family spends a day together making a handmade ornament. We have some pretty funny looking ones. On Christmas Eve we party in our PJ’s and exchange one gift. Christmas Eve dinner is always SLOPPY JOES at around 4pm. Then about 6pm Mom puts out the snacks, nuts, cheese, candies, cookies etc. We play music and exchange our one gift and later before we go to bed put out cookies and milk for Santa.

  286. We had a similar tradition of opening on gift on Christmas eve. It was typically either from my Grandma or Oma as they’re in New Zealand/ Australia and therefore it was Christmas there already. We could open the gift and then call and say our thanks and send our Christmas wishes πŸ˜€

  287. Before we eat Thanksgiving dinner, everyone present (usually 20 family & friends) shares something they are thankful for; this is our prayer of Thanksgiving. On Christmas, we all gather around my dad, the youngest ones in his lap or at his feet while he reads the story of Christ’s birth from the book of Luke.

  288. This is a wonderful giveaway – thank you for posting it!! My favorite family tradition was getting to open the gifts in our stockings first thing Christmas morning (while the ‘rents were having coffee and waking up) – kept the kids happily busy. Then after a family breakfast, we were allowed to open what was under the tree. But I think the stocking stuffer gifts were the best πŸ™‚

  289. Our favorite festival family tradition is giving chocolates, cakes and gifts to neighbors and going to the mass.

  290. I have always loved spending Thanksgiving Day and Christmas eve with my sisters and brother. We all live within a 50 mile radius, but don’t get to spend a lot of time together otherwise.

    It doesn’t even matter if we have a huge formal dinner of if we decide to have sandwiches we always have a good time.

  291. Great giveaway!! One of my favorite traditions is opening one present on Christmas Eve… and this year we want to do pj’s for the family, and then relaxing in front of the fire together to watch a movie!

  292. Our favorite tradition is having fondue for Christmas Eve dinner. It provides us all the opportunity to sit and talk with one another rather over a long, long dinner.

    Happy Holidays!

  293. Our tradition is Mass on Christmas Eve so we can take it easy Christmas morning.

    Thnaks for the opportunity to win !

  294. Our favorite tradition is only 6 years old – Dad puts on his Santa suit and tries to fool our daughter. As long as he doesn’t talk, it works out. But she might be on to him this year!

  295. my favorite tradition is my Grandma’s annual Grandkids’ party the Monday before Christmas. Now we are well into the great-grandkids, and we don’t know how much longer this tradition will continue, but I always enjoy it.

  296. I love going to and singing in the Christmas Eve service. I love traditional carols and the organ.

  297. My favorite Christmas tradition is waking up on Christmas morning and opening gifts as a family. After gifts we have cinnamon rolls or some other yummy treat for breakfast. We all stay in our pajamas for most of the morning and enjoy spending time together.

  298. Our favorite family tradition is the 24 days of reading Christmas stories and the advent calendar. Thanks for the chance to win!

  299. Our family tradition is to open up one present each on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning we make muffins, listen to Christmas music and open presents! Thanks for the chance.

  300. As kids, our parents would wait until we were sound asleep to place the gifts under the tree. The next morning, we’d of course think Santa brought them. Now as adults, my brother waits for us all to go to bed before bringing out the gifts. Just to keep the magic going. It’s charming how he’s still so into it.

  301. We visit my Brother-in-Law over Thanksgiving. A local boarding school opens their ice arena so the locals can skate for free while the students are away for the Holiday.

  302. My friends and I started a tradition in 2000: rather than staying up half the night partying, we woke up early and went to the beach to watch the sun rise on The New Millenium. Then we all had breakfast together.

    We repeated this the next year for those of us that figured the Millenium began in 2001, and then continued each year afterwards.

  303. We always open our presents on Christmas Eve, but before the gifts, we get pizza for everyone from our favorite restaurant. My in-laws started this tradition about 20 years ago, and, though my father-in-law has passed now, my husband and I continue it. My kids really look forward to this, and it always reminds us of Grampy!

  304. My favorite family tradition is that our extended family having homemade soup and bread and then attending the Christmas Eve candlelight church service. Thanks, Cindi

  305. We have been creating our own traditions with our son for the holidays like making gingerbread men for the tree and playing the dreidel game. We celebrate all of the holidays here!

  306. A tradition I would like to start when I have kids would be to play backyard football on Thanksgiving Day with the family.

  307. one of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating the christmas tree every thanksgiving the whole family gets together to eat thanksgiving dinner and afterwards we put the tree up and decorate it together also we do the one gift opening on christmas only for the little ones though never the less i always like decorating the tree and seeing the smiles of amazment on my little ones faces.