Self Employed Health Insurance

As a budding entrepreneur, I’m well aware of the worries self employed individuals face when considering health insurance options. Making the leap from full-time employee to self employed business owner is hard enough, but worrying about health insurance for you and your family tops most new entrepreneurs list of concerns – myself included. Fortunately, there are a few options for those needing self employed health insurance, but most of them cost an arm and a leg.

Take COBRA for example. COBRA allows employees covered under an employer-sponsored health insurance plan to  continue coverage for up to 18 months after separating from their employer (in some cases, even longer, depending on the situation). Sounds like a viable short-term solution. However, COBRA is expensive!  You are responsible for paying pay both sides of the insurance premium you and your employer used to share – with them likely picking up the more expensive share. And with constraints on how long you are able to continue benefits, COBRA is not a long-term solution for self employed health insurance.

Unless you have a working spouse covered under an employer plan, you are probably going to have to shop around for a private health insurance plan.

I hope to one day make blogging my full-time profession, and in preparation for that I have been getting self employed health insurance quotes from a number of reliable sources. Hands down, the best place to look for a plan is The site is a breeze to navigate and by just entering a few pieces of data (generic stuff, like the size of your family and the age of participants, etc.) you can receive a number of health insurance quotes to compare. The plans range from very affordable with a high deductible, to almost cost prohibitive (for us) with a very low deductible. The nice thing is, the choice is yours.

When I ran the numbers at for our family, I was surprised to find comparable coverage to what I have with my employer at an affordable rate. Over the years, I have always heard people say, “I’d love to be self employed, but I have to work for the insurance.” I believed that, too, until now.

So the bottom line is, don’t let fear of health insurance costs keep you from chasing your entrepreneurial dream. Check out today and receive FREE Health Insurance Price Comparisons for Individuals and Families.